In the rain

On the afternoon of early autumn, I suddenly received a mass message from the meteorological station that a yellow warning of thunder and lightning will be issued. As the convective cloud cluster moves eastward, strong thunder and lightning, short-term heavy rainfall and other severe convective weather will occur in our city..     It was discovered that the air seemed unusually hot and oppressive. I was in the office, holding a cup of tea, drinking tea slowly and looking at the cloud clouds settling down at the window. The room was suddenly a little dark, lighting the indoor lights and gazing out of the window again. Suddenly, my mood was a little worried..     I can’t remember how long I haven’t been in such a mood. I sit indoors waiting for the rain to stop, or call my friends and relatives to drive to see me off, as if it was the last century’s time to rush in the rain..     I came by bike. Do I still go back by bike?? I asked myself.     He finally gave up the idea of riding, picked up his umbrella, closed the door and took to the streets.. Before the rain started, the wind had already arrived. The raging wind had no intention of raising dust, but it blew heavy dust into the eyes. It could not help but half squint. Two white plastic bags were gradually coming from the air. Thunder rumbled in the distance and a flash of lightning seemed to tear the weather apart..     I finally arrived at the station before the rain came down. I saw the’ No. 28′ shining characters on the roof of the car, walking slowly along with the bus. Before I could get on the bus, the rain suddenly came, and the bean – sized raindrops rattled on the car body, while the raindrops gathered into rain marks on the car window, gradually rounded up and bigger, sliding down in groups, and gradually blurring the whole window when encountering warm air inside the car..     I painted all kinds of patterns on the window aimlessly, and the wet marks formed after the moisture gradually merged into small drops of water and slid down like crying girls. Under the wet marks, the pedestrians outside the car were blurred. Only to see a few figures darting out of the window, the girl in the thin unlined upper garment tightly holding the boy riding a bike, the rain drenched the back of the two men’s clothes.     The wind outside the car is stronger and the trees are swaying more and more. It seems that someone is pulling its branches and leaves and bending it hard.. The tree obeys the wind, lowers its shape, rebounds when the treatment wind is slightly reduced, and restores its original shape. The tree in the wind and rain deduces the principle of living with softness when it meets strength..     The grass under the tree seems to be attending a feast, swinging its grass skirt and greedily sucking rain beads dripping from the cracks of the leaves.. Yes, grass and so on, life should be more like this, that is, if there is no sunshine, then we should face the wind and rain, quietly live without attention, and bow our heads and sigh is just the flower character of the greenhouse.     A speeding vehicle hit up the accumulated water on the road. A wang of water poured over the grass on the side of the road. The windscreen wiper frantically shaved the rain water attached to the glass. The rain fog on the front can only give out a few meters of light, while a few meters away is a vast expanse of white patches of rain fog..     After the rain hits the ground, it splashes up quickly, like if the corolla is scattered and separated, and then falls quietly. When it falls, it meets the next wave of rain and fog. If the flowers are blooming, it is really beautiful..     Looking at the rain outside the window, my heart suddenly quieted down, and there seemed to be an old song that was old-fashioned more than 20 years ago in my ears. An old man growled in a low voice: Let life wait, wait for the next drift, let life wait, wait for the next wound … Ah, the song rang in my ears repeatedly and repeatedly.. Yes, life did not wait again and again, such as this rain, such as this wind, such as this journey.     When I got to the station, held up my umbrella and walked out of the bus, the wind and rain did not weaken at all, but I experienced all the wind and rain and all the dust in my heart in this unconsciousness.. He walked against the wind, his clothes were getting wet, and he eventually arrived at home.     When I came home, jiing lui quipped, ” dad, you are wet, too. it was windy and rainy just now, and the wind shook the trees. did the trees dance in the wind?”. I don’t know if the house is still stormy outside. For her, it’s a wind blowing on the tree, a tree dancing on the wind, a scenery, and a philosophical problem for me.!