All the way have you, spring

17 years old, she missed by one point favorite with the university, parents disappointed look made her feel pain, a friend comforting words made her feel ashamed, even unrelated people’s ridicule will make her angry, young she was thrown off balance and footing, wished he could dig into the ground to give birth to a crack.Afraid to go out, afraid of meeting people, and later, she felt even read the book so many years have named a good university pass the test, which led parents to follow and be ridiculed, it is better to die.    A Mindful of this, could not help the tears streaming down, this class can not stop, tender heart, without any background color and background, that all of life is the university entrance exam.She had turned the diary magnolia scent, that there are full Sentimental Love Lane mind.There are good-looking dress with tassels, it is a high time on, the father took her to a small town only a boutique buy, put on a beautiful dress, also went to the studio for this picture.    Tears dripped onto the picture, she has a lot calmer mood, she wanted to die a lot, all because of the fear of death with too ugly, scared parents to give up, she finally made up his mind, or better sleeping pills.    The next day get up early, put on that band fringed dress, quietly slipped out of the house, go to a nearby drugstore to buy a bottle of valium.After returning home, the parents went to work, she shed tears in front of those pills alone, parents think is not very easy, to keep himself so much, in the end was actually white-haired people who sent hair, and some could not bear to give up.Her parents Xieyi Shu, get stuck, take a towel to wipe tears, put down the sentence afterlife do your daughters, and turned to take up the bottle, pour a lot of shining white pills, just wanted to press his mouth, mother suddenly rushed in, hit a slap pills that flew.Mother speechless with anger, looked at her in tears, half Huanguo Lai, was bitterly poke her forehead, white I hurt you, how do you do so heartless?Without you, we live, what meaning?   She threw a bottle, lying on her mother’s arms, trained, trained, crying, the mother stroking her hair to comfort her, did not make life difficult for the Flaming Mountains, did not go to college what is so amazing?At least you have us.    She wept silently, saying nothing.    21 years old, he was in a hurry to end the first love, die a natural death.The man say love is not love, there is no reason, outrightly turned away.She just felt the world suddenly lost its luster, watched him leave the back threw her heart swell rain, thick pain and sorrow.    Her one by one look at old photos together shot.To see cherry blossoms in spring, when the cherry blossoms as beautiful elves sea, he praised her beautiful than cherry.Ringing in our ears, it is now already have changed.Earth where to where to find a lover like him?Even if there are, but by no means is he, for her, he was the only.She went through tears, not the man, really is apathy, care deeply about where is that person’s shadow, this torture people, really it is better to die.    That day, she packed that she has a new look, too arched eyebrows described, drew lip, lipstick, last picked up the phone and asked him: you really do not love me yet?He was silent for children, but is still very firmly told her, not love.She cried struggle, did you lie to me of all those words you?His tone decisively said that when you really love, now you do not love is true, I just follow my heart to say things.What a dignified man named seven feet, really ringing, talk is not vague.She cried even more, knowing that such an outcome, asked the security of the heart.    Her father secretly took a blade to shave with, you want to cut wrist, the mother’s voice in a different room promptly sounded: girl, you come and help mom wear a pin, mother’s eyes more than is necessary.She scared a shiver, blade fell to the ground, wiped away tears to see his mother, my mother was sewing a child through her clothes, she was puzzled and asked, why this seam?Mother smile to her child through those clothes piece refers to her, this is the time your 3-year-old kindergarten through, pretty bar?A child will know smug, he refused to wear off.This is a 6-year-old elementary school when you wear school uniforms.This is the junior high school uniform when you were 12 years old, which is when the school uniform when you were 15-year-old high school.Sound gradually choked up, raise your age is not easy, every step of your growth and you are my father’s care, so many years, you share with us ups and downs, this house without you, we live, what taste?Have you ever wondered, if you go, your parents grow old day by day in solitude and lonely heartbreak, no one would support a twilight.    She cried, and fell on her mother’s arms, with mosquitoes voice, I was wrong, do not be silly later.Mother’s face relieved smile, that’s right, just a man in the woods of a tree, a tree can not lose to the whole world, romance will make you grow up, even if the world did not, at least you there we.    She cried speechless.    26 years old, she was divorced, leaving a man and a child covered in debt to her.If this changes, her emaciated body and mind, like a thin person falling gently,.Father and mother did not consult her, forced her to move home, to help her look after the children.    During that time, she was in a bad mood, what does not look pleasing to the eye, monstrous temper, timid mother looked at her face, what should carefully asked her.Her daughter went to the pharmacy to buy cold medicine, mother volunteered to go with her; she went to work, the mother struggling to wait outside; she and her friends meet to go shopping, mothers have quietly trailing behind, afraid of the wrong eye between her and silly.    Upon his return, I heard my mother quietly called her friend next door: she was in a bad mood, she spoke a bad attitude, you do not mind, so after this time around, I asked her to apologize to you.Have time to help me comfort, comfort her, you young people can be when it comes together, my old woman, then I fear no one is listening.   Moment, her heart moist, and she knows the mother’s heart, and he is a mother, would not know how a mother’s heart?Mother is afraid of her things too hard, for fear she will weak, do stupid things young and had done so afraid of hard work, and sometimes leave the ground with her.    She walked over and hugged his mother gently from behind, pressed his face to the warmth of his mother’s back and gently shaking: Mom, I’m sorry, I have to worry about letting your.I always like to ask you something, 17 years old, I want to eat sleeping pills, how so clever, then you are just in time to go home?23 years old, you are in another room, as if they had like a clairvoyant, I want to know how wrists?Mother sighed and said: Silly boy, I do not have long clairvoyance, nor so things happen, you are my daughter, I do not know what you want?My eyes are at heart, is to look carefully at your.    Mom, I will not play the fool, at least I still have you, I’ll live more colorful, and worthy of your own.    Mother looked at her, his face a smile gradually blooming.    She and her mother deeply embrace.    She smelled an aroma of love.Love is a taste, kind of like the sun warm and soothing, like the food and the kind of selfless giving, like the kind of intimate and comfortable cotton clothes, like the kind of tolerance and acceptance of nature.Love accompanied all the way, the greatest difficulty will walk.I’m with you, all the way to spring.