Heart lamp

What is the heart? Buddha said: The heart is an invisible and formless self, not inside, not outside, not in the middle, but all over the universe.     What is the light? Buddha said: Lights are like hearts. ” God thought bright as a lamp.      – Rain lovers step into every dust, and this is accompanied by two hearts fighting in the depths of the soul. The heart lamp that stays in the depths of the heart also moves away with the invisible force..     Benevolence and nausea coexist at the same time in our hearts. Benevolence is like the kongming of the sea, guiding the direction. Nausea is like smoke from the sea, which makes people lose their way. In this world of myriad changes, the devil’s heart is like a fire, spreading in the bottom of my heart..     Benevolence, with its innate strength, slowly draws us and baptizes our soul with the aura of all things, like feeding a small sapling, hoping to become a towering tree one day..     Nausea also grows in this troubled world with the power of the devil, like a sharp sharp knife, ready to stab our hearts at all times..     beginning of life and sex are good, but why are they lost because of their surroundings? But why did they plunge themselves into the abyss because of those things outside? Is it nausea at work? Is it kindness sleeping? Or is it the natural nature that is gradually lost??     No, in this age full of temptations, we can still see the spread of kindness and feel the color it brings to society.. If people use masks to hide their hearts, who can tell how many masks they have on their faces? The mask of kindness can let you see dreams in the blue sky, disgusting masks, and all you see is the road to hell!     We gradually learned to pursue human nature and find the source of the lamp of the heart in this fleeting time. But forget that kindness is not in our hearts? Buddha said: All things in the world are in the same phase, the heart is still, all things are still and the heart is unchanged. All things remain the same.     The lamp of the heart is the lamp of the soul, and goodness is the fountain of all things! Evil is the sin of all things! Let goodness soar like an eagle in the sky. Turn nausea into a grain of dust and throw it into the boundless universe!