Bright past time, youth to late

My blood is compatible with you. My pain is the same as yours; My secret is in your heart. You are more eternal than family, sweeter than love, sweeter than friendship.     Written to a phoenix who can fly in the mountains, who can dance with outstanding people. University talented women are glorious. Intellectual also connotation, feeling soft heart more filial piety. True tianjiao. ~ To my friend Lu Qian, it turns out that I have ruined my writing. Must complete two’ liqi station operation flow smoothly’ before he can let himself go. You know, all the gestation is after the pain. Therefore, I will never cry out for pain during the tenth month of pregnancy..     I said to Xiao Ru, only a drop of inspiration, poetry or parallelism or point set every day can make him live up to his only love in this life..     Inspiration floats in the air, I gently take it down and store it on the Internet.     Friendship remains in space. I copy it quietly and collect it in Tencent.     Love grows in words, I secretly sprout, blushing and reflecting on my face.     Family ties are anchored in the sea of hearts. I am deeply attached to them and care about seal cutting in my heart.     The past eight years ago, 180,000 words. It is not easy to fix the time to the right fruit. Every drop of tears is nurtured from gravel to pearls. My youth has weakened the scenery at the beginning of the century. You listen, the wind at that time hurt cardamom.     The music of harps and lyres is wonderful, the mountains and waters are good, and the spring and snow are few and far between.. A bosom friend calls splendor, and your troubles disappear. – Guo Jingming, written to Mr. Chen Ronghua, a character wizard, has outstanding achievements, superior family circumstances, melancholy characters and anxiety.     Narcissism in inferiority, low-key in climax, sadness in sunshine, fighting in the sea of inscriptions and struggling in the framework.     Youth, background. Time, reflection. Jazz, Magic City.     Words, dreams. Bright and sad. Loneliness, growth. ~ To participate in the marginal bill of love and pain, Wen Pin Guo Jingming.     A small idea can be supported and encouraged by so many people. Moved and grateful. Thank you for your warm friendship, for your wonderful opportunity, and for your constant attention and companionship. ~ The heart of the grace of Ling Hua’s broken words last night was yuet wanqing, and the beauty was charming and graceful.. Celebrate your birthday together, sing and laugh to your heart’s content. Ping Qing, Ping Qing, Happy Birthday Youth. ~ to participate in drunken shade. The birthday celebration regulations have missed eight years, can they still fulfill their university dream in the factory?? ‘ Excellent Talents Program”, I entrust you with the task of improving quality and getting a diploma.. If: work, go to school and write three times, I think two and a half years will surely not last.     ‘ Excellent Talents Program” The core content of the conference is to realize the three forces – magic, charm and drive. The Idiom Created by Youcai: Ka Bin Leading Point. Explanation of Noun: Can Up Can Down, Can Wen Can Wu, Can Area Can Rise, Can Big Can Small. The highest level of talent is this.     I became friends with Lele, the female host of Xiuwai Huizhong, at the presentation meeting of ” Excellent Talents Program”. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak on the stage. Thank her for the warmth of reading my words with me. Thanks for letting me relive the stage fantasy; Thank her for making my journey full of sunshine … Hope of Linghua Broken Words Professor of Cold Wind University is right: How far can life go depends on who I go with. How much you can achieve depends on who gives directions. Thank the professor for his advice and encouragement to me.Thanks for being able to reach a height beyond Tencent’s reach. ~ Ling Hua’s understanding of the broken words is the kindness to participate in Chinese divorce ~ ~ Social money is supreme, and feelings are fragile. Men like Yali to participate in Chinese divorce ~ ~ Youth is easy to die, glory is easy to grow old, dreams are fragile, and leisure is easy to live.. The reality is cruel, the feelings are fragile, the men are careless, the women are sensitive and irritable.     Participate in Chinese divorce ~ ~ pressure and ed, sacrifice and give up enrichment and emptiness; Blame and betrayal, sensitivity and boredom, sympathy and perfection.     Participate in Chinese divorce ~ ~ life. Feelings. Marriage. Sex. Arbitrary. Betrayal. hide. Deception. Wound. broken. Collapse. break.     Causal spring and autumn temperament is excellent, the artistic conception in the text is far away, and the elegant language is full of plain notes.. The knowledge of rhyme and law is obvious, and Qingnaiwen’s music falls to the earth. In the brilliant Tencent, the female heroes in the middle school wrote poems. The dew is as sweet as a pearl, and Huaruqiong’s pulp is refreshing and cherishes time with love and honey.. ~ Tibetan poetry took part in the draft regulations of Lu Huanong, a talented woman, because of Wen Qiao’s knowledge of Qing, and wrote it to Wen You Lu Huanong’s prose online, from registered members to contracted writers. Reputation is both a floating flower and a driving force. Progress is arduous and comforting, and dreams will sink and become nirvana.. Time in the sea, picking a spray; Outside the secular threshold, keep a little thought; Deep in the world of mortals, looking for a connotation. Words, this life and you, are inseparable.