Flowers everywhere

I said, spring flowers bloom is a lie. Xiao Hui said, why. I said, I am now in Daxing ‘anling, standing on the steps of Wulanhaote in Wangye Temple, looking out at the small town, where the spring breeze blows, the spring is warm, the flowers are not blooming, but it is snowing heavily.. Xiao Hui replied that snowflakes are also flowers.     I have known Xiao Hui for several months. It was a villagers’ party convened by Huai Guang. Xiao Hui is a professor who teaches Russian in the university and has been teaching for 24 years.. It used to be a county seat, but now in a city, it is a real small hometown. Speaking of villagers, when I think of the land, I feel a little more cordial and affectionate.. Looking at the same hairstyle standing in new york’s’ Statue of Liberty’, deep eyes behind a pair of glasses, elegant and quiet demeanor, a look is a delicate woman. She doesn’t drink and eats very little. Maybe women do. She is silent for a long time, only singing a Russian song to attend the night outside Moscow. ” Ah,” the garden was quiet in the middle of the night, only the wind was gently .. ‘ Implicit, beautiful songs, beautiful spin, let a person aftertaste. She also like a song, quietly sitting where, like a flower bursts open.     Xiao Hui and I had a short conversation, which was still warm and warm.. She said that after all these years, it is late autumn and quiet inside. Said this, does not look self – pity. Xiao Hui is a child who has lived in the countryside. She once thought about pulling up the bellows in the kitchen to help her mother cook. She remembered her mother when she thought of pulling up the bellows. The push-and-pull action is not only a symphony of Tianlun, but also a memory of a good childhood.. In 1985, she was admitted to the Foreign Languages Department of Liaoning Normal University with excellent results. That was the ” son of heaven” of that era. For that time, it was the ” angel” woman.. Dalian is a coastal city and an open tourist city, which is a unique and good environment. In the days of studying in Dalian, she studied hard, never idled and did not waste her time in love. When she was a sophomore, she began to work as a tutor, not only training her spoken foreign language ability, but also earning living expenses, so she did not have to spend money at home.. Learning is a kind of accumulation, temperament needs to be cultivated. Women also need to practice. She always said that. Dalian is a beautiful place, Xiao Hui dare to rival Dalian girls, dare to look up to the beautiful female mounted police . Ah, after four years, the ocean climate is warm, and the rest of learning has also completed a beauty of temperament..     Xiao Hui graduated with the first place in the class in 1989. She didn’t want to come to the city. At that time, it was the reform and opening-up policy, and there were many opportunities. There was a need for translation everywhere. Foreign diplomatic companies all had places. However, the day did not suit people’s wishes. Due to the influence of the 1989 academic boom, it was not fashionable at that time where students came from and went back. Sadness was her mood at that time. However, students from Peking University and Tsinghua also returned that year, and her heart was much calmed. This is fate, isn’t it. I was a little surprised, and she said, life is not what she can imagine.     Xiao Hui was assigned to a college in the city with agriculture and animal husbandry as its main subject and entered the Russian teaching and research section.. I know that she is not attracted by the teacher’s words of’ farming and animal husbandry’ and’ eating dumplings’, but also has nothing to do with’ farming and animal husbandry’ and’ running for a well-off life, and her requirements are not so low in themselves.. She still came, and her university teachers were not busy, not too busy for social science teachers, and not too many courses.. Idle to nothing also stuffy panic, and home is thousands of miles away. Wearing high-heeled shoes and a pair of small glasses every day, she looks alone and lonely. The only thing she can’t forget is the large sunshine in front of her dormitory building, which illuminates the garden in front of her door, is bright and gorgeous, and gives off a lasting fragrance.. Several colleagues in the teaching and research section are very concerned about her. You are too old to be small. It’s time to find someone to make a home.. At first, Xiao Hui was in the’ northern pearl’ and’ Dalian’s haughty atmosphere, and the infected sophora flower had not faded away yet and his head was lifted up high. When people say more, they also have thoughts. She said that she had met a total of 12 and finally found her current husband. She said that it is ok to look at people’s faces, be good in character and get along well with each other, so she married herself.. Married a teacher from the archives of another college. Fortunately, she is a colleague.. After meeting several times and watching several movies, she herself did not think that people who learn foreign languages, especially Russian, should be very romantic under the influence of western culture, but she was not romantic, but was puzzled by the sandstorm that often happens in this city..     Married, but she is still unwilling. She still wants to leave the city, or escape from it, because all her classmates have gone out of their original places to develop in big cities such as Beijing, Dalian and Harbin, where people who can speak Russian are needed, and besides, she is an outstanding person.. She wanted to take an examination of graduate students, but she signed up for the examination and was pregnant. The lover also won’t let go, and as a woman, she doesn’t want to lose the child, and she doesn’t go either.. Later, the lover told her that he was also afraid of her leaving and that he would not come back if he left.. Whether it is fate or man – made, there is no need to investigate. There is no need to judge whether it is good or bad.     So be a teacher and live a good life. But the opportunity came again. Lecture at Russia’s Buryat Agricultural University. Because there are only three teachers in the teaching and research section, both of them have gone. Because she is only a lecturer and the title is not qualified enough, this opportunity for further study must be seized. At that time, the child was only over one year old, but this time the family is very supportive.. She looked for the director, and after running, she took a lot of care and let her go in the department.. In one year’s lecture, she found the feeling of Russian culture she followed, and let her find a trace of dream.Meeting and parting was once a common thing in the world. I don’t know if her smile can still be as clear and clear as that in the Russian city, and if she breathes with her heart once, she can shake off the impetuosity of her heart and bring out a trace of miss from her heart..     As soon as Xiao Hui set foot on the road of returning home, he returned to the city where he lived and to his home, his once – brilliant heart returned again. Women are easy to satisfy, and for Xiao Hui, they are also easy to satisfy. What they satisfy is like a pool of clear water.. Watching children, teaching classes and doing housework became the trilogy of her life. Now the family has it, the children have it, and the heart is still. She said it was good to be a teacher. After teaching the students, she became a favorite teacher of the students. When those students who have achieved success in their studies give her good news, she will feel a sense of accomplishment, as if she had seen herself in those days and her dream is extending.. When teachers have time to raise children again. Daughter not only learned dance, art, taekwondo, but now piano. Two days ago, I asked her what she was doing. She said, find someone to tune the piano for her daughter. She was bitter and embarrassed when she was a child. Unfortunately, she didn’t cultivate herself as a’ fair girl’, she understood that girls should have’ elegant girl’, cultivate elegant’ princess’, don’t have’ rich girl’ and build extravagant’ woman man’. When it comes to her daughter, her face becomes soft, her eyes become bright, and a happy expression floats. She said wryly that I have now become a’ otaku’ except for doing housework and reading books. Now that the college has changed to a university, she has also become an associate professor.. The teaching and research section is still the teachers and the courses are still the classes. I don’t know how she cooks. She hasn’t tasted it. I just recorded my findings, thoughts and daily life on her WeChat and filled it with animations and flower patterns. This is a woman who yearns for a better life.   The splendor and fragility built up by money and fame cannot be relied on. Once tilted, you can no longer find yourself. Because there is no solid self in this. I know Xiao Hui thinks the same way. Otherwise, recently, she changed her’ otaku’ attitude and was going to declare a social science project, ready to take a walk in Lenin’s hometown and the city of Ulyanovsk, where Lenin’s outstanding life has laid a solid foundation.. I often think of this place, sinbeesk . Lenin never had a chance to come back after he left his hometown in June 1887, but he often recalls the good times he spent here.. I haven’t studied these, but I don’t know what she is looking for. She said, I want to travel to the world, but this is an unfulfilled wish. Say that finish, face is very quiet.     I have always felt the morbid state of city life, and the subject area is a huge concept black hole being created.. What kind of attitude and attitude should people live with. She said, I am a person in the social science field. Although life is simple, I can meet my inner needs.. Such a life must require love. She said in the fable about King Arthur’s capture, what a woman wants, that love is the feeling that one life likes another life, is an equal relationship, is unconditional, is accepted as a whole, and is to be accepted by the other. To be a good parent, one must master three magic weapons – understanding, respect and trust.. Is a kind of expectation, is a kind of call.   She has lost a lot of things. Although the city she is in is not as beautiful as Dalian, she is sure to find some momentary beauty.. As Xiao Hui WeChat said,’ As long as you walk simply and simply, it is also a beautiful way to live. To learn to be lonely, noise is the appearance of the world, and loneliness is its soul. Learn to forget, memory will eventually die and reality will continue. To learn to be independent and accompany you to the end, only your own soul can not leave.. No matter who lives, they come and go by accident, as long as they give themselves a kind of quiet talk, give themselves a little freedom and let themselves from time to time’ curtilage’ for a while.. Just like this spring breeze, it is cold and warm, causing some melancholy, confusion and sadness, but also smelling the taste of soil, grass, warmth and sweetness.. Spring is warm, flowers can’t be found here, but they can be found there, just as Xiao Hui’s famous WeChat flower is found in’ Great River North and South’, which is a beautiful scenery.!