Be a thin lover in the world

Maybe everyone has had such a dream, walking in Qian Shan, without asking for the past, without thinking about the future, life is full of scenery, without fetters, without staying, watching the flowers bloom before the court and looking up to the sky, I think the soul of the dreamer will not be bitter.! It’s a pity that we all have lovers in the world. How can we climb if we can’t put them down??   We are always envious of people on the road, envious of the scenery they describe, envious of the green hills and green waters they freeze in the photos, and always looking forward to the day when they can carry their backpacks and travel alone, as if they were fulfilling a dream and a kind of expectation.. I began to appear careless about my original life, feeling that life is always imperfect and happiness index has plummeted.   Then you might as well be a thin lover in the world. Hate also has feelings, love also has feelings. Our feelings happen in every real situation, and everything is mixed with some of our feelings. It may be much easier for us to see anything or people without subjective feelings.. We don’t grieve or dislike, don’t obsess, don’t persist, don’t refuse, take a calm attitude towards life, and let’ fickle’ become traceable, so maybe you’re really on the way.   What we envy may not be the thing itself. We just crave this kind of life attitude and be modest. It seems that any trend in life will retreat outside the safety dam. We are sitting on a beautiful scenery and thousands of miles of rivers and mountains.!   The scenery may not necessarily be on the road, but it should appear in our life in any form or form. It may be an eternal scenery at the moment when you are casual, between raising your hands and raising your feet, and when you smile.. We don’t insist, let the heart become quiet and peaceful, so that we can smell the smell of happiness.   Be a worldly lover, do it when you see it, put it down when you do it, and why not! Let all emotions come directly and transparently, and let yourself never forget peace of mind. It’s like you own an independent small universe. There are people and things you project. They’re quiet and beautiful. They’re the world you’ve created. When it rains, people with umbrellas wake up in the morning and their bodies are warm. The azaleas there are everywhere and beautiful.. The afterglow of the sunset through the mist has set a dazzling golden color on both sides of the street.   I think some cells in our body must be in turmoil, pointing fingers and sketching out the beautiful world we want, even where we are thin lovers.!