Canola flower song

Rain, fine like silk, silk gently, gently as floating, blue sky washed, moist earth spring, like Qingdouchukai girls, walking, laughing disperse the haze, blowing green earth, the blowing brilliant flowers, blow woke up all the birds, with one jumping, singing, competing calling: spring ah, we hope!Field ah, our paradise! Warm spring days of March to the earth Cherish makeup brush embankment willow drunk spring smoke, grass, birds are flying joy of spring Naochun Huan, birds spend Hong Wan Cong Hua-ming Liu secretly offer all kinds of Chazi worth of bright red on a number of canola flower children most elves a two hundred million flowers, hearts similar to the number of nighttime one thousand ten thousand ares patches of yellow pile, looked up smiling face style yellow wind wave tilt sky outside, fragrant petals to send thousands of miles Sharen hi teasing morning dew, according couch with Johnson moving deep affection flower Tibetan honey, sweet air hanging by a thread attract thousands and thousands of bees buzzing, busy pick pollen honey to pour all the butterflies dancing dancing only just, right, play Golden canola flower beds open more delicate, fragrant breeze shame shame Dada offer , stroking Yi Keke cole the warm sun, reflecting a blossoming flower rape, plump waist waistline enchanting game wicker, tall and lithe, graceful and colorful waves temptation earth, brimming with the fragrance of full field of thin flexible sales people soul, beckoning welcoming tourists have come together to expose her hijab, she Zhengdu haze phone camera kept Kacha Crash leave a Zhang Qingli refined, slim figure Mystics make the joy, have made Poetry helps Masaoki alone I heard her spit : Summon the spirit of cool spring bloom everywhere spit Qing Fang lifetime dedication to public rivalry is not pragmatic fragrant vegetable oil