A bastard’s theory

Essay on the theory of an asshole Yu Gongjin I never liked swearing because I thought swearing was a very uncivilized behavior. However, sometimes, when something happens, the abusive words blurt out, just like what others told me yesterday.. This incident is not my own experience, it is the experience of others, it is a person surnamed Jiang who learned the whole incident to me because of his anger.. Before I could hear the whole thing, I spoke directly of my anger. I also don’t want to say so rashly, also don’t want to say so without breeding; However, people who do things have to say that. It’s not that I have opinions about whom, but that people who do things really have moral problems. Not only is there a problem so simple, but it’s also a jerk. But such an asshole can become the leader of a unit. Is his quality a problem or is there a problem with the quality of the people working below?? I don’t want to draw a conclusion easily. Let’s talk about the whole thing, let’s look at it and see what kind of result it should give, should I not be angry? Or should others be angry? Jiang said that the first day was for the leader of his unit to arrange his work. He was honest and could not help it, so he immediately carried out the leadership’s intention.. However, the next day, the leader came over and saw that the work was finished and got angry and asked who let Jiang Xing do it.. Jiang’s natural answer was his arrangement yesterday. At that time, the leader glared at Jiang’s family name and said, ” You will do what I say.”? Why are you so obedient? If I let you die, will you die? Jiang Xing’s people looked at the leader speechless at the time. Is this the theory of an asshole?? This is the whole story of this matter. To tell the truth, what I don’t quite understand is this leadership’s approach. What did Jiang Xing do wrong? Why is this so? Shouldn’t he listen to the leadership’s orders? I still have a lot of work to do? Pointing to the leader’s nose and cursing his mother, will the leader be very happy? He was unhappy with his work, so he could only do it in the opposite direction. The question is whether leaders should listen to what they say? If there is no meaning in what is said, then the following people will not listen to it. However, in fact, the rules of leadership are to arrange work and make the following people obey them. And he himself denied the arrangement he had made, so what should the real workers do in the future? Should all take this leader’s words as nonsense? What I want to say is that there can be no joke at work. Leadership also can’t since a slap in the face; However, this leader’s approach is very’ chic’; Although most of the time, we want not to listen to the leaders and also not willing to listen to them, but work is work and listen to the leaders in order to work better. Since it is arranged by the leader, if he has no ability, he must try his best to complete the work arranged by the leader.. Of course, if they have the ability, they will be like a bastard, and they will not be able to do their work. On the contrary, leaders are afraid of them by three points, or must win over them. After all, there are too few mixed children, so work must continue. However, this kind of leadership, isn’t it too much of an asshole? After work, is it still one who continues to obey his orders?