Cannon Street

Street cannon, not to beat dry battle cannon, cannon is a personal name, Huo cannon.  Almost all the stories are strange to say the extraordinary story of Howard Cannon is no exception.Huo cannon parents make tofu to make a living in the streets, guarding the mother in the store, his father pushed the car street child, crying, said: soft tofu tofu tofu Hong Huo Huo family home good tofu tofu is also very famous in the streets.  Cannon’s parents and his honest, also speaking in a low voice low gas.Cannon father cries small weak, that is, twelve people can hear.Some people not being able to hear the cries of the Huo family and had to go to the store scales tofu, said: You can not sound big-headed little, how are you steal someone’s like, I run a few blocks depriving it.Cannon’s mother blush red, does not speak, she caressed his hair, smiling to the people more than add a few ounces of tofu.  With artillery cannon Huo’s mother, her belly swollen, his face happy shy, headed on to say: give the child a name you think.Father smoking a cigarette, picking beans, said: anxious what, early a mile, a mile early.  When Cannon was born, his father out selling bean curd, tofu sold out a car, pulled the empty home, he first entered the corner, I heard the baby crying sound Wa Wade.Father dropped the car and started for home run, picked up the child for joy pinching his penis.Baby’s crying can be heard two miles to go, like firecrackers, so called cannon, cannon Hall!  Huo cannon was four years old, and his father to sell bean curd.Some cold weather, he is also anxious to go home, standing in the car screaming to learn his father shouted out: the Hall family good tofu.Cute childish loud and clear, his father was shocked to open the door to the alley every family, is to buy tofu, but also look at the bright voice of the little guy.  There are many legendary Huo cannon.Elementary school, school organization outing, went to the Longmen Shan.The children play crazy, a few children get lost in the mountains can not get out.Sky is getting dark, the teachers are anxious to cry.Huo cannon standing gantry bridge cry out, that voice like a tweeter general, shook the valley echoed, looking back a few fortunate children.Later, what grade organization to play, I went to borrow Huo cannon, the students envious teeth itch.It is said that several students also learn to practice shouting, screaming with pain result, parents also suffered a slap in the face.  Huo cannon eighteen that year, took a fancy to a girl Street.Girls like to listen to opera, opera, opera, Quju, the more stressed, two clamping string, like a pendant.Street to the theater troupe as long as there is singing, sing twenty field, she would listen to twenty games, patiently.Many boys chasing girls, but not long at all, one can not stand to see girls play a dozen times, and second, can not stand to buy tickets every game money.Huo cannon chasing girls, as long as the streets to say troupe, making the girls look at every game play.Street came a day theatrical troupe, performed “The Drunken Beauty”, the stage of the Royal just put that cup, I heard shouting outside shock-like thunder: tofu, fried tofu to the stage of the Royal scared surprised a moment, all the glass fell to the ground, the theater roared with laughter.Huo even to suppress the sound of cannon belongings percussion troupe, the troupe found Huo cannon, and the girl asked him to free the theater.Huo guns do not like to see them, to see the girl he likes.Girl watching a movie, he saw a girl, she watched the girls put looking into his wife.  Huo cannon became the home, beautiful wife, gave birth to a girl back to him.Huo cannon in the neighborhood committees work, playing odd jobs, running errands.Notice a thing, he was a loud yell, every house heard that quite.Cannon’s character and also his name, to go straight, fire, spill a little on the temper.  Street reconstruction, because of the demolition money was misappropriated, cash is not in place, great people Street views.Governor to inspect Street, Cannon Hall across the street to the governor of innocence, people tell Street views on the demolition of the governor to intervene quickly to solve the problem.The Howard Cannon Street people as a hero, the size of things all love to find him, he said said.  Huo cannon daughter twelve years old, had leukemia, anxious anxious Huo artillery, his hair white overnight, and people fade.The artillery sound less like dynamite, could not ring up.To treat the child, you need a lot of money, artillery couple spent all their savings, stopped short of selling the house.  One night, a business owner Huo cannon came home, I heard the cannon difficulties at home, donate $ 100k to treat the child.Huo artillery moved hand-wringing, I do not know a good spade.The boss said: This is just the initial donation, a few days there is a investigation team to understand the business case, to help enterprises had to turn off, to resume production, the cost of treatment after the children, the whole package business.Huo cannon to know to know that this company is heavily polluting industries, not only ruined land, a river of Street also dyed black, the air around exudes a pungent odor.  Huo cannon sleep.Watching her daughter on the bed, artillery broken heart, a bottle of dry white wine, drunk yourself into a pool of mud.  Investigation team held a joint meeting, Huo cannon as resident representatives attended the meeting.The face of television cameras, Huo artillery hold blushing, he patted the head, said gruffly: I can not say for their own children unconscionable, I can not!Environmental pollution harm the country harm the people, ah, ah be responsible for future generations!  The next morning, Howard Cannon opened the door, standing outside the crowded streets of people.They are to give children guns contributions.  Huo cannon burst into tears, the sound can be heard two miles.