Friendship bridge

Speaking of bridges, everyone will surely say that there are too many bridges from ancient times to the present. They were originally built on rivers, but now they can be seen everywhere even on land. It’s called an overpass. In order to facilitate traffic, bridges will be built in the corridor. There are not too many bridges now. What kind of bridges have never been seen before? Er, I promise you I haven’t seen this bridge today. It’s no ordinary bridge! Only sincere friendship can be set up!     You listen to the sound of running water, is the river singing? Yes, the river slowly flows far away, how happy she is! Because of her, the trees on both sides of the river appear greener. Because of her, the small animals had more fun. Because of her, the blue sky and white clouds are reflected in the river and appear more beautiful. Because of her, a different bridge was built on the river.     On both sides of the river are lush forests, which have become playgrounds for small animals to play.     Pipi, the elephant, comes to play in the woods every day. He rolls the tree with his long nose and stirs the grass. He is happy to roll on the ground. The sun shines warm through the cracks of the tree. What a pleasant time it was! On this day, the little rabbit and the little cat also came to the grove, making the originally quiet grove lively and they played hide-and-seek in the forest.. The little rabbit found a place with more withered leaves to hide. Xiao Mao climbed up the tall tree to hide among the thick branches and leaves, and then made a sound to tell the little elephant,’ I’ve hidden it. Come and find it.! The elephant pipi began to sniff here and there in the woods with his long nose. he deliberately asked loudly, ” where are you, rabbit?”? Xiao Mao, where are you? I’m here? ‘ From among a pile of withered leaves came a tiny sound, and Pipi the elephant followed the sound and saw a small pile of leaves shaking slightly with the rustling sound, and the elephant poked away the withered leaves with its long nose.” Hey hey, I caught you! He gently rolled up the rabbit with his long nose and put it on his back. He followed the sound and received Xiao Mao on his back.. Pipi, the elephant carrying the rabbit and Xiao Mao, sang and danced in the woods. They were so happy together. When they were thirsty, they went to the riverside to drink water. The clear river water was so sweet and delicious!     Across the river, giraffes are playing hawks and chickens with their friends, small dogs, pigs, lambs and other small animals! You see how energetic the eagle’s little dog is running, but the giraffe is not easy to handle. He stopped the little dog with a long neck to protect the’ children’ behind him..     Because of this small river, the small animals on both sides of the river can’t play together and can only face each other across the river. I always feel very sorry.. The little animals thought: If only there was a bridge on the river, we could go to the other side of the river and play games with our partners. That would be a beautiful thing! At night, the little rabbit had such a dream: after the storm, a rainbow bridge appeared on the river, and he stepped on the bridge to play with his partners on the other side of the river. how happy he was then! But this is just a dream, and there is no real rainbow bridge in reality! Who can help us accomplish such a dream? Who will build this bridge to the other side? At this moment, pipi had a good idea. the elephant stood on the bank of the river and stretched out its long nose just to the center of the river.. Perhaps it is for a common wish: let the partners have more fun, as long as the partners are happy and willing to give. The giraffes on the other side of the river also stretched out their long necks, and their long noses and long necks just leaned together to form a different bridge..     What kind of bridge is this! It is a bridge built with sincere friendship. Little Rabbit and Xiao Mao went down the’ bridge’ to the other side of the river to play games with little dogs, pigs and lambs. How happy they were! Seeing the partners so happy, elephant pipi and giraffe are both very happy. although they did not join their games, what could be happier than making friends happy to bring their own happiness? From then on, the small animals wanted to play together, and the elephant pipi and giraffe spontaneously built a bridge to let them have a good time together. the small animals called the bridge friendship bridge.. The blue sky and white clouds are like witnesses to their friendship. From now on, the sky is bluer, the water is clearer, the river flows more joyfully, and the friendship of the small animals is purer..