[Knight] those islands overnight revocation of the "national model worker"

  Because of the Standing Committee attended the seven central to the highest standard in recognition of 36 years of national model workers and advanced workers。 The last time the highest specifications, or mid-1979。   High honor, we must stand the scrutiny and inspection。   Since April 17, the center will be elected to more than 2,000 from the local model workers and advanced workers in more than 900 five days of public notice。
This approach, from the beginning of 2000。 If it wants to accept the supervision of the whole society, it may be highly variable。 For example, after the first publicized in 2000, there are four candidates to be adjusted。 After that, each year there are also reasons reported by the masses brush down "candidate model worker"。
  At the same time, there are many national model worker last in jail, such as the former deputy general manager of Building Materials Industry Group Corporation Hunan, Hunan Xuefeng Cement Group Co., Ltd., general manager (deputy departmental level) Wang Yuan, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Xinhua village secretary, Chang Heng Group chairman Jinhua You, are a national model worker when finally planted in the corruption on。
  So, a list of nearly 3,000 people, must be careful to avoid embarrassment on her face。
  This year, it is the same。
Informed sources told the knight Island (ID: xiake_island), "People's Daily" night shift, in order to determine a list of model workers, back and forth verified many times, there are many temporary revocation of the adjustment period, a whole night。
  Also。 Approved the list of nearly 3,000 names of estimate giddy。
But the island is so serious and capricious tert-man, the list on the public list of the newspapers today, "People's Daily" made a detailed comparison。   Then, he found 18 to be washed off the names。
  Who are you who are being washed off?   Lihuai Min, Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Co., Ltd. niulanshan winery party secretary, chief engineer; Chen Yongsheng, director of the Center for Nanoscience Chemistry, Nankai University, Professor; Zhang Xinping, Hebei move Anheng Hui Thermal Power Co., workshop director; Pengzhao Feng, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Co., General Manager, Vice chairman, Party Committee, vice chairman of Hebei Iron and steel Co., senior engineer; Liu Shan, Manzhouli City, Inner peace trauma hospital director, medical director; Duyou Lan, Department Store Co., Ltd., Yanji, Jilin Province, party secretary, senior economist; Luo Chang, Jiangxi Poyang Lake Industrial Co., Ltd., chairman; high Zhao Lin, Shandong Tengzhou Unicorn cultivation of professional co-chairman, accountant; Zhang Taixi, Henan Shuanghui development Co. president; Zhou Jian long, Henan Xichuan Fu Huiyuan agricultural marketing Director of the technical Center Co., Ltd. generator; Chen yuan, China construction third Engineering Bureau Ltd. chairman and party secretary; Tang Shulin, Changde City, Taoyuan County, Guanyin temple town Party committee secretary; Wang Hao, China State construction second Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch general manager, deputy party secretary Xiaoyan Li, Yangchun City, Guangdong Gui Zhen Ji Dong village farmers; and just, Hainan Ledong Li Autonomous County of Buddha Luozhen Fu village Party branch secretary, village head, Orient-Le's fruit industry shares limited liability general manager; high civil rights, Shaanxi Huayang Industrial Co., Ltd., chairman; LIU Ji Wang, springs town of Shandan County, Gansu Qilian Village branch secretary; Li Jun, Xinjiang Huayuan Group Co., Ltd. Party secretary, chairman, senior economist , senior engineer; there is a adjusted, Xing Jiangping (Shaanxi), formerly national model workers, after adjusting for the National advanced worker。
  How them?  According to the Xinhua News Agency reported that the recognition insist on grassroots-oriented line of work, in particular to ensure that workers, farmers have a greater proportion of the recommended candidates; more specifically the eastern provinces of migrant workers, there should be a certain number of provinces and cities farmers work of workers; raise women and minorities should account for a certain percentage。   In 2968 among the public, corporate front-line workers as%。 Among them, in 2064 the national model worker, the enterprise workers and farmers account for% of the total。 Among them, the enterprise front-line workers as% of corporate candidates, higher than the prescribed ratio of percentage points increase over the previous percentage points; business executives as% of corporate candidates, lower than the specified percentage ratio, percentage points lower than the previous; farmers workers as% of farmers, higher percentage points higher than a predetermined ratio, percentage points increase over the previous。
  Previously, for the first selection method is: make a significant contribution in the development of production enterprises, deepen reform, improve management, increasing economic and social aspects, public opinion on a lot of criticism that is likely to cause "are the leaders when model worker, "the selection results。   So, this term tilted to the front-line workers, intent is clear。
It is the central one pair of model worker selection of new ideas。
Of course, some people think that, since the party is the wind Su discipline to carry out, a lot of low-key cadres, these social honor shirk a lot, which may also be part of the reason。
  Anti so far as we look at this is to brush down the list of 18 people, 17 men were president of a company's general manager, much higher than the proportion of business executives%。
  A veto on local and individual, national model workers and advanced workers is a proud national honor, and enjoy 100% of salary income after retirement, there are many medical, training of national treatment。 So the competition is fierce。 A place to put one off, the center will eventually be firmly stuck here a few basic principles, which is the key part of the "one-vote veto" system。
  Island tert turned a bit, these principles of responsible persons in particular card very strict, and this is a correction before the national model workers and restrictions on excessive corporate CEOs。
Pretty much summed up。
  For example, where there is a violation of state laws and regulations, disciplinary rules and regulations, etc., through; the enterprise in violation of industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection, workplace safety, labor and employment and other regulations, and by the responsible person; for false identity, deeds, not strict regulations recommended by the selection of candidates for the program, through。
Particularly clear, since 2010, in violation of the provisions of enterprise and employment, unjustified delay in paying wages, are not required to pay social insurance premiums problems enterprises, the responsible person is out of the question。
  In addition, the relevant departments of the business information system abnormalities list and blacklist of tax, social credit blacklist blacklist of enterprises, through; the implementation of the recommended verification department responsible persons, but also to seek a unified environmental protection, taxation, industry and commerce, security regulatory authorities opinion; to leadership positions in government departments and institutions, seek a unified discipline inspection, supervision and management of cadres opinions; recommended to place the central vertical management units (including central enterprises) are candidates consultation with the relevant。
  But their opinions even after these off, as well as during public。 Reported, there are views reflect, publicity should also be difficult to pass。   See this, you can generally guess the general cause of these characters losing the。
  Significance in China, "labor" in the Marxist discourse system, occupies a very important political significance, therefore, after the founding of the "working people" This word appears frequently in political discourse, political slogans become Chinese characteristics。 Of course, the early days of working people in an outstanding representative – labor model, given the political, spiritual most favorable treatment。 At that time the whole community is advocating the "most glorious work," therefore, model workers in the whole political structure, is a very enviable national honor。
  After the reform and opening up, China's social values experienced a tremendous change, where the biggest impact, among them new understanding of "labor"。
After the founding of respected work honestly, to do a post screws "spirit of model workers", under the impact of the tide of the market economy, it is lonely。
In a market economy, a quick mind, have the tools, often become a social winner。
Society as a whole evaluation system for success is shifting, will not make money is the sole criterion for success。 And before life in a post on honest labor, but was abandoned by society。   Island t remember a film "Aromatic Journey," starring Fan Wei and Zhang Jingchu, it is about the encounter of a model worker。 From the fame, the lonely miserable, reflects the profound changes in the values behind a time of change。   So, after a lapse of 36 years, the central high standard once again commemorate the recognition of spirit of model workers, the concept of the whole society expect heavy tree "most glorious work" can be described as a return to values。
  Therefore, the selection of model workers seem more meaningful, because it is a benchmark for the entire community。   Text / Tokgo nine data reduction / Ono sister Recommended reading] Editor: Liu Guomin。

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