A letter to my sister

Dear sister: if one day you see this letter. You know, it was written with tears in her eyes when she loved you.. Wanshui Qian Shan, just ask it to carry my heart pain and care to you.     My dearest sister, you must know that not everything in this world is merciful. If possible, I would like to hold you forever, let you sleep quietly in my gentle arms, and let you have the proudest posture in the world like a happy princess.. However, my sister, there are too many people in this world who can’t help but speak up, and my sister is no exception. My sister can’t handle everything cruel. I can’t help but protect the people I love.. I’m sorry, you are so young that you have to bear the worldly wisdom alone. You have to understand that only the strong can buy all the scenery and show off all the capital in the so-called era of taking advantage of the word.. If you don’t want to, you must learn to endure and climb up with tears in your eyes. You don’t want everyone to be good to you. You need to understand that this is a sharp world. Exchange and deception are common.. You don’t cry all the time. Your weakness belongs only to you. Do you understand? Others don’t deserve your tears. You need to be strong, and courage, hard work and wisdom are your only chips that have nothing today.     Dear sister, I love you, I love you, but I will leave you one day, so you should get used to being alone, lonely and sad.. My sister doesn’t ask you to be like a duck to water in a city without blessing, but at least you must have your own principles. Although in this world, it is almost impossible to succeed with the efforts of the old ox to pull the cart, when you dig your own wisdom, don’t forget to work hard and the rules that should be followed as a person..     Dear sister, do you know? How much does my heart hurt when you cry every time you tell me your grievances like a lifesaving straw, but you also complain about the surroundings like a whiner.? I love you, you can seek comfort in my arms, but remember, your parents are old, and you can no longer let our beloved parents worry about us. Our mother, the petite but strong woman in this world, has borne too many things I can’t imagine.. The person who truly understands the love will not let the person who loves her feel sad and anxious for her, do you remember? Also, you don’t always complain that the world is fair. What’s unfair is the distorted psychology that makes you feel when compared with other people’s situation.. You must learn to adjust yourself, otherwise the world will not tolerate your mistakes due to ignorance. You have to be sober, every mistake will cost you a great deal.     Dear sister, sister knows that you are a good boy, although there are still rebellious times. Sister caresses you and tries her best to meet your common sense requirements, although she may have been indulged in others’ eyes. I want you to know that there is a warm home in this world, and there are people who care about you.. However, you also need to understand, don’t take my love for you as a squandering capital. My sister hopes everything I do is not to inflate your desire. I just want you to be able to look at human feelings with a kind heart.. In addition to the determination, because it is your survival skill, you also need to learn to love others. I obviously felt your growth. You grew up in such an uncomfortable environment, but you were earlier than me. This is not a good thing, but it is not a bad thing either.. It’s just that you have to do the right thing at the right time. If unfortunately you go wrong, remember to protect yourself. Do not think that the more you love, the better. You should pay seven points and leave three points to love yourself. Do you think that a person who does not know how to love himself can expect others to love you?. You have to understand that there are many things in your life besides love. Sister hope you don’t do many things to hurt yourself because of love. The person who really loves you is loathe to give up your sorrow.. No kind of giving is taken for granted, so when you love yourself, don’t be stubborn and learn to care about others.. Remember, don’t play with your feelings. You don’t have any spare youth to make you so extravagant.. If love is a good love, if misfortune can’t go together, don’t complain, fate is predestined, and there is no need for two inappropriate people to continue pestering each other.. Reflect on yourself, then turn around luxuriously, but remember that your love flower has withered once and try to hold each other’s flowering in the next paragraph.. Women need to live with attitude. In addition to loving your partner, you also need to learn to love the world. The world needs warmth, don’t be stingy with your love, and use your love to light up the world.     Dear sister, may you be treated gently by the world.     Love your sister.