A decision not to regret

It can be said that my life is a strong cup of wine, which was blown by the east wind before I stepped out. Don’t underestimate the easterly winds, they may be sailing in the battle field where you are galloping.. However, in the course of my life, they were sobbing all the way, and behind me, I couldn’t hear, see or even feel their drunken steps and sobs. I walked all the way up and down, but what I couldn’t hold in my heart and eyes was that: hold a glass to ask for heaven instead of the strong wine in it..   Sometimes, I prefer to be drunk. In that case, I can also enjoy the beauty of Li Bai’s hair and smile.. Who said that? If there is wine in the present, it’s easy to get drunk in the present! Why?? Why?? Why can’t I just have a good drink?   Looking back emphatically, I suddenly threw down the pain of this place, stepped lightly and looked for it with a low eyebrow, but I couldn’t do it myself.. And the road is under foot or heavy or light, or with or without…..   I remember my friend once said to me, ” When I grow up in the future, I will find a soldier.”. I also want to find a soldier. ‘ Although I didn’t understand why I had to go along with her when she said that I had to find a soldier when I grew up, although I was only a month younger than her at that time, I didn’t have her thinking far – reaching.. We were sitting at the water’s edge and looking at the water. At least I looked at the water and said it seriously. At that time, we were only fourteen years old..   When we are all just blooming season, she wrote to me again and said:. Find someone who loves you in the future, whether you love him or not. ‘ At that time, although I was very opposed to her views and conclusions when I read this sentence, most of the letters I wrote were encouraging words, so I didn’t mention these topics because I didn’t even think about them at all. I just wanted to avoid this troubled society in school..   Later, when I came from school in a hurry to be entrusted by her to prepare for her wedding day, I began to wander deeply in my heart through the ups and downs of the time I passed, so I was dispirited and discouraged from imagining my future..   Later, we rarely contacted each other. I wrote poems for her when I thought about her. I remember one of them, and I wrote this sentence:  .   I hope you count the gold in loneliness  .   Because of an accident, I heard that she wanted to write a novel. I am also a person who is extremely in favor of others’ study and has a desire to advance.. So I went to the bookstore and bought several books about writing novels and poems and gave them to her. Up to now, she has not become a writer.. After that, although we have met several times, she has become very elegant and elegant. She is no longer the pure and lovely girl in my eyes. In front of my eyes, I haven’t found anything familiar with her. This is a pity in my heart.! Want to know, I have been silently taking her as my example, and can say so directly. She has always been a sister that I can encourage myself. Without her, there would be no happiness for me until today..   At that time, although I was not busy with everyone at school, I liked to write quietly more often than not, and I don’t know why. I just liked it and never got tired of it until today..   The most feared thing is to fall in love! Whenever one sees this or that one who seeks life because of love’s troubles, to tell the truth, he unconsciously closes his love tunnel in addition to offering sympathy to them. Even my mother once boasted like this: ” My daughter, no matter where she goes, I am extremely relieved at this point.”! Whenever I think back to my mother’s words of pride, to tell the truth, I really slowly regard them as the whips of life, and at the same time, I am more grateful to my mother for her trust and pride in me..   At the same time, it is also my mother’s remark, which has enabled me to pass on my own in this indifferent society, to be strong and bravely overcome my weakness, and has made me an undisputed recalcitrant opponent in the face of frustrations and ruthless real life. This is also my life that I do not regret..   These days, it is not so much the illness that is valued for the first time as the extreme life course!   It’s a pity if you die like this! However, I am not afraid of death. Even if death really rushes to you at once, you will only have to do what you can. How can you haggle with it repeatedly??   During this period of illness, I also gave myself a care and rest for the first time in my life. I am not tired, but my mind really needs to be adjusted again!   As others said, ” Why do you have to live like this?”? Tired or not? ‘ And I also answered with a smile: ” Well, I think this is also a life of release.”! However, now I silently recall and chew on my past, which is somewhat sour and disdainful..   I need to make a big adjustment. Although time flies and time waits for no time, I still need to change the way I live in front of me. I need to go further and further.!   I know that if we choose again, the road is not clear and may end in failure.. However, I don’t want to be so indifferent as yesterday and spend my whole life in gloom..   I seem to see in the distance that the obstacles and traps, the frustrations and hardships are not smaller or weaker than before.. However, I have no choice but to work hard forward and persevere even to the edge of my ideal.   My friends, please give me a loud cry, a sound of the war drums and a smile toward the waving flag.! So, even if I was halfway through the process, I think I would certainly look back with a smile and see the twists and turns of the road I’ve walked through..   I believe and believe that this is only the present at most, as long as I bite the bullet and bravely meet the cruel today, I believe that my tomorrow will be more magnificent than today.!