Ancient Town!Dwelling Prachuab US House

Long time no out of Zhongchang, this is not, in the Ancient Town, accompanied by a slow and rhythmic walking quartzite, v. Zhongchang own party have a reason to show Chinese Han characters shine.  Ancient Town Qiannv like a classic through the years, and each time close contact with her own deep feelings seemed estimated to come around 4,5 times, work travel, family travel, or tour group tour, from novelty, plain, then divergent thinking, my transition, really natural, no contamination from the slightest affectation, often Qusi yourself, think about it, almost alone, however, consider Needlessly.  In fact, as Longquanyi create 4A level scenic spot, which the Ancient Town valves magic, often in an indifferent calm, natural fit state of mind, keep the original rustic Zhuo Ya, meaningful improvement in home repair, can be described as originality SSIM, to some extent, to meet the modern yet ancient worship old charm, this is definitely a quiet elegance, is the era moisten foam fresh sunshine.  Whenever I brought together the bustling crowd, foot quartzite, Ming and Qing eye see a typical wooden building houses, the sky overhead cover, face brush breeze flowing, I thought, to our ancestors from distant air time, survive, extended rain delay until the time the shuttle reality, heritage indemnity for a long, rich taste, the daily basic necessities of life, climbing the ridge, sunny mud, rain water one, just how arduous, bizarre ups and downs, good times Fortunately, every now motherland prosperous development and progress, lead to the bridge, convenient transportation, accessible, for a glimpse of the Fang Lai Yung, make tourism the fire burning, it became a tourist attraction, admiring the recreation fairs, health and life extension poetic dwelling US House.  Carry natural and free of impurities appreciate, no doubt, the Ancient really is fantastic, you just watch for a lazy slow life, slow-paced, slow perception, slow.Let Longquan Mountains E Mountain foothills, beautiful scenery, he argued two of the simple goodness, courage and strong, there is no lack in the quiet scenery, bringing bursts of sweetness, honest and generous, then monasteries and among the mountain people who already glimpse on the inside, really worthy of a party paradise, the business has not been affected by the influence of strong, impregnated bone skin, these can really hope to maintain the original, to pay more to carry forward the China Everbright.  Enjoy the charm mobilized considerable can really embrace the views of many, indeed, confusing, superficial, left it in terms of care.Since ancient times, because of past legends, the words Three Kingdoms period, emperor Liu Shan jade belt accidentally fell into the well near the town of anise, which is off the band to fame, and bring a lot of reverie, Ray Zhuo significant, Yang had born intoxicated, indulging in dreams, become Passions and from the regulars here.  Breath-hold your breath, queue head Cunsi.Yes the place where the Ancient Town can be really fascinating, is the year-round subtropical monsoon climate, the annual average temperature of 16-17 ℃, winter cold, summer heat and a pleasant climate, water quality, air reached the national standard, suitable for tourism throughout the year at home, Yi-year pension, to bring the old Boys who dreams, rush, not that he would often go to patronize it because Gorgeous, reluctant to leave.  YongCu Qiongtian, 85% of the town is a paradise Hakka, Hakka said, followed the custom of Hakka.Sunrise, Riruerxi, this ancient town, outside “world first Hakka town” reputation, after a thousand years and is immortal, in “a street alley seven” Millennium streets, shops, tourists ; Jiequ with seven lanes (north alley, Fengyi Lane, Ash Lane, Jiangxi Hall Lane, Chai market Lane, Lane and bran weir manger City Lane) criss-crossing; melting Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan, the four northern Sichuan Hakka Hall Hakka Hakka Museum and Park, which is located, is truly “Hakka town, town hall,” to gather Aspect, play point, Le point, hi point for all those who can pay homage to the amusement of, bring novelty, to create a Heaven opportunity to play in Luodai, fun Luodai, more joy in Luodai.  Not that many people like to travel the stroll, and from here really should be, and to be much act as “delicious mouth”, to a taste of delicious food, it’s “sad jelly” chew something, original, red Yang pepper, bites, kind of spicy ah!Simply penetrate into the heart, people in the future event of chili, will be for the Ancient “sad jelly,” a hurt hurt feelings, heart-breaking, fun will hurt Hello!While others, to choose from, you will not have to recommend their own food.  Ancient Town along the streets, visiting the tour Xi Xi, pleasing, Yaran openly, the sky, the land, the house, the house, and then step on the road quartzite step, step up and step,.Winter sun is soft and moist, warm places, bathed us, happy and fun and go, for this ancient town, Acura aloud, accompanied by all the people will, after sunset, and not really go go go, reluctantly, the tour will come of wandering, endless, such as silk thread.Ancient Town!Mental Agreement party Qionglu!I love the good old days of tourism leisure trip!We will always be with the entire life.