All efforts are flowering

All efforts are flowering Wen / Zhou had a child, he had a habit of playing with stones, as long as a free, he went to look for strange stones on the hill or riverside.Just got home, he put himself in the house, to watch over and over again and stroking the stones picked up and listened carefully to their whisper.He felt the stone is a living, their hearts have a secret many people do not know.    For this hobby, his parents did not understand, they can not figure out the world so many fun things, why the child happens to be interested in those cold stone yet?At first, the parents thought he was just a whim, maybe it will not be long before tired, and therefore did not care how.However, year after year passed, his hobby has not changed, seeing the stone at the corner of the yard and piled more, the higher the number, his parents began to worry.After all, parents, school, college is a positive reason, playing stone can play a big future it?So they want to do everything possible to prevent children playing rock, he will retrieve all the stones thrown into the nearby valley, but are also severely scolded him up.However, a few days, he went quietly back those stones back, hidden in a secret place more.He was like possessed the same, no matter how adult education, how stress, he was always enthusiastic to stone.    With age, the color and shape of the stone he has gone much interest, turning to study rock formation, structure, texture, etc..However, due to his lack of professional knowledge, and no related equipment and facilities, so quite a few detours, wasting a lot of time.So, some people laughed at him, said: Come on, you’re just an ordinary person, no matter how hard, can not become a scientist, not as the energy used in other ways.In this regard, he always replied harshly: all right, anyway, I just get a play, I never thought about becoming what home.    Graduated from high school, he did not go to college, she had to go to work for a construction company.His spare time, he still likes to study rocks, also bought a lot of books in this area, gradually, he also played a number of doorways.On one occasion, a co-worker asked him curiously: you play this helpful?I have not seen any money you earn.He replied dismissively: no use, is like, like people dancing, playing mahjong, like.    Work pays off, after years of effort, he can not only instantly recognizable stone produced where, how texture, there are multiple, but also to see what it contains minerals.One year, he went to Burma to travel, to see a group of people are gambling stone, he was immediately attracted to this transaction, and all the money bet up.Regulars Since then, he has become a field of gambling stone, with keen intuition and years of research on the stone, he was almost invincible, soon became a businessman and appreciation of the industry’s biggest names wealthy.    Originally, all as Li Bai said: I’m Born with, daughter cleared up again.Many seemingly useless efforts in the eyes of others, in fact, at the crucial moment, it can often play a huge role, so that your future is bright.