A person who drills through a bed

A man who drills in the bed frame has his own little secret and thoughts!    <一> I can’t remember the grades in primary school or junior high school. I learned this article to participate in the people’s bill drilled in the condom. to be honest, I really didn’t understand the idea that this article was meant to express to us at that time, and I can’t even understand it now.! Although, I still remember clearly that I graduated from primary school in the sixth grade with the first language in the class, which is enough to prove that learning this stuff, with high grades, does not fully represent a high level of understanding.! Of course, please don’t sit down in the same room as a family.. Perhaps it is also because of the fact that they have not always caught a cold in European and American literature.!! Some people who understand’ condom’ also hope to learn from it!   Because today’s on-the-job graduate students take the exam at the economic and trade examination center and occupy the study room, the library is full! I also lost my seat in the library in the morning because of insomnia in recent days and a bit of a bad mood.! – This is shameful!   In my bed, I meet you regularly on weekends!    <二> I flipped through my diary and found it was already very thick! Only black skin and white paper, without other colors and lines, appear more solemn and serious! I haven’t written it for a long time. I’m a little familiar with it and a little strange! The last time was September 12, 2011, because I decided to write about life in Xiao Si, reflect on myself and summarize my life on this platform every week.!   The most frequent person, thing, thought! With a pen to hook up, this just found that there are already many more without deliberate effort.! Of course, there will be no more childish behavior! The past is beautiful and the good should be preserved. Even if it is not beautiful, it should be preserved. After all, there is sweetness in suffering.. After all, it’s too sweet to be bored with!   It took so long to understand that there are so many small emotions that they only magnify pain and sadness, and then artificially squeeze happiness into a narrow space. Therefore, they will always abuse their panic.!   It is a bit incomprehensible that sadomasochism such as taking part in Qian Shan’s Twilight Regulations is so popular that perhaps everyone has already turned against insipidity and yearned for sadism.!   If, I mean, if, this abuse occurs here! It is estimated that few people can digest it! Abuses, this is a kind of ideological and emotional struggle!    <三> The map of the spiritual world depicts various paths to the ideal, and when you go on, you will find elegance and nobility, understanding and understanding, correctness and rightness are not the same thing.. Therefore, we need literature to care for ourselves and warm ourselves up!   Accumulated depreciation will eventually wear its value to zero! So something needs to be done!    <四> Although life is a little busy! However, it is still more substantial and feels better than last year! Dear friends! Don’t worry.! I’m really good – without a bit of farfetched argument!   The Unicom card is not good enough to make a phone call, which is more expensive. According to textual research, the economic situation is not optimistic.! Consumption is in short supply. I don’t want to contact anyone. Life, or calm down! You know me, such an excitable person, a little afraid of contacting you, is excited to lose sleep again!   However, occasionally, I will forget to shut down when I sleep at night. Please don’t harass me and ask me if I have slept … ah, really sleepy, it is true! Perhaps, at 12: 00 a.m.; 47 is not your schedule! hehe!! Thank you all. Just now, friends who don’t know their names sent me a text message at 16: 25.” Be a simple person from today, be practical, not indulge in fantasy, not harass others, be happy, be cheerful, tough, warm and sincere to others.. Sincerity, calm, generosity, tolerance, and peace of mind. Always have faith in life! ‘ friends who are reading the diary are also given these words to you!   After changing the number, I can’t remember exactly who said the number! I also want to contact my friend. Please leave a message to me. Sorry!    <五> ” I’m sorry”, I sincerely apologize not only to you but also to myself in the only platform that you and I share.!Whether you see it or not.   Even I am beginning to feel contempt for my childish behavior!   In fact, just like, you can’t see, of course, don’t care!   However, I still consider the word fate in contradiction!    <六> It’s noisy outside now, and a group of people are having fun. There are noisy music, noisy voices, the engine sound of cars … Ah, sitting on the bed outside the window and seeing many people riding bicycles seem to be destined for the basketball court, listening to roommates say’ Qingdao Cup College Basketball Match’ has started again.   University, that’s it. There are many activities and wonderful contents! The key is whether you are willing to participate in it. More than 30,000 schools each have their own way of life and interpret different stories. Life, therefore, on the surface is more colorful!   ‘ Loneliness is a group of people’s carnival, carnival is a person’s loneliness.” This sentence is right, or is it? wrong!   Life is so cool! – sweet box<七> Those who drill in the condom try to escape reality and escape the world.   And I, who will not escape anything, obviously, I am not a coward!   I drill in my bed, meditate on myself, and then study!   2011 – 10 – 29 in Hebei