Canola flower and yellow

On the outskirts of canola flower and yellow, I walked in a sea of flowers, dazzling bright yellow canola flower, fragrant overflowing, from which, immersed stroll, Orioles Chebi Wudie children busy, which is more than one good season it , human Mayday, youth and thought throbbing season, Huaichun season, youthful figure in a large field of rape flying, that brilliant laughter is still the ears, who is?And I walked in that a large ocean of golden years?Who, like me, throbbing beautiful dream?Now, this bloom flourish stretch energetic Jinhuang Cheng scared of me, I love to be the most heartache.Canola flower open, no longer a dream come.    Front of the school also has a rape field.When large tracts of canola flower open, we also learn that busy butterfly, the shuttle in the flowers, butterfly flower flutter, it is a very interesting thing.He slipped out of school during recess while the girls play in the field of rape, writing poetry on the rapeseed leaves, that age, dying to shout in the wilderness, I – to – friends, anxious to tell the world that I – – in – here, sometimes singing loudly in rapeseed ground, usually even the most shy of the girls dared to put her courage loudly sing yo, where only female students to be good, with a rich canola flower with fluttering butterflies , occasional flying Yinger Yan’er, long day Bi Ye, have quietly indulgence of youth, we have not found that silent girl with big eyes, singing was so good, her white face suffused blush, beautiful eyes stare at drunkenly sing, several female students at her, somewhat stunned, “great, again a.”We call.She glanced to the distant Suo, no wind, shaking canola flower place, hiding his head with a few boys, they are also ear to listen, which comes from the girls soothing, as if to show off, and as if a special sing give it a few boys, she sang a warm desert, “my passion, like a fire, burning the entire desert.I saw the sun will hide from me, it was afraid of my love of the fire.”Her voice was loud high, long shrouded over the rape of flying.The boys thought no one found them, install without any of the ring.After the girls leave, one by one quietly got up and left.Singing girl named show, she looks more mature, when out of the rape she glanced back, the first to stand up tall boy named Li Xian, looks scrub, is a member of the second class of style.She smiled at him, the boy hung his head, but he laughed quietly.    Life is a show Wen Qi girl, introverted, is not publicity, if not to that of rapeseed in the songs, I never know the show is so warm and lively girl, she sat me back row, middle grades, usually love to read novels, not talking to people.And she approached was an accident, a self-study class, I took a book, sneak off campus, is also met quietly slipped out of the show, when the new school building was covered, without walls, we easily ran out, hidden in tall crops, sometimes reading, sometimes playing, unless you go out, or else no one will ever find someone hiding here.And chat show to talk about read novels, talk about some girl’s little secret.Xiu said she would later become a writer because her uncle is a reporter, he would help her.I never think of the future, but the mind and remember what happened today in the diary, had become accustomed to, sometimes plus one week in mind that only those who pass the empty time.Xiu said she likes a boy, it was a secret.She did not tell me who she likes, but I know.When Li Xian appeared on the playground, the girls all eyes are lit, wearing a white jacket pedal shoes Li Xian, running time black hair toss toss, particularly chic.The topic of a lot of girls will lead to unwarranted who Xian, Li Xian’s every move affects everyone’s nerves, the girls talk time, full of passion burning face seemed to show nerves, she said nothing sitting in the seat on the nib severely paddled, Li Xian is everyone’s classmate, the show seems to forget.    Acacia is suffering, it is a torture unrequited.Show enthusiasm as she sang, as it can burn the desert, saw the sun will hide.She likes Li Xian, and jealous, even if any one girl and Xian say a word, she will react to hostile eyes.Li Xian Li Xian was, he always, everyone’s attention is focused, and outstanding achievement, perhaps he had high aspirations, never thought of early love.Can not wait for the show, she finds a lover Li Xian is her past life, her love turned into a beautiful poem, page by page, carefully binding, he was her moon, her bright dream season after season, he is her sun, burning her icy heart.He was her stars, beautiful quiet night of her desire.Finally, she felt she could not wait any longer, she must tell him that she live for him, to live for Him, for him youthful.In a splendid afternoon, she finally ventured slipped him a piece of paper, no one noticed that her heart was pounding, I wonder if he will not come?He will not come yet?    He Tayue from the air with a rich floral fragrance, show outside the school waiting at the shadow and he can finally walk alongside them to a deserted trail, show, eyes sparkling in the night, bursts of enthusiasm the desire to shock her heart, she took his hand and miss, and hugged him, but she did not dare.Li Xian’s face the night is so beautiful, this beautiful girl looking at him, he heard her how she wanted to become friends with him, she hopes to be able to see him every day, she told him she did not write to him thick collection of poems was able to tell so much, he did not know how much courage she needed, she had kept secret a little small for their self-esteem.She enthusiastically flight, he remained silent, her passion is scared of him?She finally felt his chances did not even speak.She looked at him, he was a little embarrassed, he said, “We grades are too small, we are going to learn some things, and so grow up we’ll talk.”It’s that one, she suspected that he was too stupid mouth or is he just a nerd?Or he simply never liked her?She gives him a note that read: night at seven o’clock to the outside edge of the rape, I’ll wait for you, do not come to regret.He may just do not trust, might want to tell her that he wants to wait for them a little time to talk about some big things, but the information she got was that he refused her.She began to regret, should not reveal all their minds so early, why he would refuse her, she would not understand.    That night, the show back to the dorm, and looked tired, her listless look any who can see it, she lie down next to me, “how?”I ask.”After the talk, he said, I want to learn.”Show whispered to me,.The answer makes my heart suddenly put down, who do not like Li Xian?If the show such a beautiful girl may catch up with him over, like ordinary I did not dare even to think about, “then learn it,” I said..Immediately sweet dreams.Dream is a golden canola flower, I stroll in the street, admiring, suddenly I saw a beautiful woman, loose hair in a golden canola flower ground, Life on a String, dressed in white at the back of the float the farther worse than singing in my ears flying back, the familiar, but can not remember who that song tune quivers, like a quiet night of ghosts.Wake up to find the show in sobbing sobbed, she has been crying eyes red and swollen, evidently did not sleep one night.That day, she did not attend class.The next day, the show returned to school, but she seemed absent-minded, very quickly, show poor academic performance, people also significant weight loss.She was even more silent, nothing on a man in a daze, sometimes, people will forget her there.It was a normal Tuesday, holding a lunch box boys and girls line up to buy food, when I walked out of the dormitory, the show also sat on the bed, “I Dafan go,” I said..She did not take me, I’m used to her silence, I discharged Dafan team, the team I saw in front of Li Xian, he gives a clean back of the head, especially conspicuous, I do not know who scream, girls his eyes, the boys are stunned, forget Dafan, I saw the show staggered toward the team came, her hair disheveled, tear their clothes, her white plump breasts exposed as she walked in the direction of Li Xian years, several female teacher rushed to protect the back of her, dragged her back to the dorm.At that moment, I saw Li Xian surface, such as ashes, quiet crowd.Show picked up by her parents, no news.Xian is no longer the youthful sports athlete, he was rarely out of the classroom, even Dafan as others do it, not long afterwards, Li Xian transferred to another school, I do not know where to go, he did not tell anyone.    Once, I saw a show in the splendid field of rape flowers, floral still, but no longer have to write poetry woman, she looked indifferent passed me, I like this person never existed.My mother said, the show had a strange illness, cauliflower when opened, most morbidity, disease, she did not know what they were doing.But after this season, she will be better.Canola flower and yellow, do not know far better the show is not good, that in the rape of the girl in poetry, the singing children’s fairy she gone?Like a faint dream, I saw a woman dressed in white, walking in the golden field of flowers, smug moving further and further away, I could not see her face, but I know that back, it was beautiful, she was like a flower elf , stepping on the wings of the wind, and finally run away, until I can not see.    Moment 2012 January 3 in the morning