Canola flower child

After a clear, canola flower children everywhere will be sequential open, and came to Xi’an, which for nearly two decades, every year someone Hupenghuanyou, elated to see canola flower child, growing trend in recent years more.I was brought up in rural areas, which is not very understanding, so what’s nice dish flowers, small, yellow, peony bustling noble enough time, not as delightful lotus, like the humble rural people, covered with stick the rustic, stood there silently, but not flattering flatter, not pretending to be aloof, even attracting people to see, nothing more than the harvest of some or pity or mockery of the eyes, which I did not see more of interest.  However, year after year, to spend a warm look Bobo, has finally come to influence me, in order to dispel the doubts of the heart, so is also secretly plotting to strike again see.Hanzhong million acres of canola flower, the country has always been famous, but holiday congestion and noise are also famous dry, hesitated for a few days, finally went to the spirits Yangzhuang – around Xi’an is said to be fairly well-known canola flower.Standing together with other people admiring hillside, I am disappointed, not in front of people is the scene ridicule and pity it!Twenty-three little canola flower, the rope around, go take pictures as usual, should be charged, the central central black people lined up to take pictures funny background of the film is filled with people, rather abruptly touch of yellow smoke, and more this is exacerbated funny satire.  On the way home, it touches inadvertently encounter a surprise.Rapeseed a roadside villages, unexpectedly thriving, a flower in the end not as a piece of the original together the canola flower just fine to see, the heart of canola flower ornamental began little recognition.We in the field of rape yelling excitedly taking pictures, the ground and a positive labor aunt in weeding, smiling watching us play, also pulling weeds a lot to us, looked carefully, actually city people are much favored by wild!Rustic aunt gave us hold to just cut the leeks, estimated five or six pounds, said more than eat, gave us.On her arm is oozes sweat clothes back firmly attached to the body, bleeding out of a large circle perspiration.We are sorry, give her money, aunt waved his hand, “their own land, and not worth the money”.Bid farewell to hard-working good aunt, as well as golden canola flower, and my heart a happy and satisfying.  The end of July, Xi’an unprecedented hot, scorching sun, like a sinister landlord woman holding a whip, lashed crazy people, the people have rushed to the cool of the western province of a few, we have become one of them.This season, it is the Qinghai Lake canola flower bloom happy day, then stay away, driving all the way west, to look at the prestigious Lake Qinghai canola flower.Suddenly I remembered a poem: “From tomorrow, be a happy person Grooming, chopping, and traveling the world,” envy care teacher’s “world is so big, I want to see.”.Envy envy go, everyone has their own life, you can not do other people’s free and easy, had to use the limited time it fly.  Qinghai into the sparsely populated, sky blue cloud white, not consciously relax the whole body and mind.Drew near, far and that touch of dark blue lake it should be, it will not look as distant sky, the lake long yellow satin ribbon, canola flower is about the.I can not wait wheel rolling forward, carrying the expectations of some inexplicable mood.Tentacle-like and may, Mount Hope ran a dead horse, sky Avenue, distant endless, straight road the same way as the days stretch into the distance, never seem able to get that piece of sea of flowers.However, the street will be full of instant clusters, a piece of the canola flower, bright style yellow, hurried rolled off the embankment, shocked beyond words, where there is the so-called compassion and mockery, plunged headlong into a vast expanse of flowers sea, pro football elves arms.”Hong array through the sky Changan, Curse of the Golden Flower”, the immediate scene, like most of Zhang Yimou’s film, in addition to ask the hand of praise, went so far as to utter a word.  Who saw the Olympics opening ceremony Zhang Yimou, “Hero”, “Curse of the Golden Flower” and other works, without exception, was shocked by its great scene.A person standing alone, does not give people bring much surprise; tens of thousands of people stand together, you will be amazed at the power of the collective!Now this golden flowers, warm, vibrant, swaying a blossoming smile, the moment reminds me of the rape in the labor simplicity aunt and millions of farmers friends, they just like the ordinary flowers, silent, inconspicuous, a round, clusters, hard-working figure flashed in various sectors of the country, with his hands spread out to Heaven, hold up the bridge, Qingqi tall, depicting a breathtakingly stunning views depicting.  Canola flower child yellow canola flower children incense, canola flower child full of hills, in the light of the sun flowers, this simple flower Oh!