All the affection of a father

For a father, the happiest of your life is the most difficult moments, than on her daughter’s wedding, took her hand and walked the red carpet, then cut off like a treasured flesh and blood, as she handed the hands of others on.  Looked at her without looking towards a bright future in determining the.In an instant, burst into tears…  Wedding day coming and going, guests and friends full house.He stood in the hall, noisy around a bit unreal.  Trance, remembered when her daughter was born, and his head of thick black hair, the skin is pink, there is the smell of breast milk.He was a favorite thing to do is to take the hard stubble rub her soft little face, eyes full of joy watching the child to hide to hide.  Home from work, picked up the little girl would like to give high.Arms pick up, put a little thrown into the sky, then firmly caught.She was pleasantly surprised to listen to giggle and laugh.  When she did something wrong, he will be severely scolded.Then secretly watching her cry spend little face, a little distressed…  Two people regularly drill together, whispering together, share some mothers do not know the little secret.  When speaking to her elementary school math, high school to help her repairing bicycles, her staff like high school boys.He has been sweet for her to clean up the mess.  Really want to, so to protect her too.Most give her build a strong castle, to dislodge her fearsome dragon.  However, this little girl Yeah, in the end is when to begin, do not play hello, grown up yet.Like to find work, had an ideal life, a person can take good care of yourself.  After meeting a lot of powerful people, my father, my heart is no longer the all-powerful hero.  The first time I saw her wearing wedding dress, to the United States not party material.But immediately think there will be another man took her hand and took her far away, tears no longer bear it.Really.Fool ah.  Then help Dad look at the whole tie, and then accompany him to dance.Since then, she would marry a woman from another person to protect the.  A father and daughter, but means that two people’s fate is this life constantly watched her back lopsided.She silently back to tell you: do not chase.  Patted her hand, favorite girl, this time, it sent here.  I hope she choose good husband, I hope she never happy, she was happy hope joy.Above, he is a father, all affectionate.