What we learn from Buffett?These daily habits are the secrets of success

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, Feb. 3 news, the US financial media BI published an article, to introduce people to the billionaire Warren – Warren Buffett is worth learning daily habits。
At the time of publication, billionaire Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (Berkshire Hathaway) Chairman and CEO Warren – Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett), now 87 years old, is still the world's first three richest people。 So, how did he do it?In fact, not so much what he did, but rather that he did not do。 Buffett are made every day to their own requirements, he knew a long time ago, the most important commodity is time。
He simply mastered the art of the practice to set boundaries for yourself。
That's why Warren Buffett's words remains a powerful life lessons。
Truly successful people will say no to almost everything。
For most people who have ambition, we want to get something done。
We seek results, do more things, learn things, get promoted, and start a new career。 But we also have our own personal lives, we can not ignore the best balance and happiness。 In this sense, it means that you can take care of ambition priorities family, expand our social circle, pursue hobbies and other interests。
That's why Buffett's suggestion Watch our hearts。 We must know in order to simplify our lives and focus to do。
It means to say, over and over again not to do those things unimportant, said the focus on those things that really matter "Yes"。 Steve – Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs once) shared the view that the importance of focus。 Jobs at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in mid-1997 on that people think focus means saying what you want to focus on the "Yes"。 But this is not its significance。 That means saying no to hundreds of other good ideas。
You have to be more careful。 In fact, I am proud that we had not done。 Innovation is the 1000 thing to say。 Like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett as a useful sound great temptation when you are on track, when you say no, you would ask if you mind, I should seize this opportunity to do?It may no longer appear。 Sometimes, the best course of action is to take no action。 Successful people say "no" seven things: – Jim Collins (JimCollins) is super best-selling book "Good to Great" (GoodtoGreat) of the famous author, he had suggested that we should put a list of "stop work" listed, instead of to-do list。 Since the obsession to-do, we'll spend less time doing things say "Yes"。 The following are the most successful people often rejected seven things。 Perhaps you should consider。 1。 They do not let their excitement and the opportunity to say things that they understand their values and life mission。
They refused superficial social activities, in these activities, people exchanged business cards, but never receive each other's information。 why?Because successful people will not go to a simple communication。 They establish closer relations。
3, they say, do not waste your time on those frustrating, picky or negative people who。 Time is a valuable choice will inspire you and make you a better person。
4, they said not to overwork。 Indeed, a number of successful people and many entrepreneurs work 60-80 hours a week, but not very successful people who neglect self-care and family workaholic。
They realize that if they can not take care of themselves, everything else will be affected。 5 They refused to do all the work。
In other words, learn to authorize others。
6, the steering wheel of life they hold in their hands。
Buffett cites this sentence: You have to control your time。
Unless you refuse, otherwise you can not control your time。 As shown in Figure 7, they say no to please others。 Successful people do not ignore their deepest desires and aspirations, and obedience to adapt to other people's wishes and aspirations。
Buffett focused on the success of the three-step principle: To give you the right track, you can get there from Buffett's own inspiration, productivity and career are very popular in a simple, three-step process。
It allows you to set boundaries, to say no to distractions, and success。 It goes like this: 1, write down your top 25 career goals。
2, circle the five most important goal。
These are your most pressing goals。
3, completely remove the other 20 goals you listed。 As long as they crossed out, even though they have a certain weight or importance。 Buffett said the 20 target is low, is not an emergency priority, therefore, any investment in their efforts to focus and energy will be stolen from your five highest priority target。 The key is to say no to everything on the list, but you claimed in the heart, is the five most important things。 These are what you should make every effort to achieve。
The rest is just to distract you, stop you achieve ultimate success。