10 things often do this on the micro letter, your network of contacts to talk sooner or later to be bad nine

10 things to do this often, your network of contacts in the micro-letter sooner or later to be bad micro-channel chat across multiple age groups had become a major communication tool in the workplace also assumed an increasing role.But many people’s impression of micro-letter still remain in the context of two people chatting.In the current popularity of micro-channel workplace, do not let your thinking is still stuck in the era of private chat, problems that arise, or even disastrous.The writer is a columnist for the fat cats LinkedIn LinkedIn capital markets lawyer, know almost famous author.10 things to do this often, your network of contacts to talk sooner or later to be bad in the micro-micro letter Here is the letter of 10 taboo in the workplace.1, naively thought that two people chat screenshot function for most people today already a consummate skill.A person with acetic someone to talk to an explosive topic, B screen shot and send it immediately?Someone, C excited proliferation.This process is so widespread and everywhere, has caused endless trouble and troubles in our relationships.Throughout the process, A and B are less cautious.A leak is acetic dialogue in?The spread is equal widely advertised, may be linked to brain damage circle of friends, the sun may also be busybodies to the public forum.These ones?They actually did not keep his promise not spread, the spread of C may allow someone who wants to please the armor will be passed directly back to the screenshots armor himself, inadvertently forged a relationship with B on the deep gulf.If A and B are related to the chat comment on d, and even more trouble.Today any talk behind people in the chat, will eventually be placed in front of the party d.We have entered an era of no privacy, all written records must be mentally prepared to be the world’s scrutiny.In the workplace, if the dissemination of confidential information belonging to the content, or you do not want others to know there is a certain chat, it is recommended to call the other phone.(Rather than a landline, especially for some financial institutions practitioners, landline automatic recording is the regulatory body mandated) the probability of the phone is recorded will have to be much smaller.Most people do not phone call recording function, if any, may not be able to open in time.2, that everyone likes to use voice communication micro-channel voice is really a big waste of time magic, but because of the convenience smoothly, more and more lazy with love.In fact, the text is already the most efficient way of expression.Given the same content, the speech will not add any additional information, but rather will be a lot of nonsense and speaking incoherently.Coupled with some accent, hiccups, Metro Station, stammered something about interference from time to time to read the information, communication and efficiency but was dragged down.Those easily four or five ten-second voice attached to a few over, you have to stop and hand things and listening to music, listening to from beginning to end before we know how it is.Coushang if the ear is not fast enough, will become a hands-free, ten-mile radius have heard.By the way, which can not be broken, a broken would be great, done again.Originally text glance 0.5 seconds understand things abruptly dragged into five minutes, if the wheel back and forth a dozen also allows people to do other things?Typing process itself is organize your thoughts, expression of the optimization process.Accustomed to using the voice of people, give people a only care about their own convenience, rather than facilitate impression to others.Encountered narrow-minded, motivated people like malicious speculation, but will think you fear screenshots dialogue, be prepared for him.3, free to pull people to the group of micro letter I asked many people, including me, in fact, that some particularly nasty and simply allow unfamiliar people did not go through, nor informed in advance, put himself added a micro-channel group.Many people overlook the importance of micro-channel group this thing, in fact, micro-channel group in addition to our circle of friends, with a specific target object second public connection, its every move can become familiar with and they do not judge people based on their own.Free to pull people into the group, equivalent to a put on stage the other person being examined, then it is not good to speak, do not say is not good, so that is pulled by a very difficult position.In addition, some available resources holders (dignitary beauty), was originally inquire every day thinking about, free to pull people into the group, equal to the other side exposed to the risk of personal harassment micro-channel leakage, very ill-advised.Lack of emotional intelligence, but also that pull people into the group is to provide value to each other, but I do not know brings risks and problems.Lack of emotional intelligence group, you would think someone in a group where, it creates a subtle connection, I feel myself and the other in a circle, and even to micro-letter name, come out the other side respond to their own @.But I do not know, the reason why a lot of people have phone phobia, but not afraid of text messaging, it is because the same thing, the former means unknown, risk and speed, which means adjustments to adapt to and [email protected] Often respond to others, it is virtually caught up to the other obligations within the group always pay attention to the message, and this is just wishful thinking in the group of activists Bale.4, in the right?Do you have time?You can look at the trouble it?People ask this question, it is very annoying.Workplace micro-channel using efficient and rapid that the essence.But only if something happens to me clearly say in it but not below, is an information asymmetry, shall bear the risk of unequal in his victims, this is a very unpleasant thing.Those requests, likely to be asked are concerned, this is a can not take the task, may sacrifice his rest time, he may need to force the pro-complete, however, that this method of questioning, are tantamount to pressure the ball, kicked the other foot.If the person is meaningless strike up a conversation, people point to go see the reply must bear the risk of his unknown requirements, in terms of his victims is a psychological pressure.This is no amount of information, communication and beat around the bush, is an obsession on the other side.If you respond to him, then he must bear the following information unknown risks you have to say.This is efficiency-oriented era, others are not your father and mother, not your suitor, not your girlfriends, no one is willing to listen and you spend a second crap.Why do I want, just like other people to explain clearly the first sentence, the other side you choose whether to respond.If you wanted to talk to, then do not ask once, indicating that people chose not to pay for your time or labor.5, that can put this screenshot as evidence the use of micro-channel in their work, the case involves money exchanges and protocol arrangements will emerge, many people think that screenshot you can put this on record, but it is not.Only a micro-channel screenshots, we can not prove that the picture itself is a screen shot from directly from the phone, not the software generates; can not prove that the text has not been cut tampered with; but can not prove that the object is not a dialogue with the same nickname and head fakes.For this reason I have a question specifically mentioned, to be able to demonstrate how a micro-channel chat screenshots of authenticity?According to discuss the findings of users, technical school that the penguin is theoretically possible to cover each micro-channel digital signature of a PKI, no private person can not forge a digital signature.But others believe, penguins itself does not have to be notarized qualification, can only issue the relevant evidence as a witness.For now, we have not yet heard of penguins in this business, so I can not rely on the penguin to verify.More feasible option is to let the notary office can issue electronic preservation of evidence to prove.However, due to micro-channel can delete a part of the conversation itself, so that the other party notary public can only say some words, but can not prove full conversation, it is limited probative force.Especially if it involves a large amount of money or matter, according to the views of the industry, even a timely manner so that the public security authorities issued a lawyer or apply for forensic extraction of fixed conducted to preserve evidence.Just by their own cell phone screen shots that point, is not enough.As shown in Figure 6, the circle of friends reprint position too fresh point of view in general, more sensitive, one political topic, and second judgment values.Many people are not aware of such controversial topics.Some places will naturally be left, right, reprint some very emotional, extreme positions are too bright and even online article, which is a definite stand behavior, their views either supported or being black heart Limomola.Whether fifty cents cents, or Republic of China Ming powder clear powder pink, are there a lot of supporters and fierce opponents.Clearly for or against a particular political views or values in a particular micro-channel circle of friends, from the perspective of all interpersonal business suicide.If you can not understand the truth of which belongs to the operating rules for surviving in the social network of cognitive impairment.7, frequently reproduced information vulgar low IQ circle of friends, we feel a friend vulgar or brain damage, more often than not people say that there is a problem in itself, but rather the dissemination of the information he shared, by the information and then contrasting the people.Micro letter should be used in caution in the workplace, it is a kind of self-expression desire for restraint concessions and compromises.Especially when after Azeri circle of friends began to multiply, disseminate information not specific audiences turned from a particular individual’s friends, the situation will become more complex.Issue as a point of information, circle of friends made things already reflect your own understanding for different information, attitude standpoint, preferences and other fun.These things are fragments of the circle of friends of all friends to build your impression.When sending something similar to turn the fortune, transport circle of friends, the content will not turn how how, with this curse, superstitious nature of the information will be regarded as spam circle of friends.If this information appears frequently in your circle of friends timeline, it causes psychological stress and discomfort, it is easy to feel that you are not spam screening, faith listen to the people, over time you are in the hearts of friends Therefore no intention impression will be greatly reduced.In fact, the more the person of bad taste more committed to the dissemination.Because there is a sense of basic physiological needs, hungry and thirsty on the same.Some people in life are not long-term sense of presence, with a circle of friends had to take pictures, show selfie, baby sun way Zhaobu.If too non-mainstream circle of friends, Gothic, complaining, implying that he hurt feelings refractory, in need of care, more often, and Jiuwei Wenyang Dan will give people with mental disabilities, the feeling is not mature enough, the image is quite unfavorable for the workplace.8, habitual abuse of personalized expression I know many people like to use the personalized expression, now each the group often have such a thing can download and share.But I still want to remind you: not every superiors and customers will really come to appreciate what these bells and whistles.In the workplace, the abuse of expression in the work content in the conversation to communicate can be a very easy to ignore taboos.There are some among young people can understand, seemingly flirting expression, it is extremely taboo in the workplace, micro-channel group, this is because it will make the already serious tasks and there must be a sense of power is weakened.Micro-channel exchange in the workplace, we must take into account the different age groups, different levels of people’s likes and dislikes.Recently a good friend to me and I Tucao secretly had recently popular talk show with a star for the material expression made him very offensive.I heard a little surprised, results of a question the people around them, actually there are a lot of people also said that he was disgusted that these people basically to more than three-year-old straight male dominated management.As for the reason, we should be able to guess.We are not politically correct angle to criticize these people, I can hardly change the entrenched ideas of adults, I just ask, if this person is your boss, this will not affect you dislike?Yes, we all know that the world needs to diversify.But no big deal to solve practical problems, the deficit, or to yourself to bear.9, meaningless noise ratio of signal to noise ratio is too high irrigation micro-channel group is already a serious problem.Group where there is always a group of people every day irrigation.This excessive noise interferes with our screening for important information.Many people may have noticed, there are many groups gradually become less active, every day from the refresh becomes only a few days or reproduced only occasionally do small ads.This group is already dead group.New micro-channel group by default is not saved to the address book, once the group was not readily stored, too lazy to turn back, some people will just create a new one exactly the same, then all new dialogue on the transfer to that group.I have exactly the same whether the array of members of the group.But now the situation is more due to the quality of speech within the group, the quality of the speakers getting out of control, the real core members have to create a new one to rule out other people out of the original group of small group.Over time, those hundreds of people crowd on the left meaningless irrigation, the group became more and more unmanned dead speak.Abuse Good morning, good night, and all too often meaningless but the care and greetings, actually very boring, but because in reality the other side of communication, we have to spend time maintaining the courtesy of a conversation with you.This does not give you greetings of dialogue and relations into any new information, to enhance their relationship in fact no benefit.10, and colleagues, partners, customers deep in conversation with workplace reason why the popularity of micro-channel, because this is a micro-channel platform can help achieve an efficient and expeditious flow of traffic work.But still can not forget the need to borrow your projected micro-channel active, healthy, rigorous work.Especially if the working relationship occurs on the lower level, between Party B, laughing, mouth running train do not fly very easy to give the impression.In addition, due to the lower cost of information expressed, but also to pay attention to the content of caution and secrecy.Because you do not know what is said, will someday become the protagonist accidentally screenshots.Involving state secrets, work secrets, privacy of others, though curious, easily lead to the other side and start a conversation, but more should be careful serious mouth, draw closer for a moment, to consider whether it is worth.In particular, talk to both sides in the lower level or task strength, etc. of poor relations, but also need to consider the other party to accept the time to talk content and tasks, convenience, feedback, not because micro-channel new communication tools as a web chat toy while ignoring elders.After all, not all middle-aged people can understand the meaning of ridicule context, they also do not understand the meaning of the word connotation network.Do not have to share the common denominator of social context, because literally the last stir up misunderstandings are common, I think is the question of the proper meaning.Related Links: