All the love will meet again

19 years old, Luo Wei made a decision that others can not understand, that she decided to become the country’s first non-relatives organ donor, but also changed her life.That was in March 2005, Luo Wei is not intended to be a news attracted ask: Pujiang County farmer Liao Hongxia living with advanced cirrhosis, her husband Zhang Yuanlin willing to cut liver to save his wife to see here, Luo Wei and my heart filled with a burst touched her I decided to go to the hospital to see Liao Hongxia, give her some money to donate.In Liao Hongxia deep helpless eyes, Luo Wei saw her intense longing for students.Out of the hospital, Liao Hongxia daughter Mengxue catch: Thank you to see my mother!Luo Wei leaned over to kiss her on the forehead, the girl cried: Dad’s not good enough for the liver, the doctor said I was too small to make this a sensible child distressed Luo Wei.That night, tossing and turning, the Luo Wei to make a decision: to donate liver to Liao Hongxia.As if to fulfill her kindness, two strangers matching very successful.March 30, 2005, after more than 10 hours, the successful completion of liver transplant.More than 20 days, Luo Wei hospital, because do not want to let Liao Hongxia a stressful, she quietly left.Luo Wei charity is still a lot of people know, good-hearted people across the country have to give her donation.However, the unexpected rumors ensued, it was said she was to be famous, some people say she is a diagram of money to face all sorts of criticism, Luo Wei to make a decision again: the founder of public agencies to help more people.In 2006, Luo Wei set up by young and old is hosted in Sichuan Guangyuan, the 8-million donation cast into.In support of her mother, will be 90,000 yuan own house demolition shall be cast into.Most of the time, accepted by hosting a number of more than 200 children and 50 elderly people.Make them happy, to live decently, Luo Wei feel very happy.The spring of 2007, Luo Wei and his hometown in Sichuan Cangxi set up three children left home.Day in June, she saw a little girl just like the teacher, like, take the children to school.Luo Wei rubbed his eyes, a little can not believe that girl is actually Mengxue.See Luo Wei, Mengxue excitedly rushed over.It turned out that she was going to the doctor Luo Wei’s address, sit 10 hours by car before coming here, I did not expect Luo Wei family moved out early.After making inquiries, she found here.Mengxue from the bag and pulled out a pair of embroidered insoles: This is my mother gave you to do, she would like you!Luo Wei choked, the 13-year-old child for the first time travel, is so brave and steadfast.All summer, here are Mengxue volunteer.It is public welfare go-between, so to find true love Luo Wei.In 2007, the custodian came a volunteer called Chen Bo.Once, two men encounter in the woods Bifengxia criminals robbery, Chen Bo cleverly protection Luo Wei, himself seriously wounded, after treatment in the hospital a few hours before they turned the corner.After waking up, looking at the Luo Wei eyes red from crying, he struggled to smile: That’s three fool thought I was rich, I actually only 80 dollars a bag, going to the movies at night you do!Luo Wei broke down in tears, and she is willing to lay down his life to rescue this person work life.In May 2008, became the hardest hit by the earthquake of Guangyuan, Luo Wei love hosting the razed to the ground, but fortunately no casualties.She took elderly parents, and managed by, the children live together in a big tent.Period, she also took in more than 500 victims from the hardest hit Qingchuan County, and find ways to provide room and board.Disaster, Luo Wei is no strength to hosting the timely reconstruction, the elderly and the children had to be diverted to aid agencies.In the summer of 2008, Mengxue went to Guangyuan, Luo Wei to help deal with the aftermath of the trusteeship, and Bo went to the relief line.In 2009, Luo Wei and Chen Bo married.Marriage, Luo Wei had seriously said Chen Bo: I donated liver, abdominal pain will take a long time, do not know whether affect fertility Bo interrupted her, very sure that: I do not care.Wedding, those who get too Luo Wei of help came from all over to witness and share her happiest moment.In 2010, Luo Wei support of his family and caring people, young and old, hosted the restart Guangyuan.Unexpectedly, partners halfway breach of contract, let Luo Wei nearly 20 million loss.Liabilities also tens of thousands.She did not appeal, peacefully choose to give up, she knew, public long way to go, her strength is limited, can only wait for the time is ripe, choose the number of foundations Cooperation.After that, in order to live, Luo Wei took a job.August 2011, Luo Weihuai pregnant, the company special care of her, arranged for her to go home to rest, with full pay.June 1, 2012, under Luowei Shun Lee birth to a healthy baby girl cute.Children full moon, Mengxue see her, when she had surgery to West China Hospital experts also sent a congratulatory.The doctor told the media: Luo Wei of West China Hospital liver transplant center is the youngest donor, she can safely give birth to a child, sufficient to show that year to donate the liver did not cause much impact on her body.The child’s arrival, Luo Wei, ushered in a new life.Sometimes she would look at the scars on the stomach: a donated liver is left behind, one is left behind when a baby.One old, one new, one is my past, my future is a.Luo Wei said the old scar to commemorate the new year to save duty-bound to scar is now engraved on a wife, a mother.Two scars, the most important of her life on the road two markers.Maybe one day, I will give these kids talk story about ‘the girl”s liver donation story about Meng Xue and Chen Bo, tell a story about the continuation of the tradition of love.Note: May 1, 2007, the state promulgated the “Human Organ Donation and regulations,” the provisions of living organ donors must accept the person’s spouse, lineal descent or collateral blood relatives within three generations, or because the recipient can prove that helping the formation of family relations and other reasons of staff.Luo Wei to donate the liver prior to the introduction of this Ordinance.