All difficulties are to make us stronger

As if in a telephone interview, a reporter asked me a very interesting question: Jet Li, you are smooth sailing all these years, how did you become so powerful it?  The reporter, certainly did not make serious preparations before the interview I.First of all, I have never been smooth sailing, I have a nickname among friends, died a hundred times called survivors.I grew up my father passed away, his family was too poor to join Wushu Team had to rely on meager monthly subsidy to feed the whole family; I was 11 years old for five consecutive times to get the national martial arts champion, 18-year-old took a “Shaolin Temple” overnight. but immediately, the second year I broke my leg, almost become a basket case; until finally “Once Upon a Time” series of movies sold, my agent will again be gangster shot dead, the cause of a slump again, these are not said, 2004 when the tsunami in Indonesia, I almost wives and children lost their lives in different places, when the flood rages in front of you, the kind of inner panic and dismay, how many people faced it?  It is also understood, ask this question of estimates never just get to know me in the movie, I think the movie is those tough guy, great talent, from the spiritual to the body are natural powerful.In fact, I’m just an ordinary person made of flesh and blood, even, I still weaker than a lot of people, there was a time when every day I think of a monk monk.  However, the temple of a monk did not agree with me to do so, because a monk does not fundamentally solve the problem Buddhist practice it also pay attention to WTO!Later, when I went to Hollywood, he wanted me to remember a word: all difficulties are to help themselves become more powerful!  It sounds like what a blessing it.Sure enough, Hollywood, things did not go well, although Taiwan boss Yang Dengkui spent a billion dollars to help me create the image, create opportunities, but arrogant Hollywood and refused to accept my height only 170CM Chinese.I endured until the time in the studio, the director sent the script fell on my face, coldly asked me: Do you understand English, so the script did not understand?  That night, I called the monk who.He said dismissively: Over the years you suffered a lot, but look back and think about it, now that you are strong, you are powerful or past?I surprised a moment, thinking that half of their own experience, indeed, it now appears that the difficulties are not worth a mention, but at the time, then why not forced to own no escape?Visible, difficult indeed made me stronger, at least, so I can not afford growing!  Since then, I no longer afraid of any difficulties, even holding on to the Dilemma welcoming attitude.Friends say I’m crazy magic, but I knew that it was just in trouble practicing their own.  Shooting “hero” of that time, Zhang Ziyi is very subject to criticism, even some people in the crew being isolated in.I saw in her business for themselves: impulse, love and hate, never mind what face can not hide So I told her that from experience, slowly, she reborn from rumors, he began to show a strong Zhang Xiaomei.  This year, I have more ideas for martial arts road, and the audience would like to share this idea, so I asked people to write the movie to promote peace “Tibetan monks in New York.”.Many film companies are very interested to name but a look at the script they all refused to invest, because there is too little martial arts scenes, not commercialized.Where to find investors?The problems are tortured every night I can not sleep, there is no way, I found the famous French director Luc Besson, would like to own their own money shot.After filming, I think 90 minutes before the film was wonderful to behold, but after 30 minutes to fall into the stereotypes of martial arts films, requires the end of the change, others think I’m crazy, suicidal behavior change at the end, will make the box office has plummeted.Luc Besson I was very surprised to be asked: Do you really want to offend all your viewers do?I laughed and said: try it for once.  The fact is that the film has not been shown in public, it was the concern of many film experts and the media, and slowly, as the “Fearless,” the chase again, we began to know: Oh, Jet Li martial arts is not a machine he also have their own ideas; Chinese martial arts in addition to practical, there is also a profound thing ah!  This is my purpose.It is necessary to express themselves, but also to ensure the box office, is indeed a very difficult thing, but I know that there is always trouble in the past, and people experiencing difficulties, has become more optimistic in this process, more power.