Alive, willing to dream “dead”

I live, willing to dream ‘dead’.He red, his image active on the big screen, a lot of big-time director to throw him an olive branch.However, some of his jealous people mean to say: then red, utility man is dead.He did not mind, he said firmly: I’m alive, willing to dream ‘dead’.He is 42 years old, who lives in Ohio, a former IT engineer.His grandfather was an actor, nurtured by my grandfather, he always had a desire to become an actor.But her parents strongly opposed, they hope that he can enter the Internet industry, the future and live a decent life enough to live comfortably.He had no option but obey the will of the parents, but dreams of stardom has been lurking in a corner of his heart.One day, 9-year-old son and students to discuss the topic of dreams in his home eight years ago.One girl named Britney said that her dream is to do the supermarket owner, sell a lot of good things, they can freely eat your favorite chocolate hazelnut.Then, come up with a few chocolate Britney distributed to students, but also gave him a.Kids just want to eat, Spears says that she now runs a convenience store merchandise, it must pay to eat.He stared, then he bought all the chocolate Britney brought.Needless to say, his heart was greatly shocked: so small children can dream and work, then alleys outside the threshold of a dream.The next day, he submitted his resignation.Colleagues heard that he was going to be an actor, he says he is crazy.He does not care, duty-bound to leave the company.But when he went to the film base and other horses, I heard so many attractive men and women did not perform the play, know the cruel reality: that I’m not handsome, bloated, did not a little competitive.Yes, a full three months, nobody cares about him, and even big help coax extras, when he is not on.Finally, the fourth month, the opportunity to come.That is because, listening to the star when he finished explore the role of attractive men and women who have receded, he firmly stepped forward.Only took it over twice, and he did not hear the director acted in plays, he keeps complimenting talented.He said: When I saw his first play of the corpse, found himself pale, balding hair, bags under the eyes and sagging to make plays almost as real dead body.Yes, he’s dead body screen debut.He discovered their strengths, determined to do the dead specialist.He built a personal website, hope that through this unique show their skills, scouts go digging.This way he really won a lot of marketing opportunities to perform for him, he also dedicated to play.Most people talked about and controversial, there are two performances.On that occasion, he played two hotels victim of a competition sent to another house for dinner, of course, before meals and drinking poison to frame-up.As a result, the director stopped and burst of applause, he was still lying on the table.Subsequently, to the ambulance sped.It turned out that an effort realistic, he prepared the poison and drank it.Thanks to the pre-arranged, the ambulance arrived, the doctor washed his stomach, or else.Another time, he played a Hangman.Director just stopped, motioned him down, a man rushed to give him artificial respiration, for a moment he Huanguo Lai.It turned out he put a rope hanging buckle into Sikou, he will strangle himself.To save his people, he invited doctors.He played for the corpse to take risks, some say he trick, to hype.He said seriously: the death of his live show is the largest of respect for the audience.I played dead body, to experience the true state of the dead, looking for ‘soul’ dead body, what’s wrong?Of course, many people he Shudamuzhi, said he dedicated.Some even give up on his dream of decent work is awe, have in his website message: Your form is dead, the living heart; my heart is dead, alive shape, compared with you, we are like dead bodies, without thinking, no religion, no freedom, do what you want to do, just live happy.A lot of people can not reach that height that you are willing to die for the dream man, by the name Chuck Lamb.Most recently, he was a well-known American film and television in the event organized by the website, access to the most popular actor award.