I am a grass rolling in the world of mortals. I may not stand up to the sky or call the wind and rain, but my eyes looking at the sea of clouds will definitely leap over the sky and shine with the sun and moon.. Life, I don’t ask for splendor; As long as I live, I am simple, relaxed and ordinary. If the fate of this life is fixed, I would like to light your heart lamp with a sincere switch.. No matter how the fire burns me, I look in your eyes, but it is always blazing. I am not whose flower, I only love to be me. I want to enjoy the colorful color brought to me and share that surprise, which requires me to constantly read myself, enrich myself and surpass myself.. Life is always changing like a cloud, which also adds some color to our life. I spent all my youth, but I couldn’t walk out of the long rainy season, singing all the way, looking back all the way, remembering all the time and shedding tears. He turned his heart into a dewdrop, perched on the broad leaves of his dream, fell asleep, and woke me up gently in the morning light of the whole life. So, in this life, can you allow me to settle the dust, return my heart to the moon, be gentle like jade, clear eyes, just like ying ying when I first saw it. When you met me, I was already a person who changed one heart into half a heart to live, but expanded it into two hearts to grieve. I’m afraid I’ll lose my whole life before this youth is over. Wandering is not my pursuit; The uncertainty is not my hope. I once yearned for the ideal, I once sentimental about youth, I also wasted youth, I also squandered the ideal, the only constant you are the eternal hope in my heart!     I don’t have much desire; For the powerful, interests; I don’t care; I only need one emotion; Sincere; Alcohol concentration; Need that kind of simple sincerity; Happy and relaxed; There is also that kind of warmth in which the heart and the heart dissolve; I don’t need you to discuss what I do behind my back. I just want to live my own life. I don’t need to cater to you everywhere. I will have my own world, my own character and my own principles. I don’t want to pretend to be natural and unrestrained, just want to live in reality, just like a free wind, walking lightly in time is neither flaunting nor explaining. I don’t need any camouflage appearance as my fresh or beautiful symbol. I don’t need anyone to tell me whether everything is good or bad. I have my own ability of choice and judgment.. I like nature, just like the lost past, no matter the flowers or the thistles pass by, people will always be infected with inexplicable lovesickness.. I suddenly found myself so fragile, when can I be free and not trapped by all the desires in the world? Can I really live the kind of happy life I have always expected in my heart?. Looking at what happened to me, I felt that day was getting farther and farther away from me. I can only be a tree of my own. My growth ring will be engraved with my own growth trace. My trunk will show the ups and downs I have experienced, and my head will dance with the spring, summer, autumn and winter that only belongs to me.. I cherish my difference. It is my eternal pride. At least I let me know that I am different. I am unique. I am just a typical example of myself..     I don’t think people become more and more tolerant when their minds are mature, and everything is acceptable. If I was asked what I wanted to throw away most, I would say it was time. I want it to disappear. I want to lose the fear and confusion of the unknown caused by it. Want it to stop pestering me to grow old, hate it and not give people the chance to regret it. Therefore, I cherish everything I have now in every second of fighting with it. I know I can’t compete with it, but I will still keep the dribs and drabs I hold in my hands for a long time.. Life is like a train, there will always be all kinds of people going up and down on the train, and I may also meet many people who are predestined. When I get off the train, I should still remember the way home once I turn around.. I am an anonymous flower in your life. I have opened it for you, leaving the fragrance I gave you, and then I quietly thanked you.. I sent away the desolation of winter, welcomed the fragrance of spring, filled the garden with green, felt myself, and thought more about the fragrance of snow lotus! I long for pure love. One person’s smile is printed in the eyes of both, and one tear is tasted by two hearts.. I want to travel with you one day. Go to places you haven’t been to, no luggage, no backpacks, no computers, no cell phones, and stop at one place.. The best thing in my heart is to stay on the road with you, catch the last meteor, sit on the top of the highest mountain, listen to music, talk about movies, eat anything, whatever it is.. I may be the lotus seed that you left behind for 5,000 years. I will wait for you for 10,000 years in Sansheng Stone only for your careless promise.. I am your umbrella in the rain. I will not let your body and mind wet, and I will quietly hide when the rain stops. I value my difference, it is my priceless wealth. As far as I am concerned, that is my growth, that is my memory, and that is something I need to experience slowly in my life.     I hope to be pure, transparent, free and easy and free like white clouds. I think, with you, I will burn up my youth again. For you, I’d rather have two lines of tears. With you, I will wander about my ideal again. For you, I am willing to taste the sadness of loneliness.. In the sky of my life, there are countless white clouds of friendship. I don’t want clouds to turn into rain, clouds to blind the sun, or white clouds to produce any miracle. I just want to see a few white clouds often to let me know that friendship still exists in the world.. I am a small house in the boundless sky. I know that I am not gorgeous or buzzing, but I must be the nearest paradise to you.. Food, beautiful clothes and luxury goods can be bought in shops, but I can relax your mood here. As long as you walk into my cabin, I will greet you with a sincere heart. Jealous because I like you, angry because I care about you, stunned because I miss you, sad because I don’t want to lose you. Will you not be moved until I leave? I don’t need anyone to tell me what I should do. I can arrange my life at this age.. If it really comes to that day, I still hope that you will feel a little sad, a little lost, a little miss me, as long as you have a little memory about me, really just a little bit.The mountain does not explain its height, but stands up in the clouds. The sea doesn’t explain its depth, so it can accommodate all rivers. The earth does not explain its own thickness, so it carries all things. The sky does not explain its width, so the flying eagle circles.     The big tree has the towering figure of the big tree and the grass has the unique flavor of the grass.. Some people say that if a person likes nostalgia too much, either he is old or he is not living well now, I am not old yet.. I want to spend a lot of time doing what I want in a world with lakes, weeping willows, lights and music.. But such a life is always lost when a person is quiet. I used to feel sad and miserable about my loss. Who’s pale and my waiting satirizes my persistence. I stood helplessly in one corner of the world, watching the sunrise and sunset. Life was originally a clear water, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy are the flavours people add to the water themselves.. Happiness is to live a light life like water. When I crossed the mountain stream that day, I was not old, and you were still. For me, some things deserve only memories. Some people can only be passers-by in my life.. I don’t need any radical words as a javelin that I can articulate. Most of the time, some people may hate me for no apparent reason, but what about it? I still have my own happiness. I am still me. I like people who are deeply grateful and travel alone. I know to thank my parents, but I don’t follow blindly. Know thank heaven and earth; but not narcissistic; I know thank friends, but I don’t rely on them. I know to thank every seed and every breeze, and I also know to get up early to sow and guard against the wind.     I am a songbird drunk in Tang and Song poetry. I walked in the misty rain of the song dynasty under the paper umbrella of the Tang dynasty.. I washed the red flower just to wait in the rain lane where you passed. I am the sunflower for you only in this life.. I would like to get drunk once a day, not by drinking to worry about or to cheer up, just because of curiosity, I want to stimulate my numb self and experience the feeling of being in a state of insanity.. Then have a good sleep, wake up the next day and tell yourself that a new day has begun. I’m a bit like fighting poison with poison and killing it to death. It’s a pity that there’s always not enough courage to try on many excuses. In fact, what’s the point of being presumptuous when you’re young? I always do, always easy to be moved by the past. When the undercurrent surges in my heart, I feel happy and sad. Yes, I hope I can write words with hardness and strength to record those stories in my life that make me laugh and cry and move me to meditate, but my words are always not dignified enough and always immersed in some small emotions and feelings.. Although it has long been known that everyone’s happiness should be fulfilled by himself, others should also be tolerant of himself. I think people’s life is like a flood, without encountering islands and reefs, it is difficult to stir up beautiful waves.. Suffering from the ups and downs of life will really sharpen the splendor of life. I know how to cherish my life.. In the process of survival, it is inevitable that there will be ups and downs, failure and suffering, which requires us to read with wisdom, heart and heart, and to influence with my sincere heart, so that even such a big problem can be solved..