Best song were scattered

As night fell, back pack, walking on the road a familiar piece of.Leaving just go to a coveted city.    Embarked on a parting of the train, the car all the strange faces remind me, this familiar city has quietly away.Not sad to leave, I am not familiar with the city of love, just because there is a restless heart, longing away from everything familiar.Go to a strange city everything fresh perception that.    He has been eager to join hands with the people who love to go to a quiet city, to feel the taste between the strange and the familiar.Has been accompanied by the familiar taste of each other, while the eyes see is strange scenery, there should be a surprise, a sense of security.But in the end I was walking back pack alone in a strange city, watching the busy bustling city, but feel that they are passing through a city, not just someone’s passing.    When the mind appear the familiar shadow, how I wish in this strange city, you can see his shadow again.Just come and gone strange, gives a hearty breeze, but never familiar taste.Now I understand that here is something familiar can not appear.    Had lost something, because once had with each other, simply because too much care or if there is a misunderstanding between each other, resulting that familiar feeling, long gone.As time goes by, everything is far away.Blindly looking for the kind of had the taste, I’m afraid familiar places, deja vu, already scattered people do smoke.However, no one song over and over each other, but we will stay that song of life in this moment, give each other a good memory.    If not fate, why acquaintance.Why is met only a moment, but for each other has left the way forward.Just on the road, we are too young, are unable to integrate into each other’s respective circles.To their friends, for their own lives do not change, we chose to leave each other.”I’m sorry”, a seemingly very hurtful things, yet I hurt the most.Ie succeeded while you say the phrase “Never mind”, but from our compartment is so far away, you never promised to give me happiness, but you have once again made me appreciate the warm care of.    After leaving this feeling, slowly appreciate your good intentions.Just broken mirrors, broken, and how to reunite it?Perhaps once had, will stay in the depths of the deep sea, your smile, your appearance.Just lose something that we desperately put together in memory of the original look.    But the memory of the most beautiful places has long been best song were scattered.After leaving two cold tea, but drink slowly, only to discover that the fragrance mixed with bitter sweet.Before the first I do not know you, never drink tea, tea at arm’s length, which accounts for only dyed your breath.When I understand that tea is the product out, we have lost.    And you do it not because of my trust and shed tears last.I propose to leave the.I say leave a permanent solution perhaps is that we have each other it?And just then again, I think it over yet?If your words come from the heart, I am willing to leave happy.Just leave that moment I understood, I hot tears streaming down, because I know you, this time is really left.    Just end of the line, I heard the voice of indifference.I heard the false kind, the kind of denial voice, I just want to leave cold, do not always hear your voice, smell your breath, see your face.    Just so left, I did not cry, but the end of a way of life.I need to quit all your everything, even the slightest slight miss.Once I thought he was a cold-blooded indifference of the people, things and not people will not be emotional, but I lost in time.Let me finally understand that time is the most terrible, it makes lost time, but he gave you miss the pain.The pain of breathing, it should be said that the thoughts of pain.    If a person deliberately to forget, it is very painful.However, we most want to forget that person, but it is used to give you the most warm person, just because of the time difference, have lost each other.Why, we felt something inside of him ever forget to go slowly, just because we owe him strange.If at the moment he became so strange, so cold, indifferent We have no warm memories, perhaps this would be the fastest to forget.    Left the city, I went to see the sea from afar.Because only the sea can give my tender care.Only waves to stimulate my struggle for the future, only the beach just let me know, do not wear shoes, but also so comfortable running all over the floor.    Maybe this time is really left.At that remains the same, I fell from a rock on the beach, feet hurt, shed blood all over the floor.That red napkin, is so dazzling.The tears silently rolled down, but I desperately looked up, watching from afar the deep blue sea.In the vast sea that occasion, the tears dried.    Despite the pain of the foot, I still walk, enjoying the rolling sea, pursuing the waves, with waves of ups and downs Looking back.Unfortunately, I am not a beach, the sea can not take me to the distance, to find a welcoming harbor.    I said to the sea: “Farewell, I will be strong to live.”I just said goodbye to the sea, because once everything is just in the past.Now for me it is superficial, best song were scattered, I just need a quiet place to end a once belonging to the happiness, but in another strange city wait a peaceful.