How Qi physical health physical deficiency What are the symptoms

How Qi physical health, so many people around the world can be divided into a variety of physical fitness, which occupies a large part of the physical deficiency, then how Qi physical health and small series together to see how Qi physical health of the introduction of it!How Qi physical health refers to a person's lack of strength, lack of physical strength and energy to feel a little labor will have a sense of fatigue, immune function and disease resistance are relatively low。
Qi constitution mainly in the relatively weak function of organs, especially the lungs and spleen function。 Qi more relaxed compact constitution, not straight, pale yellow or pale multiple。 Because deficiency, so often feel tired, lazy, lazy people are more whole, and to speak feebly。 Qi Qi physical principle therapeutic gas support due to a gas main lung, kidney strength, stomach as "biological source of gas", so spleen, stomach, lung, kidney both when warming。
Eat food having effect gas consumption, such as spinach, carrots and other raw。 Cold, thick and greasy fatness have to eat less food, so as not to hurt the sun, resulting in physical phlegm。
Qi physical suitability eat flat side has a tonic effect of warm food, such as dates, raisins, apples, sweet potatoes, Gorgon, pumpkin, yams, rice, millet, carrots, mushrooms, tofu, chicken, rabbit meat, beef, black carp, silver carp fish。 Replenishing Qi physical persons to take it for porridge Qi is the best tonic。
Recommended: How glutinous rice mountain ones Qi physical health approach: yam, peeled and cut into small pieces, soaked wolfberry。 Glutinous rice and rice each half, add water washed porridge, after seven mature into the pot and cook until cooked yam together, to join wolfberry。 Efficacy: spleen and kidney, Yifei Gujing。
Phlegm physical。