Grow up, son

” Introduction” said the son’s interest in attending kindergarten. As soon as his wife sent him to class, the teacher at the back chased him home.. How to catch up with, the teacher took him also helpless?! Sit what sit? He didn’t understand it. At this moment, he had only the appearance of a bird in his heart and only imagined the freedom to fly.!       The birth of my son, although expected, was also a surprise to me.   At the beginning, about a week before my wife gave birth, I was sent by the unit to work on a business trip, which happened to be not far away from home and was only 30 miles a way.. I went home to watch my wife in the evening and went back to work the next morning. Every day so, rush about also don’t feel hard, but’ son’ is ungrateful. Like a calculated determined to hide from me.   I didn’t go home the night before because I finished my business trip the next day.   After I made a good job, I rushed home, ” son” arrived home at 1: 45 a.m. on November 11, 1994.. Guess, I calculated the expected date of birth, darling, the little guy is really a god operator, no more than a lot of the whole integration of the date of the presumption..   The birth of a small life brings new joy and joy to the whole family. Friends and relatives celebrated their happiness, prospered and added to their prosperity, and revered the shadow of their ancestors and blessed them with blessings.! My family’s three generations of men are all single – handed, but now I am relieved and should be handed over again according to the incense line.. If you win the custom in the countryside, you should be filial to all the ancestors and have an explanation.   I tiptoed into the room and looked at a large and a small bed lying empty, two of my closest relatives. I couldn’t help but feel a chill in my heart.. Cough?! ‘ knife neck cangue oh! Yesterday I was my father’s baby son and wife’s loving husband. Today I became the father of my father’s grandson and the’ child and father’ of my wife’s son.. This is too fast, isn’t it?! That’s it. I’ll be a father?!   Well, I’m not ready yet?!   No, let me grow up with my son.   Looking at his son’s breast feeding, it seems that the life of hope is opening a new prelude. I thought of my mother when I looked at her son’s satisfaction after she gave birth to milk, which meant leisure. This is probably the dignified meaning of the existence of a woman, a mother and a great maternal life..   I stroked the weak wife’s body and kissed her son’s small red, white, pink and moist face, which overflowed with endless comfort and warmth in my heart.. A kind of worry, a kind of responsibility at the same time trembled slightly in the bottom of my heart: I don’t know whether I can do it or not?! I wonder if I’ve done enough good?!   Things are always groping forward. Children’s growth can not be separated from parents’ fatigue. Son is no exception.   I remember one time when my son cried word by word, getting more and more excited, crying hysterically and refusing to leave a trace of strength.. Stop for a while to continue a little breath and repeat the urgency just now, no matter how his wife fiddled with it, it would be useless to be in a hurry.. Crying,’ tossing’ for hours. I watched with impatience, snatched it and threw it on the sofa, ” Wow.”! ‘ 1, son don’t cry. Actually, I went to sleep later. I also went to sleep in a daze.. Later, I learned that my wife cried all night, and I was silly for suspecting my son not to cry..   Because the son was born in the ugly, just in the early morning, belongs to’ night owls’. He didn’t sleep, but only looked at the world and wanted to play with his curiosity all the time.. He will have to be accompanied by people, who will neither lie down to sleep nor sit and hug him. He will definitely ask people to hold him away and will not let you rest. Otherwise, he will make a noise at night and make you bark at chickens and dogs in the middle of the night, disturb your neighbors, subvert peace, and truly be a crying night’s ” Grinder”. I don’t feel anything at first, but it will be too much for me after a long time, and I have to be exhausted and dead to death.. No way, my father saw me suffer and shared it for him. He held me in the middle of the night and I held him in the middle of the night.. If so, take turns in the past two months. I couldn’t endure more than three o’clock in the morning after one night. I sat in a brazier and just slept confused. I accidentally slipped my son, dipped my small hand into the ashes and woke me up with a tearful scream….   The son’s cry is well known in the neighborhood, according to folk custom, it is called ” One Hundred Days of Crying.”.It means crying for 100 days. Sure enough, the truth is so magical.   The son grew white and round, and said he had a good marriage when he grew up.   Also don’t say it’s full of jokes, fun is really a lot.   He said his son’s fun at the kindergarten meeting. As soon as his wife sent him to class, the teacher at the back chased him home.. How to catch up with, the teacher took him also helpless?! Sit what sit? He didn’t understand it. At this moment, he had only the appearance of a bird in his heart and only imagined the freedom to fly.!   When I was in primary school, my son practiced writing his composition for the first time. He didn’t know how to express it. A’ very’ word was used together. We all laughed and almost lost our teeth.. ( Articles –< <一张珍贵的照片> > >: my father’s photos are very precious, my mother’s photos are very precious, my photos are also very precious, and my family’s photos are very, very, very precious.! – the author’s son ) that is real, that simple, and that is cute. At this time, his thoughts were pure, hard, bare and straightforward, without rhetoric.   The son grew up slowly, from baby to baby, from baby to child and teenager. Now, my son has become a third year student.   Growth is long and must be carefully cultivated and cared for. But memory is in a flick of a finger.   Dream back to that year, a poignant two tears, the taste hidden in the heart. Watched his son gradually understand obedient, heart naturally gratified, relief.   Son, grow up quickly. Wish you success early and love your health and safety too much.. Try to leave this home where you rely too much on ” comfort” and learn to create it yourself. Going to college, studying for a doctoral degree, giving lectures in foreign countries, stepping into society easily and integrating into the world smartly. Out of grace and out of masculinity, life must be very, very, very wonderful!