How to detox the winter to seize 16 prime time point

Many people probably know that the accumulation of toxins cause, detoxification should, but do not know what it is poison in the end; many people have chosen colon hydrotherapy, detoxification medication to, but do not know that it is a serious mistake。 In fact, toxins including various substances detrimental to health, caused by both external environment, there are also produced by the body。
Chinese medicine believes that the body wet, heat, phlegm, fire, food, accumulate into a poison, which the stool toxin is the source of all diseases。
How to detox the winter to seize 16 07:00 prime time point psychological Bath + Body Wash + orange juice detox 7:00 am your immune system is the most powerful, then wake up the next morning allows you to have the best feeling。 However, do not get out of bed immediately after waking up, best to stay in bed five minutes, because to wake up from sleep, your body's biological rhythms at this time undergoing rapid adjustment to increase the secretion of adrenal hormones, body temperature, increased heart rate……If you sit up immediately, will lead to a sudden jump in blood pressure is not conducive to the health system。 Use the time to stay in bed, you can do five minutes of mental bath, think about what to do today, pay attention to what those happy again recall what happened yesterday, let you wake up and have a good mood。
And then get up with a slightly lower temperature of the water bath for 5 minutes, can help your brain and body organs quickly pick ourselves up, so even if you sleep the first night time is very short but also to ensure a morning full of energy。 In addition, remember that a cup of orange juice help detoxify。 Chinese medicine believes that the human body at this time is on duty when the large intestine, add water helps metabolic waste discharge completely gut。 Nutrition experts also stressed that after a night of rest, the body will lack of sugar and water, which will affect your state of mind in the morning, and fresh orange juice can quickly add sugar and water needed by the body within 10 minutes, so you at their best。