All the way to walk through the cherry rain

Flowers bloom, beauty lies in her letter given Han.Touch-filled convention, a wait for waves, so you Dousou, I wonder, that’s extraordinary quality style.    - Inscription originally known cherry, is in the middle school.Lu Xun ‘Fujino, “” Tokyo is nothing more than this, on the wild cherry blossoms of the season, but it also looked like a crimson Qingyun “.Lang Lang’s reading gone with the wind, faint memories still clear.Like a period of only as strike quietly lost love, make you think, and remembered, a long time thinking about.  My language teacher at the high school Luo Zi Ru, she was very young and very beautiful, is my very respected, very admirable type.In my mind, she was always so gentle, so friendly, so wise and rigorous.Her voice sounds Speed slowly, hidden colorful clothing youthful makeup, humorous temperament dignified taste, demonstrating the perfect image of a woman full of knowledge of conservation.  I clearly remember, Luo told us the case when “Fujino”.It was a sunny morning in early summer, that day, she was wearing a red and white floral shirt, a navy blue trousers, seemed more energetic than usual, more beautiful.She was accompanied by the school that frame hanging on the tree Indus old clock bell came into the classroom, she spoke slowly open podium edge of that window, and then began her lessons as usual.  She told us Lu Xun, and Lu Xun’s article, in detail analyzes the “Fujino” this text, including the background, and the central idea of a paragraph to the effect.She introduced the cherry, when the share of exceptionally deliberate and very delicate, depicts vividly portrayed as some gorgeous, so I have wanted to see the cherry blossoms eager Fang- of impulse.  The whole town home is never someone planted cherry, therefore, did not see the cherry blossoms so it is not difficult to understand a thing.Although never looked through the cherry blossom position to spend appearance, although had failed to comprehend the language of flowers of cherry blossom, but that invisible persistent frequency band is already full of imagination I Hongbo’s, more like a movie montage.  Sakura no home, there seems to be so little regret, but the town also has a different kind of tempting her the truth.Rainy gentle, breeze filled the pond, if the sound of small waves of bamboo, Zhu Lei Yingying also rose, the same is that I can not forget the memories.Italian poetry rain YORK town, so thick, thin, thick rain, long and bright cool, moist and cool throughout the town, like whining to tell, like the smell of sweet words always something more to say.  So far the cherry blossoms do, what should look like, when they bloom the joy and melancholy and when wet, but I can not be conceivable.  Man’s search for a pan, a potential agreement, let me have a cherry so many misses.Maybe I’ll be a certain calm and not flat post stop, with a very respectful attitude to waiting, waiting once covered with romantic season belongs to the cherry tree.  High school, I became educated youth to the countryside, in a place called the lake pole.That place is beautiful, so beautiful that we forget the labor Kulei.Lotus Pond where the romantic evening, the lake light waves rippling out of the shadow of one of the primitive nature magnificent, full of lotus lotus lake, the whole theme of beauty Regency.Bursts of fragrance carried by the wind, as an attractant, whether you like it, anyway, they will be glued to haunt you, not restrained, nor modesty, some just tease, only universal emotion.Perhaps also a cherry should be the case, I think it was such a.  Later, I was admitted to the United States school.For a soft spot for cherry blossoms, upon graduation, I chose the cherry soap creative design, in order to do better graduation design, no matter how few, as well as to a feel nostalgic, I copy a lot of floral patterns, of course, include cherry.In the design process, I used the knock-on effects of atmospheric composition and color of the stones, as much as possible the design work to achieve the effect I want.Design completed on schedule, whom I was surprised, the original intention had, you can be so close, closer to your goal, you are close to Hope.  Really see the cherry blossoms, in the spring after many years.My colleagues and the city, the provincial capital Wuhan organizing the National Light Industry Products Exhibition.After the exhibition, the organizing group decided to put us off, let’s have fun a few days in Wuhan.We discuss the positive travel, beauty Xiao Yang, who lives in Wuhan, Nangnang to take us to the Wuhan University campus to see cherry blossoms.The original Wuhan University campus cherry, really dream to find her thousands of Baidu, that actually cherry in this unexpected situation, the good, to Wuhan to see cherry blossoms.  Chen organized group is a funny guy, I saw him get snapping his fingers, his eyes were not Man, the sound seemed lifeless, “Go you go, anyway, I do not go,” Xiao Yang looked confused. ” Why is it, “he spoke slowly ‘where the Japanese cherry species, you also look at’.”Well, well, that’s good Japanese friends gave Premier Zhou” our leader Chen Shi-wen teacher know in intentional mischief, “no matter who control him tomorrow to go or not,” it is so great to see Wu Sakura calm things considered.  The next day I woke up so early, I looked out the window a little put out the light, looked vaguely Oriental Red Cloud, I thought, this should be a rare sunny.In such a rainy season, which sunny day rain, not a really accurate, but I thought to myself, even if caught in the rain, no big deal, perhaps, that kind of rain is what I want in inappropriate situations.  We gathered early, quickly came to the bus station.In fact, where we live in Wuchang, a large force is not very far away, not a few stops away, approximately seven o’clock, we went to the Wuhan University, the car just stop, we are eager to jump out of the car.I was not familiar with the Wuhan Moreover, a large force is the first time I come out of the car, there is a point not find the feeling of the North.  I really worry a bit redundant, in fact, a large force school just opposite me, across the street it wants, it is separated by a distance of one hundred meters.First came here, all eyes feel strange, unfamiliar look around, wells up a kind of solemn, a little bit of mystery, this feeling only in holy temples will have had the time, the mind is the kind of very clean, peaceful.  Across the street, “National Wuhan University,” the six characters, Enron quietly on the old archway, it is influenced by the history and culture of precipitation and cohesion prints, soaked as a famous university with a long history of a century of vicissitudes.  Wuhan University is located in Luojia Hill, southwest of East Lake, Yishanbangshui here, the scenery is very beautiful.Wuhan East Lake is one of the huge natural waters, the center of the lake Bangmoshan scenic areas, the quality of their environment themselves freely visible Wuhan University.Wuhan University campus buildings, mostly ancient national style, her mountain slope cloth row scattered, hazy water waves refracted to consider trees swaying imagination.  Early morning campus was very quiet, thin morning mist, like a veil enveloped the campus, campus buildings and elegant style, seems to soak in the faint morning mist, warm and beautiful campus in the morning.Sometimes there are small groups of boys and girls, walking on the road leading to the playground leading to the trees, it is the most angry scene Fu most exotic, this in front of all, I really envy some respect, I respect envy to study here the students, regret how little sleep, regret the untimely.  I have seen all the way all the way to think, unknowingly came to a near Cherry Avenue.  From afar, that touch of misty tree cherry blossoms, it is like just wake up Sleeping Beauty, slowly developing in a thin morning mist.They aptly inclusion in the woods, of course, rendered in the sky, the surrounding buildings and is ideally matched to form a harmonious view of one of Kam mixed natural heaven.  Fragrant, cherry feed product, just keep sealed a quarter of the altar and suddenly opened the wine, all the way, you can smell her fragrance.We bursts of fragrance under traction, step by step toward a place full of cherry blossoms near.When close enough, cherry Fang-gone kind of misty, then let your posture shocked, totally full of all of your sight and smell, feel like being in a fresh and that is years old and.  Inadvertently, from sunrise to reveal the gap in the clouds out there orange glow of the sky to the east, in front of which there is a hint of the Philippine layers of clear brilliant red, white and pink inner tube, powder pink, like a bride’s wedding dress.  Those petals children, those bud, Mimizaza, all local clusters owned owned land, full of branches, they bloom in the spring will, the law set a sort of beauty, flowers connected with flowers, branches and sticks collide.Although there is no cherry those makeup effect, but also his best impressionistic painting, light infiltration, such as the old, such as washing, Valentine keepsake like taste.But Sakura temperament is affectionate, they shoot straight, the season brightly with love, with some touch of sadness.  Windy, the wind in the beat, cherry attitude is more endowed with a sense of law.Light when heavy rock, adding to the dynamic this piece of scenery, I can not help let to the Tibetan Revolving dance, is not it, in front of this again and again highly shaking infectious, short is not exactly Revolving dance of a classic sentence.The wind came, the branches of the petals will drift down wind kept, as it will not drift off, like a very bleak rain, a dismal cherry rain.I will never forget, I was wading through it all the way to the cherry rain.  .This year, I came to the exigencies of Shaoxing, where is the hometown of Lu Xun, I think I’ll get a chance to experience some of the deep in the heart of things.That ZHAO Yu also told Shaoxing Cherry Blossom Festival, want to watch, and finally did not take place, I think, next year’s Wanwei Hill, I must go.