Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to determine the "Government Work Report" key division of tasks

Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to determine the "Government Work Report" key tasks of the new division of the State Department began full performance of their duties Premier Li Keqiang presided over the March 21 State Council executive meeting to determine the "Government Work Report" key division of tasks。
The new State Department has begun to perform their duties。   It was noted that the Thirteenth National People's Congress closed yesterday voted to adopt a "Government Work Report"。
State Council departments and units should Xi Jinping to a new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as guidance, thoroughly implement the full spirit of the party of nineteen, implementation of the "Government Work Report" deployment, adhere to the general tone of the work while maintaining stability, adhere to the new development concept around promoting high-quality development, deepen reform and opening up, clutching entrepreneurial innovation and foster new momentum, protect and improve people's livelihood in the next multi-hard effort。 The meeting will "Government Work Report" made the 12 aspects of 57 key tasks one by one, and clearly define responsibilities, requiring all departments and units to perform their duties according to the law, due diligence, the establishment of efforts to implement the responsibility system leaders to personally take overall negative responsibility, pay close attention to the development of programs to promote the priorities and ledger, so that each task has measures, scheduling, are responsible people, and the key measure of market expectations of the masses to seize the introduction of the implementation, strengthen supervision to ensure effective landing ensure the completion of the main annual objectives and tasks of economic and social development and achieve a good start in the new State Department。
  The meeting stressed that the current international situation is complex, China's development challenges facing many difficulties。
Governments at all levels to maintain a strategic focus, efforts to overcome difficulties and improve policy synergies, relevance and effectiveness, overall good steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, benefit people's livelihood, risk prevention work。
Continued to lay the prevention and resolution of major risks, accurate poverty, pollution prevention three tough fight。 Consolidate and expand the good momentum of steady economic。
Second, we must seize the "pull a bid" in key reform areas of concentrated poverty, and deepening the reform of the State Council "to put tube dress" reforms together, continue to transform government functions, to speed up the implementation of the business start-up time is further reduced by half, a Netcom Office and other government services. " six "key tasks and tax measures to reduce costs, optimize the business environment for the market players, increasing the convenience for the people to work, introduced to further relax the access, expanding opening up policies to stimulate greater market dynamism and creativity of society。
Third, we must focus employment, education, health care, pension and other livelihood priorities, to relieve the people's livelihood are real pain points of the new tactics to seize the launch, inclusive, see the effectiveness of practical good to step up to run, to raise the masses to get through to the sense of government always, to honor the government's commitment to the people。
  According to the Thirteenth National People's Congress approved the reform program of the State Council, the State Council meeting on the affiliation adjustments and settings other than the component departments according to the law approved by the State Council for examination were discussed by a special entity directly under the State Council, directly under the institutions and agencies , and institutions directly under the State Bureau of ministries management settings。 The meeting urged all departments and units to make balanced economic and social development and institutional reforms work, so that a smooth transition responsibilities, work seamlessly, before adjustments related duties in place, departments and units should continue to implement the original duties tasks to ensure the absence of liability does not appear, interrupted work to achieve institutional reform and promote development had balances。   The meeting also studied other matters。

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