Break through

In the last two days, I have been listening to comrade Meng of the marketing department say how to break through her own words. in the end, I saw that she did break through her own words.. On the first day I came to think about Bada, I saw her go to the stage to share something almost every day, from a short story to three themes in a row this morning.. I feel that she has been sending me a signal, that is, breaking through herself and realizing herself. My heart gave birth to the idea of interviewing her. I want to see when the little girl has the idea of continuing to do one thing and what kind of motivation gives her the courage to continue..     I started to go to the marketing department several times. I watched the little girl work seriously and couldn’t bear to disturb her.. I listened to her call and looked at her state. I felt from my heart how this little girl with a low head conveyed a positive force to others.. Standing in the aisle, I couldn’t help thinking about what role everyone will play in his life and how he will accomplish all kinds of tasks in this role..     In a conversation with Mr Meng, she told me that she was actually timid and did not dare to speak in a crowded place.. She also said that every time before sharing, it was carefully prepared, and she would read the stories and topics to share several times the night before and summarize the classic speech in her own words.. I can feel that she is now poised to speak in front of the stage without any timidity. She said that when she went to the customer’s house yesterday, her customer suddenly asked her to preside over the incentive meeting of the company’s employees. The reason why she was able to express her views clearly in front of a group of strangers and convince the people in the customer’s company was mostly due to the experience of these days.. This also proves that once we break through ourselves, all kinds of actions will make great changes in personal interaction, and the self-image and interpersonal relationship we can present will be greatly different from each other.. All this evolution will also ignite an inner desire to embrace everything that can make life better.     I asked Xiao Meng what she mainly said at the meeting. She said that since it was an employee motivation meeting, she first let everyone see her vigorous state of gas production and then encouraged everyone to define their respective life goals.. One of the most profound words I remember is that the boss has his own goals and our employees must have them. Only by helping the boss to run the enterprise better and better can everyone get better and better.. This is a 93 – year – old girl’s target consciousness, but at the age of 20. Three years ago, I was busy in college, studying medicine and running as a news and radio station. I know what I love, but I don’t know how to go this way.. Setting my life goal is only a matter that was implemented a few months ago. In recent years, for the sake of a comfortable life, the bottom has been busy at the edge of creation.. This year, I finally got up the courage to leave what I was good at and do what I wasn’t very professional yet.. I want to use Mr Meng’s words to say, this is also called breaking through yourself.     After learning that Mr Meng has been coming to Bada for ten months, this is not a long time, it is not a short time, and she says she has really grown up.. After graduation, I have been engaged in sales work. I have never been sure of my goal for the first two years. I don’t know what I want to fight for, nor what I want to experience more than my children of the same age when they travel in the society earlier.. After ten months of thinking about Bada, she adjusted her mind and knew what she wanted, and she also had a plan for her future life.. How lucky is it that everyone’s life is great, and how many people often ignore this and do not know how to cherish their efforts. I still remember the deep-rooted memories of my first love. I want to invest in my present working life with the same eagerness, and my dream will come true one day after all.. Like our Meng, she is so clear about what she wants to achieve in the short term and what kind of experience she wants to gain in the long term. Is there any reason why God should not care for such a child with a clear goal??     I still have some desire to speak on the topic of ” breakthrough myself and clear goals” by Mr Meng. if in real life you never thought about your life goals, it is not too late now.. Whether you can’t find a direction to pursue yourself at this time, or your stubborn heart wants to become something of an ideal, put them aside for a while and now focus all your mind on how to break through yourself and how to set goals in life.. After all, only when you break through yourself and set your goals in life will you have a subtle driving force, and you will appreciate yourself more and more, and you will want to express yourself more, and you will have the feeling of being needed and valued..     In addition, I also want to say a little about the benefits of breaking through yourself and achieving your life goals. Once you do this, you can feel the greatness of your potential.. And the way you pass on to the people around you may be just a little affectation, a look in the eyes, or an ordinary encounter.. When you reach the goal of breaking through yourself and finding the exact life goal, you can also enjoy helping others while making your life a better one..     I remember Mr Meng said a sentence in the previous sharing: to do everything in earnest with a mind that doesn’t care about anything, the harvest will be a matter of time.. I also have something to send to this little girl: no matter what role you play on the stage of life, you must enter the scene with the mentality of the leading character.. Just because this role in this play in our real life is always this once, there is no other chance of performance.. I wish more people around me to break through themselves as soon as possible and seek their own life goals, so as to exert themselves to the best of their abilities and present the best and most beautiful side from me to others..