About eating and avoiding food

[ Guide ]: I thought that the mouth was eating except for talking. It would be a waste to sleep with it closed. For several years, I really’ fully’ used this mouth,’ loquacious’ and liked eating snacks, but the result was a lot of trouble..     Many people sigh with emotion: It is hard to say what kind of food can be guaranteed to be eaten without worrying about it. There are new problems with three meals a day.. Indeed, many problems with food, such as poisonous rice, poisonous vegetables and lean meat, can be seen from newspaper and radio stations almost every day. For example, Sudan Red, inferior futures, and a large number of harmful additives; For example, the mess in restaurants and hotels is bad . Ah, restaurants can not go, food at the mouth can be eaten less, and rice for three meals a day – what? Vegetables. – What? Meat is indispensable, and it is impossible to grow and manufacture it by itself. I can only choose acquaintances to find brands, but I still can’t rest assured: many things can’t be identified with the naked eye, acquaintances’ things come from other places, and brand-name things may not be reliable, for example, free meat may also be slaughtered privately, KFC flavoring agents contain Sudan red, and Nestle milk powder iodine content exceeds domestic standards … Ah, when others feel relieved that food is hard to find, I have the sigh of ” the rich don’t know what the poor are hungry for.”. I was able to shrug off the fact that it was not ” poverty does not choose food”, but it was already almost numb to food.. I thought the mouth was food except for talking, and it would be a waste if I shut it casually except sleeping. For several years, I really ” fully” used this mouth, ” loquacious” and liked eating snacks, but the result was a lot of trouble. Because of loquacious, I often hear people say, ” Shut your stinking mouth.”! And a few years of non – taboo, but for most of the’ special’ taboo. Due to the irregular daily life, the stomach was finally out of order, resulting in chronic gastritis – what? gastroptosis. Stomach is the digestive machine of the whole body. Stomach trouble is rich and expensive. In addition to working less and resting more, I pay special attention to diet. I began to accept the ” guidance maze” of doctors on my way to seek medical advice..     Doctor A: ” You can’t eat raw and cold food.”. ‘ Since then, I always eat hot, cold will be hot to eat again. Raw food should not be eaten as much as possible, and anything that is not fresh should never be eaten.     Doctor B said, ” You can’t eat anything hot or dry.”. ‘ In order to prevent fire, fried barbecue food even hot and dry vegetables will not be eaten.     Doctor C said, ” You can’t eat anything fat.”. ‘ I prefer to eat fat and lean pork, and now I can only give up my love in pain. I also choose more edible oil for cooking.     Doctor D said, ” You can’t eat anything too hard.”. ‘ dried fruit pie and things like that were rejected by me.     Doctor E said, ” You can’t eat beans.”. ‘ bean culture, I am not interested in this much.     Doctor F said, ” You can’t eat melons.”. ‘ All kinds of melons add more phlegm” and” Hanging stomach”. Well, if you don’t eat, you don’t..     Dr g said, ” eat less snacks.”. ‘ Snacks affect digestion and stimulate gastric mucosa, which is very difficult to do, but after half a year’s hard work, I finally stuck to it.     Dr h said: ” only a little fruit can be eaten properly.”. ‘ I have already learned deeply that eating some fruits or the same fruit will always make your stomach uncomfortable, so pear, tomato, litchi, watermelon and so on can only be watched by others, longan – what? Apple. – What? Yellow skin and so on can make me relax my appetite.     Doctor I said, ” It’s better to eat less sugar.”. I remember reading in a book that eating too much sugar will weaken gastrointestinal digestion and reduce body resistance, especially when you catch a cold. Then eat less.     Dr j said: ” chicken eggs are not suitable.”. I know chicken has its particularity. anyway, I prefer duck meat, but chicken legs and wings, forget it!     Dr k said: ” steam is not suitable. I know bread. – what? White rice and fruit ( rice and fruit should be combined into one word ); Zongzi these things sometimes become ” accomplices”, in that case, with them ” cut off”.     Doctor L said, ” Soda drinks are not as good as plain boiled water.”. I liked to drink these special things when I was young, but now I have not poured them into my mouth at all..     Dr m said, ” beer and white wine must not be touched.”. ‘ I’ve never touched white wine and only drank a few bottles of beer. The last time was probably five or six years ago..     Dr. n said: ” no one here is short of gongfu tea, but you are the exception. you can only drink some green tea, and it should not be too thick. nothing else is allowed.”. ‘ Although I am from Chaoshan, I also know the refreshing and health-care function of tea, but I have no time to drink Gongfu tea since childhood, it is more practical to drink more plain boiled water..     O doctor said: ” smoking is harmful to your health. your body is weak enough. don’t commit chronic suicide.”. ‘ this is reasonable, although I never smoke, but still mew mew mew mew.     Dr p said: ” eating less and eating more is easy to digest.”. ‘ a wise saying!I eat less and suffer from indigestion. If I eat too much, I will not suffer. Naturally, I can only eat 70 to 80 percent of my meals in the early evening, but I haven’t been hungry for a long time..     Dr q said, ” use less soy sauce.”. Soy sauce is acidic, and hyperchlorhydria is not good. ‘ This reminds me that soy sauce can also be used as a’ trick’.     Dr r said, ” we can’t do anything wrong, especially in the category. as the saying goes,” weak can’t help but mend ”! It is better to take medicine than to take food. Yes, the remedy to the case is too fierce to bear may be in trouble.     Dr s said: ” although food supplements are good, especially glutinous rice and dates, they are too greasy to eat at night.”. ‘ I can’t figure out when I can eat it, so I just don’t cook it.     Dr t said: ” it is better to eat less fish. most fish, especially marine fish, produce phlegm and weaken the spleen.”. Oh, it’s ok. I only eat grass carp occasionally.     Dr u said: ” eat some lean meat to supplement your body. although you are anaemic, pork liver, pig blood and pig bone soup will make you have loose bowels.”. ‘ I tried several times, it is not, less by some sin.     Dr v said: ” don’t be tempted by fruit noodles.”. ‘ Hey, I know better than Dr. V.. Since then, I’ve only had a long time to bite the bullet and eat it once. Fortunately, I didn’t have any major’ side effects’.     Dr w said, ” Tian Luo – what? After clams and other shellfish were eaten … ” I interrupted him:” I have long been dismissive of these guys. ”! ” Ten doctors said:” To withstand the lure of marinated meat. Darling, halogen has been added too much miscellaneous material, and it seems that it is necessary to break away from it..     Dr y said, ” although milk and goat’s milk are liquid, it is good for normal people to drink, but you can’t.”. I said, ” If one day my stomach and intestines are normal, I will try it.”. Dr. z said: ” more water is needed for cooking dried rice and the mouth is chewed slowly, but it is still not as good as porridge, and it is best to eat it only once a few days.”. ” I cried,” You should always have enough plain boiled water! Dr z said, ” no”! It is common sense not to drink a lot of water at a time.! ” .” All these doctors are kind and experienced, and their words are full of philosophy, scientific basis and irrefutable, and cannot be denied without respect.. In recent years, I have eaten rice gruel the most, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. However, stomach trouble is not always treated well, people are skinny and weak. I finally got a little angry. It’s a three-point drug. I’ve actually been taking’ chronic poison’ and’ chronic suicide’ in recent years.. I’m determined to break with the medicine, even if I can’t even drink porridge with my mouth closed.!     I’m in a better mood now. I try to eat some things. It tastes really good, but it’s just as well..[ Responsible Editor: Warm Up ]