All Sunday within three years

In 1903, there was a scholar named Cole reap the limelight in New York Mathematical Society, because he cracked a worldwide problem..    When the results of his people made endless praise when a man raised his voice and said to Cole: Sir, you are the most intelligent people I’ve ever seen!Faced with this praise, Cole just smiled and replied: I am not as wise as you think, I’m just more diligent efforts to nothing more than the average person.You know I crack this problem, how long it took you?The man replied: do a week?Cole smiled and shook his head.    The man then replied: a month’s time it?Cole shook his head still.    Get this answer, that person more surprised: my God ah!You will not spend a year’s time it?Cole calmly replied: Sir, you are wrong, not one year, but within three years all Sunday Kohl’s answer to the presence of all silent.    Harvard professor tells the story let us understand that hard work and insist on the importance of learning.    At Harvard university, a doctoral student may be every three days to go read a thick book, but also to write book reports Jiwan Zi.    If you have the opportunity to stroll through the Harvard campus, at 4:30, when the library will be able to see the lights sparkling, packed.    Harvard student dining room, everyone enjoy the food at the same time, did not fall for my own books, or reading, or taking notes.Similarly, in the Harvard hospitals, the waiting students and no one chat, but look hard at their own books can be said that the Harvard campus, the library moved everywhere, so learning atmosphere, creating a seven US President and 33 Nobel Prize winners is not surprising.    So, I want to tell young friends who want to be successful, we must work harder to believe that only No pain, will have a harvest.Those who achieve excellence, and learning about all the hard work.