Wanhua Group under Construction

Tiger Mountain Village is surrounded by mountains, and in the southwest there is a beautiful mountain, among which it stands out from others.. Moving forward into the 6th or 7th mile, on the mountainside, there are tall buildings and tall cranes rumbling. This is the Wanhua Group under construction..     The peak circuit turned to see that the gate had not been repaired, and outsiders could go in and out freely. what a big place it was. only after her introduction did she know that it was all mountains. it was ten thousand Chinese who expanded it wide and flat with the spirit of Yu gong moving mountains, bypassing a long and flat mountain road, and there was a vigorous open-air work site in front of me. it was the noon of summer when the sky was clear and the sun shone like a fire and the place was very lively. the workers were working in the scorching sun, how diligent and simple the villagers were. as a minmetals man, I was facing a slovenly lazy colleague.. It is precisely with such leaders that Wanhua Group, which is under construction, will make rapid progress towards success..     On his way back, he was riding in Li’s car with a newly recruited company director. He said they were willing to work here with such a good leader as Li.. Yes, if there is no good group leader, no one will be willing to leave his hometown and take refuge in the mountains.