Canola flower open

The long rain.To suppress the vigorous growth of many things.The sun and moon blink.They are just bleak in peeping colorful spring.  Temperature or understanding, was picked up momentum.Many creatures are like Thanksgiving, contributes a little hospitality and gifts.  Birds sang chirp, willow bud Tanchunaodai, wild grass stubbornly out a new tender, brook dripping, drips gurgling gestures.Walking in the countryside.Dominate the countryside, impaired vision is not a Hunhuang vast, blue and green bring out a golden wealth.  Canola flower, into a film into a film, and finally opening the.Flaunt, unrestrained, but it also spend time with the pomp of spring.  Overwhelming light yellow, penetrate into the pupil has also been infected, the heart full of candy in a prosperous.Golden yellow, like a big blanket to be processed, one by one, a large chunk, or the month of January curved bend, both lay still, right next to nourish the earth.Rendering a quiet, peaceful and forceful.That is how the collective dance ah yellow!That is how vivid and lyrical way!  Undulating yellow, patchwork, layer upon layer, like a golden marble paved order Pi, decorated with green leaves on the order of layers, the more magnificent.  Some meandering extended forward, it has been hidden in the mountains Evergreen edge of the village green.Perhaps this is the golden river of it!  .Stop, linger, submerged.  Slightly warm sun, the wind blows gently.Walking paths, fresh fragrance pungent.Sucking faint breath exudes cauliflower, mind kind of big stretch, unaware is contained in a yellow ethereal.”Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance”.It does not fragrant roses, no brilliant pink peach blossoms, lotus no cold, no proud and plum.But it has a elegant impact, directly infiltrated the soul.Internal organs, the elegant with a plume Xianghun.Fragrance, in incitement, pervaded, let me fascinated with them.Fascinated with.  Flowers, butterflies limp walk dance, have a.Beating paved yellow center, do cruising embellishment.Full of wild golden slowly like holding a butterfly flapping its huge wings together, so large, slightly, slowly trembled.  Bees buzzing, high and sometimes low, far past time, mortal leisurely.I know that they are brewing, in labor, in the hard to create a sweet career.  Drunk in golden rivers, trance see people tilling the soil, the entire stretch, planting, watering.That tender and green seedlings, ground-breaking slowly from the palm of their growth, brewing golden bud, then shoot straight, you scramble, went to spring, the lush, blooming with.Capsules rounded rounded beads grow significantly in the pod vegetables, to dark brown or dark red.