Find a wall

If water wrote an article to participate in the ” Red Apricot Spring Festival” draft, it was a very learned piece and was praised as an expert on red apricots.. What he meant was that the wall of red apricots does not lie in red apricots, but in the wall.   You also don’t say that I really looked for the wall that day at the apricot blossom festival on the banks of the Qingliang River in Mianchi..   My imagination is that of clay. With grass roots in it, it is taller than mine. I can’t see the people or things in the yard unless I rush up hard or pad a few half bricks under my feet.. I can only hear the sound of chickens clicking and laying eggs, old yellow dogs barking and old women calling for their daughters to eat … ah, actually, I could have imagined it as a brick wall. It’s glazed tile. However, in that case, I would have to imagine the caves and earthen houses inside into quadrangles, or even into and out of the quadrangles, and use that person’s words to call the courtyard how deep it is.   The old woman’s daughter is not a lively, simple and lovely village girl – she should be sad, weak and even have a cough.   I’m actually choosing what kind of apricot tree.   In fact, it is not an apricot tree. What kind of apricot flower is it.   This is important. Because it determines how I will go up the wall.   I am a casual, mediocre and idle person. All seasons are wandering. In his early years, he climbed over jujube trees, persimmon trees, hawthorn trees and tangli trees, often with scars on his hands, arms, belly and crotch.. Moreover, because the earth wall is not high, the grass grows long, and there are gullies in it, it is easy to climb up. Even if I accidentally fell down and patted the dust, my ass would only hurt for a few days at most..   If it were brick walls, it would be much more trouble. I have to think of ladders, midnight, dinking, masked faces, soft work, darts … Ah, my dress has changed, my jacket has become a blue shirt, and I have to fool a hat on my bald head … Ah, in fact, I didn’t see any wall that day..   The apricot tree grows on the furrow, furrow and knoll. The apricot blossom is the prosperity and splendor of a tree.   To my surprise, there is a narrow cement path under the tree, bent like a folk song, and we hum and join a small river called Liangliang River..   The river is cool and clear, and the river is rippling with apricot flowers, floating with apricot flowers and smelling of apricot flowers.. The edge was covered with duckweed. In the book of songs in the regulations of juniper.   Poetry says: jagged juniper, flowing left and right … ah jagged juniper. I picked it from left to right … ah, jagged cabbage, and left to right … ah, so I bent down to pick a handful, smell it, and chew it in my mouth.. Don’t say, it really smells like my fair lady. Just, what I can’t tell you here is that at that time, I also felt a little sleepy at the same time..   It doesn’t feel much better than looking for a wall.