All this, because there he Gion

All this, because there he Gion.If That aesthetic encounter was an accident, then, she hopes eternal..  If that field of aesthetic encounter was an accident, then, she hopes eternal.  —Inscription.  For her: he was the first person he called her a fool, was the first person to cook for her, he was the first to carry her a long way to go man, he was the first really distressed her in person, he was the first to go, holding her hand, he has not let go of people, was the first to say her life to take care of his people, he was the first to say that she is not a non-life marry the person he is.  She was always on the run, just want to escape to a place where no harm can, every place must give her more or less hurt, when a place is not anything memorable, and in addition choose to leave, but also how it?  He said that even if one place, no matter how hurt you, or the back.  She thought, that sentence is right, even if the whole world does not like you, but there was one person will like you, people even if the whole world loves you, there is always a person you do not like her confused, so to helpless, helpless to the point when the moment choose to leave, she will not look back.  If not met you, I will be where?  She had thought that her heart is a ghost town.Others do not come into their own to get out, she tried to make life simple, go with the flow of happiness or loneliness wait, perhaps Gion ① to find a reason not to leave the bustle of the city show off the woman mind share alone, she was sad, but there is so little, a little bit, it really.She thought, life would have been impossible to strike a perfect.if.That the more good, not the ending of the story is not good enough, but we claim too much for the story, everything always like there are so incomplete, whether sad story it will make people feel more beautiful?  That encounter was a beautiful beautiful accident, romantic, she met him..  She felt that he was the best person in this life to her, she vowed to love him in this life, because, as he said to her, fool, I want to take care of your life when this sentence, then he is her only.Her life, just, good love him to stay at his side, that would be it, she hope so.  If that field of aesthetic encounter was an accident, then, she hopes, eternal.  She always like to use the third person to record the event in which the hero, said some of the seemingly has nothing to do with yourself, but it is the most authentic self, she thought, I should write some text to leave some eternal memory strike.  Time blurred his memory, and he was clearly engraved in her heart.  If 2012 is really end of the world, then she Gion want to hold him dead quiet, if not, then she just holding his hand all the way to the end, love life, she wants to exhaust a lifetime to good love him, that’s so she vowed, in this life, if he does not leave, she was given not abandon him if not she does not marry, she did not marry him given non (all coming to see this article as a friend of her people, I hope you can bless her and him)