Carry water

Early in the morning, gastrodia elata was bright and snowflakes fell one by one on the ground. chun Bao inserted his father’s small pole into the snow and helped his mother get a bucket. Chun Bao came to the pole with the two small buckets that had accompanied him for three years, stretched out his red-hot hands and picked up the pole, carrying the bucket behind his mother’s ass.. ” Tomorrow is the New Year’s Day. Why is it still snowing?” Chunbao’s words broke the silence between him and his mother.. Snowflakes are still flying in the air. Looking around, mountains, fields, houses, treetops and even ponds are covered with snow that is thick or thin.. ‘ If it continues to snow today and it doesn’t clear up, we won’t be able to get out of the door tomorrow, and we have to carry enough water for these days today,’ ” mother replied.. Although the sky is not bright yet, there are already bustling crowds on the road. The snow on the road has been hard pressed by all the people, and it seems a bit slippery. Fortunately, both mother and Chun Bao are senior water bearers.. Although Chun Bao is only 13 years old this year, he has been carrying water with his mother for three years. According to the city, Chunbao has been carrying water for three years. Mother and Chun Bao are tied with string made of straw on their feet. In the countryside, it is known to every family that straw ropes are tied to their feet to prevent slipping.. The snow doesn’t seem to stop. Unlike previous years, this year’s snow has been falling for several days.. Today’s snow is more violent than before. At this point, the water bearer’s body has been covered with silvery white snow flowers, and his head and shoulders look like he is wearing a white hat and a white shoulder coat from a distance.. Mom, look, there are a lot of people queuing up to draw water near the well. Chun Bao ran to the front of his mother and looked at her and said. Mother looked at Chunbao’s flushed face with cold, and felt a burst of unspeakable bitterness in her heart.. ‘ So many people lined up to draw water, we’ll have to wait for more than an hour, Chunbao, if you’re cold, I’ll get some grass on the haystack in the corn field to warm you up.” Mother touched Chunbao’s head and said. Chun Bao is a sensible child. He didn’t ask his mother to make a fire to keep him warm. Instead, he ran under the haystack in the corn field and made some hay to keep his mother warm.. After about an hour, they finally came to Chunbao to draw water. The well consists of two wells, namely, the sub well and the mother well. The sub well is a square well. The villagers usually draw water from the square well. Next to the square well is the mother well. The mother well is a completely closed round well with a large volume of water. The inside of the two wells is connected.. Mother filled up her own water and carried it to the side. Then she beat up two and a half buckets of water in Chunbao’s bucket. Chunbao looked at the water in the bucket and felt her strength not only to carry this water, but also to let her add some water to her small bucket.. After her mother carried Chunbao’s water to the roadside, she went to carry her own water. Mother and Chun Bao set out with water. The snow still did not stop. The snow fell into the bucket and melted in an instant, merging with the water in the bucket.. The road was also more slippery than when Chunbao and her mother came, and Chunbao was somewhat unstable. ‘ plop” 1, chunbao fell to the ground. One bucket of water was spilled on Chun Bao, who was almost soaked through, while the other bucket rolled more than a foot away and stopped, with its mouth facing Chun Bao as if laughing at him wrestling.. ” Why don’t you look at it when you walk?” said the mother with a little anger. Her mother also appeared very angry, but her actions betrayed her.. Mother put down the shoulder pole and went home with Chunbao. Chun Bao changed his wet clothes, took off his shabby cloth shoes and sat by the firewood to keep warm. His mother’s eyes fell on his red-cold feet.. ‘ The chilblain on your feet seems to be getting older and hotter,’ ” said the mother, hearing more sadness and helplessness from her trembling voice.. Chun Bao took some warm water by the firewood and went with his mother to carry water..