Dusty, and did not mention

Out the window, pairs of birds singing merrily in the branches, that dark feathery My hair is black, supple and bright.My early morning, dressing mirror, the heart actually shiver suddenly, this beautiful face who would enjoy?    Since that day, and the king of one another, I would fade out of your sight, out of your heart, the oath as landing leafless, wind Piaoyuan, dust is removed, and then gone with the wind.On that day, the car we were carrying, a south and a north.Before he left, we Shenqingxiangyong, you said today is your return after three years, then we will never separate.Excitement and sadness of mood actually I Yuning choke.Since then, my heart will allegiance to you, look forward to each intersection to go home have your shadow.Each dawn and dusk, day and night Qianpan, King gradually thin.    One year, two years, three years.I’m still waiting for you to stand on the ferry Acacia, persistent as ever.Sang that day, she said that you had already Lingjiexinhuan, I brought the hands of tea, “thumping” sound ground, stooped to pick up small pieces of glass, any blood flow in the finger lying on a cheerful heart like a drop of blood, pouring opened my heart tis not open roses, red roses flower juice seemed suddenly drained, then wither and die.My world seemed like leaving only the last baby-like, quiet and helpless.Tears, such as burst floods, could not stop.Tears has run dry, well, let us never meet from.    Hourglass of time, I missed a lot belongs to a person’s past, but also how wonderful those who can not afford to leak of ours.As a bright red maple leaf, context clear, unforgettable.    Remember that day we first meet, you tall figure had sunshine and smiling faces deep capture my heart, you also fall in love with my beautiful and gentle, we quietly walk side by side on the road with a piece of floral road fruit mango tree has the edge of the green bear, smiling at us as if.That cute little girl gently ask you: “My brother, my sister gave it to buy a rose!”You laugh, she bought all the roses for my hands.I like you to give me bathed in gentle pond, suddenly plunged into the abyss of love.    I think that this life is only good for you alone, you will be able to exchange my Forever, I thought that day you leave, purely to make money, then we together create a warm home, and surprise, so ending?    When the angle finite horizon, only endless at Acacia.I have a few of our past, share of heart craze, so I never had to open their hearts to others.Often late at night, counting the drizzle outside the window, bit by bit to the dawn.When thinking about the dream fly, just like this sorrow like endless rain.    Year after year, Tu Mi flowers, that Qingchi in the lotus bloom is bright, the street holding hands, but after the couple sounded happy, is not it really was time to let go?I have said that we will never meet, why in the dead of night, I was so looking forward to see you again one?Why do you often appear in my dream, and then suddenly gone?    Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot.Jun, are you destined to be my life forever Qianpan?You are in my heart forever doomed to a knot?If anything there is an afterlife, and you will live with me forever it?But you said, you do not believe there is an afterlife, in that case, I have of doing anything else?    Quietly in front of the mirror, although a little surprised at my face haggard, but still beautiful as before.Dressing mirror, I want to comb out a more beautiful yourself, and then put that piece of plain white dress, the dress hem a blooming lotus, as I now state of mind, quiet and elegant.    Occasionally, I will be leaning out of windows by the bar, looked blankly in the direction you away, but I never feel like as before missing you can not, I will always put you placed in my heart, and did not mention the dust.