8 late birds elderly community outreach classroom: free to teach the young to learn Japanese

  Sun Sun Chenqing lucky enough to find a teacher of Japanese language class public welfare, opened last September, the beginning to a lot of students, but some students gradually began to "fits and starts network"。   "Learning the language is a dirty work, have to adhere to。
A lesson not come on the next section might not pick up on, falling more courses, then it is difficult to hear inside。
"On the registration form Sun Shenqing of between six months successively registered 27 names, but their youngest child is eight or nine of。 Now there are lectures frequently to less than 10 people。
  For the 26-year-old Danielle, it can have such a free learning opportunities, but also encountered such a professional teacher, no doubt is a blessing。 "To learn a language is important, when to go to the free exercise of a foreign country, you can understand, others find it difficult to know things。
"Dani interest in the Japanese language is not from the beginning, she reported classes to learn German, French college, and passed the certificate。 Dani said, language courses now have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also not able to meet the appropriate teacher。 Sun follow a teacher for half a year in Japanese, Dani had hardly please leave, because she thought that goal: After the test through the primary Japanese trip to Japan。   Poor little small test before the primary target is Japanese, the future can be helpful at work。
"In the past a special class newspaper learned Japanese, but the effect is not good。
"Poor little said about 10 years ago, he spent 1,000 yuan on the Japanese remedial classes, but one week on a three four classes, the content of each lesson the teacher compressed to the extreme, not whether students have no time to digest。
The money is spent but nothing effect, which makes small general reluctantly give up。
Once, Mr. Sun found small general ingratiate themselves: "You can meet such a teacher is really rare, I will not let you down。 "From a part-time teacher to university teacher fluent in speaking and writing will be counted master a language, but to master the future will definitely teach you?That may not necessarily。   "Japanese teaching this is not my business, but also considered a second job。 "In mid-1957, Sun Shenqing admitted to Nanjing University。
"Japan's Meteorological very well developed, you will be Japanese and girls, why not learn it weather。
"Before applying professional, mother's remarks, profound impact on the life trajectory of Sun Chenqing。 University finished five years, the young Sun Shenqing was assigned to Urumqi in Xinjiang meteorological work, the best years of life in a magnificent sway the Gobi Desert。
  The eighties and nineties, opening up, blowing from north to south, people's vision, thinking more open, urge to learn advanced foreign technology, not far away from Japan became the target of learning。
"It was the rise of a wave while learning Japanese, a friend heard that I can speak Japanese, let me start Japanese language classes, evening classes to students。
"Sun Chenqing admitted that although she is half Japanese mother tongue, but she does have a lack in syntax, so she used his spare time to gather information to learn grammar, professor of Japanese at night in the classroom。
"One night two classes, for the first time receive a subsidy of $ class。 "Sun Chenqing said a blind eye, smiling like a child。
  15 years after the 55-year-old retired Rooms, Sun Shenqing from part-time teachers to become full-time Japanese language teacher, has taught Xinjiang University, Xinjiang Normal University, Urumqi also served as Japanese Association of Science and Technology。 In order to let more people qualified to study Japanese in 2001, with the support of his family at their own expense Sun Shenqing run from the "Sun Chenqing Japanese classroom" website。
  This is a skill not in vain in 2011, seventies Sun Chenqing and his wife moved to Kunming together, and the eldest son a life, to become an "old birds" Spring City。
  "Younger generation who no one is willing to learn Japanese, but this is a skill not in vain, ah, as long as one is willing to come, I will adhere to Teach。
"Sun Chenqing told reporters, the old couple have retirement pay, not bad money, the body is also good, last year listening to the news community secretary Chen said to open public classroom, she came without thinking。   Class 11:30,。
Speaking together less than 1/5 of "New Century Japanese Course", Sun Chenqing the children arranged a job: "go back and review the words learned today, and then preview it, we are talking about next week Lesson 12。
"(Reporters Song Jinyan Wen Long Yu Dan photo)。