Alone, wheatgrass all the way

One person, one camera, listening to the music played by the mobile phone at will, walking through the mountain road with the fragrance of Sophora japonica, and sometimes passing by both husband and wife, feel very warm. Sometimes passing by groups of men, you talk about current events one by one. Sometimes through the 3322 women, twittering, east parents Li short chat. Passers – by’s eyes, I’m alone, no! My heart is full of my own world. I feel relaxed and happy. I am flying happily and I am happy..     Listen, the bird’s singing is emerald green, stop immediately and quietly listen in on the bird’s singing. Distinguish, the bird’s position. Look, what a lovely bird looks like. Recognition, whether can call out its name. Through the branches of pagodatree flowers full of bumper harvests, bees swarmed and buzzed, busy gathering flowers and honey from trees. I also took off a few flower heads cruelly and held them in my hand, smelling the fragrant fragrance, flying my mood and flying to the distance. Can I meet with you in the season when flos sophorae is fragrant??     Climbing high and looking far away, the mountains in the distance are rolling up and down, layer upon layer, extending all the way. A piece of new green in full bloom at the moment; Once in a while, a butterfly was playing playfully in front of me and couldn’t help chasing a few steps. At that time, I had broken the cocoon and become a butterfly and danced..     The sun rises from the top of the mountain in the east, Ran Ran, hugging me, I hugging the radiance of the sun. At that time, can not drunk at large?     Enjoying the happiness of solitude is not a kind of loneliness, but a kind of spirit. Alone, free and relaxed. There is no enmity and resentment, no disturbance in succession, and there is no interest in it. fragrance all the way is full of his own heart.     In real life, I am a man of few words, with a little aloof eccentricity. Not that I don’t belong to a group, but that I’m not good at dealing with people. Because, the mind’s eye is too straight, too serious, too persistent, so try to keep silent.     Such a person who likes to be alone does not have a piece of heaven and earth of his own. He is still young all the way … Ah Puxi in 2011. 5. 8th