US-Chinese students were bullying death case: Asian Brotherhood was banned for 10 years

Suspect Lin Raymond (Raymond) (Figure Source: Associated Press) local time on January 9 electrical 8th, concern Baruch College in Manhattan, New York Chinese students Deng Junxian Brotherhood members were bullying a new death case progress。 PDP Brotherhood was banned in Pennsylvania for 10 years, and sentenced to a fine of compensation over $ 110,000。
In addition, the four suspects were also sentenced。
Comprehensive US NBC, USA Network and other Chinese media reports, the case in a total of 37 "PiDeltaPsi" (PDP) Brotherhood members have been prosecuted。
Local time on the 8th, the brothers will be banned for 10 years in Pennsylvania, and was sentenced to a maximum fine of more than $ 110,000 compensation。 Prosecutors had hoped to be able to make the Brotherhood was banned for 20 years, but the result was banned for 10 years, he still expressed satisfaction。
In addition to fines and banned outside, PDP Brotherhood also need to issue a written notice within 60 days, inform all those who have provided the nation now has a university or PDP Brotherhood this matter。 Prosecutor Kimberly Mizi Ge said: "I think the judge made a proper trial。 I am not against this ruling。
"Judge Monroe County, Pennsylvania Margarita Worthington then denounced the Brotherhood for many years between tolerate this insidious bullying。
On behalf of the Asian Brotherhood's lawyer Jin Braschi Weiss Nimmo said: "On behalf of the Brotherhood apologize to the family of Deng Junxian。
Deng Junxian things happening to people grief。
"But lawyers believe that the decision would stifle financial Brotherhood, so he would consider an appeal。 In addition, the case of the four suspects appeared in court the same day also, they are king Sheldon (SheldonWong), Charles Lai (CharlesLai), off Kennedy (KennyKwan) and Lin Raymond (Raymond), both from New York City。 These four people have pleaded guilty to manslaughter in May 2017 and sentenced to jail。
Kenny was sentenced to 12 months to 24 months in prison, and Raymond Shelton was sentenced to 10-24 months, Charles, were sentenced to 342 days to 24 months。 This decision, to seek more jail prosecutor called "disappointing"。 Deng Junxian was bullying fatal case occurred in December 9, 2013, before his death he had been blindfolded and carrying a heavy backpack filled with sand, trying to hold under attack in the capture members of the brothers through an icing courtyard。 It is reported that violent part of the ceremony, which is referred to as a "glass ceiling" in。 According to the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains after the local police station, Deng Junxian at least once been called "flying punch shoulder" (fork) tricks Zhuangfei fall to the ground。
Police said in a press release, said Deng Junxian own head injuries, but still continue to participate in activities, until eventually fall unconscious。
Authorities said, after Deng Junxian unconscious, Brotherhood members delayed the time to seek medical rescue。
Earlier reports said police also found that some members tried to hide during the investigation process, including its battered cell phone, photos and other evidence, there are at least 20-30 people do not listen to advice before the police arrived, allowed to leave the scene to investigate work causing trouble。 These people were admitted after questioning, playing the so-called "glass ceiling" for the game he had abused Deng Junxian, and therefore also in the previous attacks, insults and conspiracy crimes prosecutors were accused。 In this regard, the defendant's lawyer said Deng Junxian death is a tragedy, but said the defendant did not try to kill him, but the case will be deemed out of control frat prank。 And Baruch College after the incident also this permanent dissolution of the Brotherhood。
It is reported that, PDP Brotherhood, founded in 1994, it has 25 branches in 11 states, is the Asian American Cultural Alliance。 Congressman Mengzhao Wen brother Mengzhao An (AndyMeng) is one of 37 defendants in the case, he is also a former president of the Brotherhood of Asian。
In November 2017, in which 30 people have pleaded guilty, were all sentenced to 6-36 months, ranging from probation。 According to overseas network reported earlier, the nation's active membership oath least four fraternities have appeared dead in the incident, in which the incident the victim was 19-year-old student in New Jersey Piazza。
February 2017, he was at the University of Pennsylvania BetaThetaPi fraternity initiation rituals, because it was mortally wounded and forced to dangerously drinking, and ultimately death, Piazza involving the death of 26 people face charges。
(Overseas net Zhang Ni) Editor: Lirui Chen, Fei Fan。