A few dollars sticky hooks used in these places, strange little family

A few dollars sticky hooks used in these places, please strange little house above the blue word free subscription!  Before reading this article, you first click on the top of the finger in blue knit very simple to learn and then click on attention, so that you can continue to receive the excellent article for free.Every day Share.Totally free subscription, please rest assured concern.  Online casually can buy 3M sticky hooks, a few dollars to use really big surprise, I’m afraid you just know that it can stick to the wall, hang a thing, as to what is hanging on to how to play it bigger effect, fear is simply not too careful study.Today we take a look at this little thing in the end how to use it to play a greater value!  Such a panel can buy several small sticky hooks, fear is now that you have it at home!It is a small but expert, not only can solve a lot of your storage problems, but also do a lot of incredible task!Help you solve many problems.We say it’s magical, right from under the house a few areas!  {} Stored in the kitchen of the kitchen area, pots and pans how fragmented housing?Cling film, plastic bags, no fixed place and some really time-consuming, not very good finishing, to stick two stick hook, insert the plastic wrap on both sides of the box, you can successfully use the inside of a cupboard door!A good way to save convenient place does not account for the above do not like the way you can also use the following, with as many hooks normal stick, put a stick penetrating plastic wrap, but also easy to solve!Oh, I remember all the doors in!  Pots, shovels, spoons, brushes, etc. These appliances can be hung, hung outside the kitchen looked clean enough, the same way with the doors on the inside, easy to get, and keep the kitchen overall appearance, I believe many people like!  Home rice bucket, storage bucket each time to take the time in to find a spoon, spoon some on the inside are too large to fit such a sticky hooks, attached to the outside of the barrel, so convenient!151417168910243711352925726 many wires on the electrical storage always make you feel good, such a hook, attached to the local electrical inconspicuous, casual storage.  The same is the use of the space inside the door, the lid of the housing is really necessary!  In this way a few doors down estimates are being taken advantage of, clean up the kitchen seems a bit easier, but also more likely to become clean outside, eliminating the need to give yourself a lot of trouble, but also increases the use of kitchen space!  {} Bedroom bedroom accommodating the region, stick hook can play any role?Shaman want to be in the middle of the bedroom, for many people this is a big project and need a lot of want to do a lot to achieve, or pulled several support points fixed to solve the problem, in fact, a few on the roof a sticky hooks can solve problems!  Because children’s room also belongs to the bedroom, so the kids homemade shelves in the bedroom, the children’s paintings show has become so simple, as if to open a mini-exhibition of the same family!  Necklace jewelry storage bad, paste sticky hooks on the inside of the closet door, hang one necklace, good looking, and effective use of space.  At the top of the wardrobe glue hook, hang up the bag curtains did people know, ask people to do outside of your curtains really good, strong two big hooks, plus a pole, as simple as hanging curtains Woke up!Help you save a lot of money oh!  This way you can also try the dresser, paste a few hooks, eyes on such a simple good income, and quite good looking oh!  {} Bathroom toilet housing in this region, can play any role stick hook?Toilet place also will put a lot of things, toilet paper, paper extraction can be used to hang hooks!  The toothbrush is accommodated by a small hook!  Gloves so good storage, and will not misplacing can not find a trash can inside the trash bag will slowly be pulled inside when throwing things, Hook solve this problem, both sides lose the hook, plastic bag hanging on a hook, easy to solve this problem} {living room housed the living room area, sticky hooks can play what role?A variety of wire storage, the living room is a very stressful thing, stick hook seems to be quite a bit to help you solve these problems!  These lines will be hidden behind the table, it is very simple to solve, glue some hooks, easy to solve the middle child in the back dining chairs to get the hook, there is a place to put the rice pocket router so easy to hang on the wall in the door hanging things in the back of good hooks above the door, still with anti-stick, the other side will be the perfect lift!  Computer placed next to the headset how casually the party seems to take a place, the desktop also appears to be chaos, in a drawer, but also accounted for a lot of places, so a hook hanging on the side of the computer screen is not better!  Hooks for storing shoes, is not completely without thought!The high-heeled shoes hanging on the wall, is not it save a lot of place oh!  {Other} storage space, there are many places, sticky hooks can play what role?If you live in the dormitory, when you want to lie in bed watching the video, then maybe you are hit over your iPod, this way certainly can help you solve many problems!  Like hand-man, a lot of ribbons, this treatment is undoubtedly a great way, easy to use!  For the doors not fully closed, may be employed in such a manner!  Such a hook in the car is not a more convenient and help clean the car!  The desk can hang something up, more and more desktop space!