Canola flower open day

Childhood memories is open when you see that piece of golden canola flower.The beads are strung years past gradually emerge in front, facing the ignorance of childhood, innocence, so much more than nostalgia, a smile will inadvertently quietly bloom in the mouth, it is so pure.Breath (Inscription) thick spring gradually opened, and my memory always lives in the winter, spring is no concept in my mind.Seeing this spring will be away from me, think about the hearts of even many feelings, I do not know melancholy or regret, is destined to do this spring and I missed it?A after the rain in the afternoon, idle without incident, thinking to get out, I do not know how far away, on the outskirts of a village on the edge.Suddenly attracted to a golden color, a closer look at the original blooming canola flower.The city’s noisy and impetuous people do not have time to see blue sky, clear water, more rarely see such natural scenery field.Melancholy heart was activated in an instant, I ran to the middle of canola flower, smelling the faint scent, picking up several flower inserted in the hair, even with a childhood joy.    The field at dusk, silence is also no proof in this large canola flower I did not feel lonely but very fulfilling.Walking in the field of small Taoist, breathing the fresh air, listen to the melody of birds, feel the nature style.Canola flower swaying around in the side, bare golden smile dancing in the breeze, Fuseshita body, wore green shoots of green leaves yellow rapeseed, Ying through delicate, flower jump on the core sunset in.When the sun slowly fades in time, field hazy, gentle sun shines on canola flower, golden light, I revel in the flowers and quiet embrace.    The immediate landscape of my life, could not help but think of home, whenever a child late March, home-grown canola bloomed, Montreal, yellow, bees and unknown insects around all day in the vegetable garden.Hometown canola flower has its unique charm, mosaic and white, yellow and green contrast, hugged height, leaf-phase protection, phase around the flower, as if the sisters intimate, warm spring to make them glow with youthful vitality, to earth, to bring unlimited views.Dumping million Jinbo flowers like the sea, golden Yi Cai Xiang Hometown.Spring day who do not want to taste the beauty of spring, enjoy a happy Spring.Ever since, groups of children frolic among the flowers, pick some flowers from time to time with each other in her hair or on the collar.I have five or six this season to play with children and neighbors, rape petals fall on him and on the ground, though sometimes adults scolded a few times, but never affect our interest.That innocent era, now think about it, really fun.    Now I had to grow up, never be the same age that each flower arrangement, but those anecdotes will always remain in the memory.Inter stay canola flower, forget complicated city of Dangjin dust heart, busy tired, complex relationships, the secular bias, heart troubles, selfishness, love cool clean heart, I never had the pleasure very happy.Suddenly I found the spring of 2009, this turned out to be so beautiful.    I remember a song sung: the young train driver did not tender, can not give up the responsibility, the locomotive started when I did not want you to forgive me so heartless.I do not want to hold your hand, is speeding locomotive can not stay.Years later you heart has to go, I have only myself tarried.Maybe life there are a lot of dissatisfaction and frustration, let me depressed lonely in the spring, this time those memories may completely disappear from the bottom of my heart, I’m gone with the wind that once unhappy, stooped to pick up the mood today, I believe that tomorrow rapeseed the flowers will bloom more beautiful.    In the evening twilight fades, and finally the day that the last trace of yellow side also dull down, surrounded by shrouded in darkness, the trees of the field will have a few birds occasionally fly, I know that they want to “go home” the.Get rid of one loss, put on a brisk mood, I picked up this spring once discarded hope, and spring together singing songs belong to this season in canola flower fragrance day.[Editor: Can children]