All my heart, both fingertips touched the cold inside

Once you had away from me.Today, only one of my.No kind of love, you need to give up their dignity degrades.And their humble love, might as well choose Single.  The bell rang, the students were told, back to the classroom, just a few minutes to sit down and listen, came the knock on the door, came a boy, the teacher said he was new transfer student, tall and handsome.To me has always been a vacant seat, the teacher let him sit next to me, became my classmate.  Class, and when I went to the playground, surprised to see himself sitting in a chair under a tree, watching his back, there is a sense of sadness.He suddenly turned, saw me looking at him, gave me a polite smile.He must be deeply attracted me, the moment did not react, the school bell had sounded, and he called me soon, school, and we will soon return to the classroom it.Back to the classroom, I asked a little embarrassed at the same table, what is your name ah?My name is Ann little wind.My name is Xiamei Xi Xi Jiuhaola call me!We just made a good friend.  Time off so fast, blink of an eye has been more than a year.Tomorrow is our teacher took our class to go on an outing.I told my classmate Ann little wind, and I have another two good friends, children and Meng Yu Yi.Yi children have feminine and beautiful, is not it really suitors!I really was a little jealous of it.Meng Yu is a simple kind of girl, understanding.We all loved her.  I ordered a small wind, small wind turned the.I gently kissed him, and said, I, like you.Small wind to answer, then please contact us?Hmm, okay.At dawn, we go back, I told little wind, go to school, eat, school, all go together.Many students are envious of us.Small wind was perfect, both academically and looks or talent, are the best.Like small wind a lot of people chasing him too much, but he finally chose me, I’m so happy to be with him.When the small wind came to school the first day I started watching over all his, because that moment into the classroom, I was deeply attracted him.I have not said that I have not expressed his love.Even now, I brave to say, I love you.  We were together for a year, not uttered awkward.Today, I heard a sad news, everyone in that small wind with another woman into a hotel, but I do not believe.I told them that I believe our feelings, he could not with another woman a few days later, even my two good friends have told me that more than once he went to the hotel twice.You are not a fight?No ah.Go, I’ll take you to find him, he will definitely come to the hotel today, so I went with children and Meng Yu Yi went to that hotel.After a while, a man and a woman came in, I could not believe my eyes, even really small wind when my tears fell down, heart hurts.Why did he?why.Do not you love me?I cried and ran back to the bedroom, she went with the two quickly came over, I have been comforted.  I called about a little wind, the door about the hotel.He came, I gave him a slap in the face.Why deceive me?With another woman?Small wind did not speak, Oh, I know, everything I see is true.I can not lie to myself, little wind, we break up, you talk to the woman together.You have fun with a third party, I go when I turned the moment, she tears surging flow out.Small wind hugged me, baby, I’m sorry I’m sorry what’s the use?You did betray my thing, so how do I forgive you?This year I paid the feelings you feel it?Did you know that you do so that my heart really hurts if you love her, you treat her, I bless you.That said, I left the.  Meng Yu to see me back, I saw a haggard look, sad to say, hee, good, everything will be the last of fact, I still have him, but I did not want to upset it every day,.I remind myself not to think about you.  The new year came, really fast, we separated more than a year.You will remember me?A lot of talking, a lot of words I want to say to you.We used to think of happiness together, really happy, but can not go back.I kept thinking there is a disappointing tears streaming down.I found out you left me for a long time, my heart still love you, simply fell in love with you..But you’ve gone, I have not touch.  US-hee, hee how the United States?Meng Yu Yi with children shouted: I saw a small wind Ann.Just finished, Ann small wind knock on the door came in, we were silent, spoke little wind.US-hee us together Well!Oh, that women do?She was dumped you, or do you put her rejection of it?Then come back to me, you think I might be okay with you together?I love you, I waited for you for a year, but you did not come back.Now, I do not love you anymore.I will totally do not love you, you do not understand?You go, I do not want to see you.I’m sorry to say little wind, this year where I had to break up with her, only now come back to you, I really think it over who is my favorite.Impossible, it does not mean I love you I still love you.Please leave now, I have my life, you have your life.He was heartbroken to leave my sight, since then, we have not seen one.This is really the end of my one person can be good to go.  Understand, finally came to understand, shake our love too far, maybe we do come to the stage gluten skin strength from each other, if blindly dedication, we will severely injured, the love is not to occupy, as long as they like happiness, separation will not give up more, is not reluctant to give up anything, but we have to assume their responsibilities, so do not say love is perhaps the best outcome from the start.