What kind of girl would you like.   I guess she has long brown hair with wavy curls.   She has fair and transparent skin.   There will be a small dimple when you laugh.   Her eyes are like a lake in a deep pool, ying ying silently speaking.   She is petite.   And cute and clever.   She will be your little sun.   She’ll be your little universe.     I wish it was me.   But I began to feel ashamed and inferior even when I typed this line.   Met, just know really met.   All self – righteous, gradually retreat into their own bodies.   It was you. So you really are.     But Darling. But dear. But baby.   I finally found you in the dark tunnel.   But I finally know that I can’t have you.   You hang your head quietly in the light.   The trance is still intact.     I can’t approach you sadly.   With a vacant heart and a broken body.   I can’t hug you sadly.   With damp moss and musty fingers.     The two holes in my face were suffused with damp mist.   The vines around the limbs gave off a rotten stench.   And you are approaching those flowers that are not yet open.   Then put your head to one side and listen piously.     I heard the heart melt slowly, like a hard candy that is sticky and soft in water.   I should have believed you were there. And then finally wait for you.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]