Falling leaves

Often moved to an unrelated own story, he thought for a long time, everything possible to make their own tears falling screen, collide with heart again and again, late at night, alone, according to the railing, to cover each pair face extreme distress in the dark.    Came from good sentimental era, a time when once again pick up carrying the laughter and deep melancholy autumn leaves, everything seems so light but heavy unbearable.So a mind remained ignorant of the green years, simple and elegant.Each season of bloom, the flowers fade metaphor total helplessness.Every Greenery withered, have brought the unspeakable sadness of pregnant.Is the time to go too fast, or we have not dare to face the future, they will eventually listen to someone’s story acclaim at night.    There have been frivolous, have huddled in the corner of the winter body can not open eyes to see the world around you, but do not know when fell in love with in the winter snow, mind singing in the spring, summer parched pure Meet afraid, even in autumn we also remembered the fallen leaves of sweet and astringent in each other’s.    Expand fleeting cleanse off every one picture, a silent autumn night, cut a red pad, dip the edges of a sum of mellow, does not float is not impatient, not light not mad, ending when put pen to paper, the description of a past you, a painting of himself indifferent.    Without sentimentality, but do not be surprised that in the long journey, maybe some landscape doomed to better highlight its value before passing away, and after all illusory prosperity, we are nothing but a change of origin, re-counting to when the footprints left quietly wait.    Remember a person quietly listening to a deep melody, over and over again, day by day, consider also tired of hearing this, but if the music still sounded and wanted to forget once bright eyes through the years, but I really I do not know, I do not know if they would be now for the next parting and tears.    Fall, you shake years of wind chimes, wind along the direction of the distant figure of tender.Ye Jingjing wandering autumn, leaves the floor I was standing under a tree listening to the story of autumn talk, instant heart, so light, so quiet.    Autumn leaves fall and return to nature, next spring, it will shine even more fascinating glory.One way you and I walked, leaving only shades of footprints, a year stepped on again, it may no longer have had endless feeling each other.Now, a person is no longer hovering under the street light, not alone in the rain writing gloomy feelings, but do not believe the autumn has come.    Listen, this is the night sounds of nature, is fleeting not go with the sound of silence, the fall is to say with your story, if you see that autumn leaves are falling piece by piece, elegant and calm.