Don’t abandon, don’t give up!

Sister Wang’s house opened a sweat steamer. I often went to her, and we became friends in the long run.. A few days ago, my daughter in Beijing called to ask her to go. When she left, she asked me to help her take care of the store.   As the saying goes: the trust of others and the loyalty of others. A promise is a debt. After I left Sister Wang, I went to sweep the floor, hold the ground and water the flowers almost once every three days … I can help her as long as I can..   Her family has a basin of azaleas. This flower is very beautiful: oval leaves, green ones. More than a dozen branches and forks are closely tied together. Pink flowers are blooming among dense leaves. . Sister wang likes it very much. When he left, he stared at me and told me: Don’t forget to water it.   The days passed day by day. New Year’s Day is coming in a twinkling of an eye. Then the self-examination also came quietly. I wanted to take advantage of the New Year’s Day holiday to review my Chinese language undergraduate studies so as to pass the self-study exam smoothly.. However, it happened that my part-time bath at night was short of staff and had many guests during the New Year’s Day.. My colleagues here keep me on duty all day. And euphemistically called: massage and study are not at the same time. This is my chance to show off. Act well so that you can hold your ground here.   That’s it.. It’s time to go to Sister Wang’s store. However, I am busy and helpless.   Go to work. We were instructed to hold a meeting. Let’s observe the labor discipline and stop doing it when we catch it late and leave early. What is more worrying is that the unit has to cut people. Although the leader didn’t say to cut me off, he said that I didn’t work, which is tantamount to feeding me and another person for nothing.. It makes me feel that I am going to be the object of being cut.   Faced with such a situation, I was like Lin Daiyu entering the Grand View Garden: I did not dare to walk a step further or say a word more.. I strictly ask myself: if I don’t leave a handle on the leader, I’ll keep my job..   In this way, I once used my time to work out. I have to stay here at regular intervals. Think of sister Wang’s foresight, but I’m busy with nothing.   At noon is the time I can control myself. However, the 8th exam is imminent. I had limited time to study. I also took up noon.. Think of sister Wang’s foresight, I’m busy with nothing.   After the self-examination ended, I could finally catch my breath. I came to her store again at the thought of Sister Wang’s foresight.   When I came here, sister Wang’s son opened the door, and he and I played games. I’m sorry to say: This period of time is very busy: the unit is tightly controlled and busy with examinations, so I didn’t come. He didn’t say anything, just politely let me in.   I sweep the floor and wipe the floor as usual. Because I didn’t come for a long time and the ground was dirty, I knelt on the ground with a towel in my hand and rubbed it hard. Then I folded the quilt and watered the flowers……. I was thinking about the next project as I worked.   Finally, it’s the turn to water the flowers. I took a bottle of water and walked cheerfully to the flower.When I walked into the basin of azaleas, I was stunned by the sight: I saw the leaves of flowers hanging and pulling, just like an old man who had been ill for a long time, without any anger, only pink flowers standing tenaciously and looking at the branches.. Also dry pale, in touch with the flower soil, dry. A feeling of regret and guilt gnaws at my heart: how can it be taken lightly?? Why didn’t you water it in time? Sister Wang knows how distressed she is about the flowers she likes. Will she blame me?   I asked sister Wang’s son why he didn’t want to water the flowers? Your mother will be angry when she comes back. He said that it was because of the near – withering heat. He may be asking for me and him. But I can’t forgive myself.   In order to keep my unseemly job and pass the exam smoothly and not to give me the fortune, the beautiful flower is enduring hunger and thirst, and it is suffering the same fried ao as I did in the ice and fire years..   I slowly poured water into the flowerpot: I beg its forgiveness and hope it can restore its vitality.   It’s over. I left Sister Wang’s house with a psychological feeling that was not easy. The azaleas still seemed to shake in front of my eyes, and it looked at me plaintively.. I said to it from the psychological point of view: I will definitely come to see you in a few days after a good illness and tenacious growth.!   In the past few days, my heart has not been quiet, thinking about the flowers of sister Wang’s family, I wonder if they have eased up yet.   The day before yesterday, I came to Sister Wang’s house again. When I came to the store, I took three steps and two steps toward the window sill. I saw a round flowerpot, and what I looked at was the leaves of Tian Tian. The leaves are layered like the skirt of a graceful dancer.. Above the layers of leaves, pink flowers stand proudly. Some are gracefully open, others are blushing and blooming. Like butterflies dancing, like rosy clouds in the blue sky. I gently stroked the leaves and quietly kissed the petals. At this time, the leaves and flowers also have a tremor, as if to express its joy of being reborn!   The sun is like running water, quietly pouring down on this leaf and flower. The flowers seem to be wearing thin wedding dresses, and the leaves are getting greener and greener.. The sun shines through the window, the leaves are closely together, and the face is facing the sun, just like singing a beautiful ballad.. The flowers should also be in harmony with each other and warmly express the joy of its rebirth.!   I poured water on it excitedly and tidied up the store as usual. Get out of here.   On the way back, the flowers were still shaking in front of my eyes. It seems to be saying to me: I will cherish life, tenacious life, brave face the test of life, not abandon life, not give up!   How happy I am that the flowers have been reborn! Suddenly remind of this sentence: everyone will face the test of life. Yes, people are, aren’t flowers the same? When the flowers are about to wither in flower of life, how can a human being, as the spirit of all things, wither and languish?? Flowers can also cherish life and create the miracle of life. As human beings in the spirit of all things, we can also withstand the test of life.!   We should treat life like this flower: we should not abandon or give up life!