Cannon Legend God

Mountains close to Jinling Cun in a seat Goddess Temple, since the six months to come to a place Laoni, incense once flourished.The reason is the temple of songziniangniang statues suddenly become efficacious up, where there are infertile couples here called upon to pay his respects, the most miraculously looked forward to go back and surprises.  A thunderstorm weather, who hurried to find Jinling Cun Lao Ni patriarch, said songziniangniang Vision, and asked the patriarch to go Koujian.Getting immortal patriarch summoned him, did not neglect led some prominent figures immediately rushed to the village niangniangmiao.  See the hall where songziniangniang smiling, everyone headed to the patriarch are reverently bow down to the ground.Lao Ni pointing high above the statue of the empress, surprise stated: At that time I was before the house chanting, suddenly heard the sound of thunder sounded outside, then the empress will speak to find the village chiefs.Who knows when her hands more than a piece of yellow paper mounting!  Patriarch as people carefully remove the yellow earth before laminating, see above actually write a lot of text, read it carefully to give you up: Wu Nai songziniangniang, special prayers for those who can not have children in the family.Just a few days ago I get joy from Once upon a pregnant fruit, nowhere to place the temple back, just let it temporarily into possession of a peach tree in front of the temple, for the one you wanted to talk about the village stealing.If men eat it down also live in peace, once a woman eaten will be converted into the pregnancy conception.My heart gracious, not deliberately pursue steal fruit person, just want to warn Haier, after stealing fruit if there are pregnant women gave birth to this is the world of a child aura good fortune, must be especially favored not help but hear all looked at each other, although the temple there are indeed in front of a fruit of the peach tree, but people think it belongs to the temple of the sacred objects, usually no bold who dare to steal peaches.Perhaps it is because of this, songziniangniang the rocket was safely hiding in the trees Bristol.Jinling Cun so many men and women, which would be blasphemous who would steal it to share the glory?  Patriarch led the crowd back after careful questioning, and she found the answer in a gold’s family in.To gold member yet unmarried second daughter Caie was recently accompanied a woman in the same village and several companions went to pay his respects niangniangmiao.Vivacity of Caie and girlfriends when Miaomen Qian chased, feeling thirsty it is freely picked from the tree to eat a peach.Although met with girlfriends feel very uneasy, but see what Caie accident did not happen, they fear that such acts be known patriarch was punishment after, just after Caie some chatter quietly conceal the matter down.I did not expect after a lapse of no long songziniangniang on Vision disclose it.  To gold members learned the whole story reason, can not help but feel shame and angry, Punishment and wanted to punish Caie, the patriarch was categorically stopped.Patriarch solemnly tell members outside gold, songziniangniang has made it clear beforehand, even if Caie conceive, but God’s arrangement, not only can not make things difficult for her, but to be doubly care and care.As the patriarch in the local authority Shuoyibuer, although full of unhappy members to gold can only be dictated to.  Perhaps it was the fairy fruit, Caie really early pregnancy and gave birth to a plump baby boy.Gold members outside songziniangniang think this is a gift, then named the child divine gold.In order to curry favor with good songziniangniang, by the patriarch himself speak, to ask Mr. Kim divine private school to teach its literate, also invited teachers to teach martial arts fist kung fu.In the whole village takes good care dependents under divine gold quickly come up to twenty years old, and is cool and bright face, good health, come out a talented.Patriarch met not help very happy that they want the future to give this young man his place inherit.Kim divine but it is a very lofty aspirations of young people, do not want this kind of life enjoy the best of life, in order to have a bright future, he took leave of his mother and his hometown relatives came to the capital to take the imperial will try Kangxi Dynasty.  With extraordinary intelligence and erudition, divine gold in one fell swoop list.But at this moment, he has always been concerned about the current situation of the country to hear the Northwest Frontier tight, there was a rebellion called ethnic separatist forces Zungar at the instigation of Russia, wantonly harassed Qing mainland, pernicious, harm people.Golden consider themselves divine positive energetic age, to serve their country should join the army, so he did not hesitate to join the army, as a firearms business post officer army set off.  Qing soon meet with the rebels forward in the vast Gobi Desert.Initially, the Qing strength advantage by virtue of brave impact, playing rebels retreat Diukuiqijia.But the rebels supporting team uses the latest firearms purchased from Russia, Qing madly shooting, especially in western flowering shells exploded in the dolphin to the ranks of the Qing.Seeing soldiers suffered heavy casualties, one wearing heavy armor of Qing generals horse gallop to the firearms business, asked why not fight back fire.  Firearms business guide reluctantly replied with a grin, now used by the Qing Ming is a legacy of the old gun down, small power, close range, did not threaten the rebels, while the western rebels have not only long range artillery, and great mass destruction.This will clear the name of the small-caliber gun looked rusty on the front, I had to sigh left.  Due to the loss cover of artillery fire, the Qing had to temporarily withdraw advantageous Strip arm rest.Gold witnessed divine merits of firearms contrast between ourselves and the enemy on the battlefield, can not help feeling bitter and almost around the view repeatedly pondering a cannon in the camp, but also determined to create a large-diameter opening fireworks for the sacrifice of the soldiers Revenge.  That day, Kim divine and study hard in camp for a whole day, the end result of excessive fatigue and fell asleep gun body.When he was awakened by a strong footsteps, he saw a commanding general already appeared in front, and it is questioning the firearms business who command on the battlefield.After pressing the military etiquette gold divine inquiry generals, he was surprised to learn that the other side is the well-known army commander Sabrina Su.  When Sabrina Kim Su See create divine determined to exceed the power of the enemy artillery, he could not help but awe of this young man, to give strong support expressed, and seek divine gold advice on how to defeat the rebels currently.Kim divine thought for a moment, confidently suggested that, due to the fierce fire the rebels should not head-on confrontation, can take diversionary measure to induce the rebels to leave the main lair, then it is not prepared to take advantage of the full range raid the lair only firearms camp, As long as the enemy to destroy all firearms, the advantages of natural and go to one of the Qing.  Sabu prime even claimed that wonderful, immediately deployed by this proposition.After fierce competition, the Qing wipe out rebel firearms business, and win its only remnants of hundreds of years and also return after victory.Since then, Saab prime divine new light on gold, its commanding exceptional promotion for the firearms business.Unexpectedly, at this moment, Kim received a divine mother letter, asking him to immediately return home.  See border war temporarily come to an end, gold divine Bianxiang Sabu prime farewell, non-stop back to the Jinling Cun.After the meet to be mother and son, Caie see his son dressed in Qing Dynasty robes, his face turned hard..When I heard that the commander of his regiment’s son called Sabrina Su, Caie body is fierce shock for a moment, almost limp to the ground.Kim divine mother really could not understand why there is such a weird expression changes, Caie it tells the story of tears occurred in the past twenty years ago of a.